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At the dawn of the XX century, sports shoes with the American name Keds appeared in stores. After a lapse of a century, the word "sneakers" became a household name and now covers not only equipment for sports, but even evening and business shoe variants. They deserve the recognition of men and women, fell in love with lovers of an active lifestyle of all ages and, filling the store shelves, attract buyers with a variety of stylish design and constant convenience. So we spend 2017god in fashionable sneakers, and pick up the winning outfits for them - it's an uncomplicated and fascinating business!

New items 2017 year

With every season the fashion undergoes drastic changes, but the undying classics are always in high esteem. This undeniable fact applies to the sneakers. Converses put on stars, ordinary workers at the start of a career and informal youth.

  • Black and red colors are universal. Black conversions will harmoniously complete the outfit in mottled colors, and the red ones will become a bright accent spot for monotonous clothes.
  • White sneakers are the most stylish in the new year. To them, the designers recommend choosing a fitted white dress or a sarafan in stripes, an interesting option is a cherry-colored dress. Ideal looks with such a shoe sportswear, free cut.
  • Violet sneakers - for mysterious people, keen on mysticism or any creativity. Multicolor - for those who do not mind to return to carefree childhood, plus they will tell others about your cheerful, optimistic disposition.
  • Black will give out the secretive character of a man who treasures the secret contents of his soul from outsiders.

With strict suits you need to be more careful: minimalist models without stripes and prints will be appropriate for them, leather kediki will perfectly fit into the wardrobe.

Sometimes, on the crest of popularity, there continue to be models from last year's collections. In 2017, they moved madly popular in past seasons with thick soles. The platform will become even more noticeable thanks to the game of contrasts. Black shoe fabric and white high sole are the optimal solution.

For fans of a greater variety of designers invented fashionable women's sneakers of silver or pink fabric on a striped platform. Exotic colors in the ethnic style and a scattering of lush flowers on a female leg - beauty and amazing style in one bottle.

Modelers promise an unprecedented glory for the sneakers on the wedge, which not only emphasize the slender legs and beautifully lengthen them. Such a steady solid heel is very harmoniously combined with sports shoes. As for their coloring, a new choice will be a new pair of runners in such a palette: light beige, emerald, charcoal-black, soft pink or with an unusual imitation of the skin of a zebra.

The top of originality - fashionable sneakers for girls on a hairpin. Wearing them for a date, the girl declares her love for the sport, while not losing her femininity, and definitely remember the companion.

Collections of brand shoes

At the catwalks glitter famous brands of sports goods, such market giants as Adidas, Puma, Nike. Significant advantages are:

  • time-tested quality;
  • is a recognizable and respected brand;
  • is a wide variety;
  • high cost.

The last point, oddly enough, is really an advantage. After all, a thing bought for a lot of money is much more valued, more accurately worn and nourishes your healthy self-esteem, giving self-confidence.

Nike shoes in the coming year continue to improve. Aerodynamic characteristics of the products exceed expectations. To avoid fogging, the company develops superior models with natural foot ventilation when walking and doing sports. A tightly seated lacing, a flexible sole, a bright design - these are all Nike's gorgeous shoes!

Men's gym shoes are presented in such actual colors:

  • anthracite;
  • the color of the sea;
  • lime green
  • scarlet.

Another important issue, which concerns many mods, concerns how to wear sneakers with socks. There is no reason to worry about this. This is not sandals and not slippers. It would be desirable - wear, and since there is no desire - release legs from this superfluous clothes. In favor of greater comfort, it should be mentioned that manufacturers of footwear for sports produce, in addition, special wear-resistant socks.

Children's sport shoes

Fashionable sneakers for children and teenagers are famous for the variety and boldness of the color palette. Also often they are equipped with an easily fastened replacement of the usual lacing - velcro.

Designers of footwear for the youngest have a lot of work, because the safety of children's shoes is strengthened control. Namely, it should correspond to such items:

  1. Orthopedic outsole for the correct formation of the foot.
  2. The ideal size for healthy leg growth.
  3. Good ventilation to prevent bacteria from multiplying.
  4. And, importantly, shoes should be like the crumb itself.

Fashionable sneakers for boys in 2017godu - just a sight for even adults. That there is only a sole in a geometric checker! Or stylish winter boots made of beige suede with brown inserts. .. The sporting light shoes with images of favorite heroes from comics, cartoons, computer games enjoy great sympathy.

As for the girls' shoes, they are colorful, cute and light. Wonderful option - a model with a white sole and beige leather fabric, and on the side are attached beautiful voluminous petals of flowers. For fashion designers who have just learned to walk, designers have come up with weightless sports booties in polka dots and an asterisk, a rainbow strip, with butterflies, bows, or a kitten's face on the toe.

Summer in sneakers

As already known, the footwear in question is very versatile. In addition to fur-lined or woolen-lined versions, there are on sale superbly modernized summer sneakers.

Who does not have an idea about this ingenious invention of stylists, it is high time to get acquainted with the collection of airy, maximally breathing models. They can easily be imagined by mentally combining ordinary sandals and classic rag-top sneakers.

Here are a few creative options:

  • flip-flops, which have a closed bootleg, lacing remains at the top of the foot, and in the area of ​​the fingers is the same strip that holds the foot "in the saddle" between the thumb and forefinger;
  • feminine models with an open toe and transparent fabric inserts on the sides;The
  • is a more sporting option: the sides of the fabric are cut from the sides.

This type of footwear will be a successful replacement for sandals in the heat season. Soft material will prevent rubbing of the calluses and relieve the feeling of heaviness when walking.

If the summer was not particularly hot, the most fashionable jeans copies will replace the open shoes! They look beautiful buckles instead of laces or stylish rocker chains, square steel rivets or cowboy fringe.

On the crest of the fashion of 2017 is a tall silhouette!

The high accent in the new variations of sports shoes is noticeable.

Slightly elongated cut of low cedar is successfully combined with short dresses and shorts. An interesting solution is the curved top of the fabric, which is different in color or even in the pattern from the main color solution and the print. For example, the outer part is a monochromatic sandy, and the evolving section is in a red-and-white shallow strip or in a contrast combination of different in size white-blue peas.

Do not want to lose the relevance of the image on the shoes of the flags of countries. Will this be an expression of patriotism or a mysterious attachment to the culture of a foreign country - the second thing. Look wardrobe items in the said solution is always harmonious and beautiful.

Extremely inflated silhouette will be to the taste of bold young women of fashion. They reliably warm in the spring and autumn, and a striking unusual design will draw people's attention to slender legs. And do not be afraid of a long lacing. In such models, lightning is often sewn up, making it easy to put on and take off without unnecessary lengthy fuss with laces.

This type of "adidas" stylists recommend to wear shorts with a wide cut, with leather trousers, with dresses in the nautical theme. The main thing is not to combine them with a straight business skirt. If you so want to wear a black skirt, then let it be flared. A win-win option is to try them on with jeans. The combination of sneakers with any clothing in the cage( shirts, trousers, shorts) is a classic of the genre.

Bright nuances of the latest collections of

It is important not to lose sight of the details from which your personal image is built. It is they sometimes bring into the general outfit that very highlight, which is a reflection of your personality and thanks to which you remember people around you.

Fashionable sneakers in 2017 also have special characteristics:

  • several ventilation holes of different diameters;
  • sock differs in color from the rest of the product;
  • on the shoes sewn lace fabric;
  • wide shoelaces;
  • traditional lacing scheme is replaced by more creative ways;
  • multi-colored outsole.
It would be superfluous to mention the existence of knitted sneakers. It is a perfect replacement for hard and uncomfortable house slippers. Moreover, it is not difficult to make them independently for those who know how to knit. Outwardly they will resemble reminiscent conversions or any other models you like. They are warm, funny, practical and suitable for a sincere and original gift.

Be always aware of what sneakers are now the most fashionable, and then nothing will make your mood cloudy. It's so wonderful when your beloved, beautiful and incredibly stylish shoes shine on your feet!

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