C than wearing a coat of different styles

Coat - just an indispensable element of the women's wardrobe. Most it is in demand in the autumn-winter period. But, choosing it, you need to consider that it should not only sit well on you, be warm enough to warm in bad weather, but also to match your style. And there really is something to choose from, because there are a lot of styles. And you can choose a stylish image for everyone.


Classic style
  • Hooded( Daflkot)
  • Short coat-jacket
  • Shattered coat
  • In English style( Redingote)
  • Straight silhouette( Reglan)
  • Overcoat coat
  • Coat-cocoon( Overseas)
  • Coat-overcoat
  • Without collar
  • Short-sleeved
  • Silhouette of a trapeze
  • Pony-poncho
  • Classical style

    This is a thing of a straight or slightly fitted silhouette, which women are happy to wear conservative views on fashion.

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    Classics are relevant in any situation and will be relevant on weekdays and holidays. And, in principle, this coat can be worn in any combination. It can be worn with trousers, moreover, any styles, and with a skirt, and with a dress.

    According to classical standards, the bottom of the skirt or dresses from under the outer clothing should not look out. In extreme cases, 10 cm is allowed. Therefore, wear appropriate outfits.

    Organically it will combine a set of classic coats and dress-cases. A special chic when this set is the same color. Complement the image of a handbag of rectangular shape, high-heeled boots and a lady's hat. Good fit in this image of light neck scarves and solid scarves.

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    With a hood( Daflkot)

    But, if you prefer a sporty style, and jeans dominate your wardrobe, the English classics - daflkot - will suit you. In this original coat with a large hood you will be warm and cozy. In addition, it is perfectly combined with jeans and army boots at low speed. If desired, you can wear a business suit with daflkot and, depending on the weather, wearing suitable classic shoes: ankle boots, boots or shoes.

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    Short coat-jacket

    If there is good data, namely high growth and lack of excess weight, short coat coats are suitable. Picking up a coat underneath, choose your narrow jeans. Look good with this style and narrow skirts, and dress-cases, and for business style, a pencil skirt will be an excellent choice. Especially brave you can wear this style with leggings and miniskirt.

    And adherents of the classics are recommended straight trousers with an arrow. They visually extend their legs.

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    Shattered coat

    If you are close to the feminine style, stop on the flared coat of the A-shaped silhouette. This is an elegant option, it will be appropriate for the evening promenade, but it can be combined with wide multi-layered skirts, flared trousers, flared dresses and neat high-heeled shoes.

    As accessories to this style, hats, scarves, glasses and rectangular handbags are ideal.

    And young girls who have chosen a flared coat, can quite combine it with narrow jeans, bright blouses, high boots on a heel or platform. Add the image of a small handbag on a long string or chain.

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    In English style( Redingote)

    This playful model of a semi-fitting silhouette with a large collar up to the shoulder line will perfectly suit the slender young people. The length to the middle of the thigh will be well combined with both skinny trousers and a t-shirt, and with a narrowed-down pencil skirt and a knitted sweater under the throat.

    Girls of small height can wear short shorts with beautiful pantyhose, this will visually increase the length of the legs. As shoes it is better to choose shoes-boats, ankle boots or high boots. The elegant cap and volumetric bag will help to supplement the image.

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    Straight silhouette( Raglan)

    Straight men's cut lines make the raglan coat the most feminine model, since they allow you to create a puzzle, hiding the smooth silhouette lines underneath. The length of the coat can be different from the middle of the thigh and down to the level below the knee. Depending on this raglan can be worn with absolutely any things and shoes. Pretty elegant under the unbuttoned coat will look like an A-shaped silhouette or wool trousers, a shirt and a cardigan.

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    In the quality of a scarf the snuff best suited over a coat is most suitable. Equally harmonious with the raglans will be a fedora hat, a bag-bag or a neat backpack.

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    Overcoat coat

    This model is quite convenient due to the lack of all kinds of fasteners and keeps exclusively on the belt, which strongly resembles a comfortable home dressing gown, as it is usually sewed from soft fabrics.

    Very delicately looks a coat with a smell in beige, terracotta and pudrovye color. This model coat can easily be worn with dresses fitted silhouette, straight trousers, leggings and shorts, along with high suede boots on heels.

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    Coat-cocoon( Overseas)

    Pretty shocking model, which, at first glance, seems great to its owner for a couple of sizes, but this is just its trend.

    Coat-cocoon is best worn for tight jeans or skinny trousers, but no one forbids to combine it with trousers of the oversize model or a short skirt with fishnet pantyhose.

    Very interesting cocoon looks unbuttoned, especially if you twist the sleeves to the elbow. Volumetric scarves together in this coat it is better not to wear.

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    As for shoes, depending on the weather conditions, you can wear both classic shoes, and boots, and boots, and in some cases even sneakers. Handbag is better to choose a small size, for example, a purse, an envelope or a clutch.

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    This model is quite versatile especially in black, blue and dark green, but not every girl decides to buy a similar coat because of his army design. And quite in vain, since the double-breasted coat-overcoat in a buttoned-up form creates an elegant fitted silhouette. And if you put on a short skirt or shorts with high boots and a cap, you get a luxurious image, in which you will not remain unnoticed.

    Besides this, the greatcoat is perfectly combined with tight narrow trousers and midi dresses, the length of which does not exceed the length of the coat. Shoes are better to choose on the heel.

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    Without the collar

    In a similar coat, you can show everyone your beautiful neck. Coco Chanel also suggested combining this model of outerwear with pearl jewelry and lace collars. Modern fashion, however, recommends wearing a coat without a collar with sweaters with a neck in the form of a golf or with all kinds of scarves and neck scarves. You can constantly update your image, changing the scarves daily or tying them with original intricate knots.

    A short coat of this cut can easily be worn with high boots or with ankle boots and bright pantyhose.

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    With short sleeves

    Absolutely any style of a coat can have short sleeves, therefore it is worth remembering only one rule - with similar coats look great gloves up to elbows, no matter leather, lacquer, suede or cashmere. Ideally, if they are combined in color with the shoes and handbag.

    Although without the gloves of the coat of this model it will look pretty interesting if you put a blouse or sweater under it, the sleeves of which will either harmonize with the coat or be with it on the contrast of colors.

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    Silhouette of a trapeze

    A trapeze with an overstated waist is great for young girls of short stature, as its silhouette will emphasize their tenderness and youth, and women expecting a baby will help artfully hide the growing tummy.

    What can I wear a coat of a similar silhouette? Uniquely with lush cocktail dresses and skirts, as well as with office clothes, narrow trousers, leggings and tunics. Shoes and accessories should be selected depending on the situation, but a small round neat handbag will always look harmonious.

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    When choosing a coat for tall women, you should pay attention to the poncho, especially since this model provides a huge selection of styles from a laconic straight cut to models with drapery and a plethora of folds.

    For example, a classic model with vertical slots for the hands should be worn with long gloves or a long-sleeved blouse.

    In general, these overcoats are best worn with narrow trousers, jeans and high-heeled shoes or with skirts of any style of mini and midi length in combination with high golf and low-boots.

    Depending on the collar's neck, you can tie a light scarf or handkerchief around your neck.

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