Pros and cons of fabric and plastic suitcases - how to make a choice

Sooner or later, before each one, a dilemma arises, which suitcase( what material) should be taken for rest? In this dispute, there are not yet winners and finally losers. Each type of hand luggage has its advantages and disadvantages, it is suitable for certain requests and situations, the choice should be made based on their personal conditions and expectations.

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The following criteria can be applied to advantages:

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Advantages of

  1. The plastic material is more rigid, so things in this suitcase will never fail. Especially if you decide to bring along an expensive evening dress or tuxedo.
  2. Suitcase is more bright and has a wide range of colors, so it's easier and faster to recognize it on the luggage belt.

  3. The plastic does not get wet, it's easy to clean, it's enough to wipe it with a damp cloth or sponge after the rest and you can put it on the shelf waiting for the next trip.
  4. With such a suitcase, you can create your own traveler's brand, sticking on it stickers-souvenirs of the countries where you visited, make an unusual design, coloring the surface.
  5. The handle on the plastic baggage is located so that when carrying the suitcase, all the load goes not to the hand, but to the design itself, so in whatever direction you go, there will be no fatigue.
  6. Suitcase is made of durable material, therefore it has a long service life.
  7. The popularity of plastic baggage is that it is issued for both adults and children.
  8. Such a suitcase is capable of amortizing if necessary. With a blow or other force majeure situations, the hard case will extinguish the blow and your things from glass or fragile porcelain will remain unscathed.
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Disadvantages of

  1. Plastic is scratched, so after a couple of trips prepare to see on it "combat coloring".
  2. Although it is made of strong materials, but if you throw a heavier object on top of it, its body can easily burst.
  3. Cost. Plastic suitcases are an order of magnitude higher than the fabric ones.
  4. Only a certain number of things can be put in a suitcase, it can not be stretched and resized due to a rigid construction.
  5. Weight. Often the weight of the plastic baggage exceeds the weight of the suitcase made of fabric.
  6. Small format selection. Such a suitcase has one constructive form and it can not be remade from the manufacturer. It is difficult to get away from the technological process of manufacturing classic luggage( rectangular shape).
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The following criteria can be assigned to the advantages:

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Advantages of

  1. Fabric suitcase provides the presence of external pockets, which is very convenient during the holiday.
  2. Has the ability to increase volume, due to its ability to stretch.
  3. The cost of fabric baggage is 2 times lower than the cost of a suitcase made of plastic.
  4. Slight weight.
  5. Large selection of shapes and colors of such models allows you to choose both a classic copy and baggage in the form of a bag on wheels.
  6. The fabric of the suitcase is made of polyester and nylon, thanks to a special impregnation no rains and tribulations are terrible for you on the way.
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Disadvantages of

  1. Soft material is not able to protect your luggage from damage and falls. Therefore, fragile objects can break or crack.
  2. Not able to protect things from theft. It is easy to cut and pull out valuable items and money.
  3. Tissue suitcase requires careful care, washing or cleaning. Vulnerable to stains, dirt and dust.
  4. loading. ..

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What to buy

It is worth paying attention to:

  1. Size. If you do not want to take things to the luggage space, then you need a small suitcase. If you go on vacation with your family, then choose a more impressive model.
  2. Weight. Here the tissue models benefit.
  3. Material. If the main goal - the transportation of things, then the fabric will do. If you transport fragile items, securities or documents in it, it is better to choose plastic models because they are safer.
  4. Details: zippers, pockets. It is not necessary to buy a suitcase with a combination lock, they are more attracting the attention of thieves. And the owners often forget the code, making themselves uncomfortable.
  5. Wheels. When buying a suitcase, due attention should be given to the number of wheels and the material from which they are made. A two-wheeled suitcase is harder to carry than luggage on four wheels.
  6. Handles. It's good if the suitcase has several pens( one is pull-out and two are fabric or plastic).
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