With what you can wear a red skirt

  • Features of the right choice
  • Fashionable combination of shades
  • Stylish images depending on the style of the skirt
  • Important rules

A red skirt must be present in the wardrobe of every girl who wants to stand out against the background of others. With this bold garment, you can create a huge number of original compositions that will look bright and immediate. With what to wear a red skirt? We answer, guided by the advice of stylists.

Features of the right choice of

To properly choose this garment, you must take into account the peculiarities of your body. A red skirt with ease can highlight all your shortcomings, so it's so important to pay attention to the type of figure:

  • Hourglass. Owners of such a figure have surprisingly feminine forms, and a red skirt only emphasizes all the virtues. The perfect choice will be a scarlet model, decorated with a basque, a low-key pencil skirt and a romantic product in the floor. For young girls with an ideal figure, an ordinary short skirt will also be an excellent option.
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To emphasize the slender waist and ideal shapes, you can choose a product with an overstated fit. If you buy a shortened version, you will be able to emphasize slender legs. Girls who want to look elegant and modern and at the same time emphasize the roundness of the hips, a narrower skirt is much more suitable.

  • Apple. Owners of this type of figure should remember an important postulate: red has a full effect. Therefore, extra pounds in the abdomen require a particularly careful attitude to the choice of such a skirt.

Ideal solution in this case will be products with high waist. They help to hide the absence of the waist and the presence of the abdomen. At the same time, stylists do not advise choosing a pencil skirt or truncated models. These girls fit midi skirts. A successful option will be models of direct cut or A-silhouette.

  • Pear. These girls should choose clothes that can focus on the thin waist and hide the heavy weight as much as possible. To buy the perfect red skirt, it is worth to abandon the narrowed and short models. Do not choose a product up to the middle of the roe. The skirt must open the leg from the knee.

Also, the upper part of the composition will help balance the proportions of the figure, which is very difficult when using red in the image. Solve this task will help blouse or cardigan, decorated with a bright print. Inverted triangle. Such girls are ideal pencil or model with a basque. An excellent option will also be a skirt-bell or tulip, which will help make the hips more voluminous.

Another important criterion to consider when choosing a red skirt is length.
  1. Mini models can not be worn every day. Moreover, the combination of aggressive red color with such a length can look very provocative. To balance the image, you will have to pick up a more neutral top.
  2. The skirt in the floor looks quite impressive. And it is quite possible to fit into the everyday image. In this case, models made of silk or other dense fabric are more suitable for evening composition.
  3. To buy a universal skirt, which is suitable for all occasions, give preference to the model of medium length.

As for the form, stylists advise to choose classic styles, because red color so attracts a lot of attention. A great option will be a pencil skirt, a trapezoid or a straight cut product. If you want, you can buy a lush model, but this solution is more suitable for bright and extravagant women of fashion.

Stylists do not recommend choosing models with shiny decorations, sequins or paillettes. Such products look too pretentious, and sometimes even ridiculous. In this case, you can afford more technological solutions, for example, light asymmetry or pleating.

As for the color scheme, you need to rely entirely on your taste and personal preferences. Classical variants are always relevant: natural red, scarlet, coral. If you want to look more original, you can pick up a skirt decorated with a print, for example, a model in a cage or peas.

Fashionable combination of shades

The red color looks great in combination with various additions. Nevertheless, there are quite interesting combinations, which, no doubt, will please every girl:

  1. The red skirt is in perfect harmony with the white top. This is the perfect solution for the office, which allows you to look very fresh and original.
  2. This skirt looks very good with black things - a blouse or a coat. As a result, you will get a somewhat fateful composition for a party or a walk with friends.
  3. To make the color red not so bright and aggressive, you can choose gray or beige additions. Such combinations are well suited for business meetings or social events.
  4. The red skirt looks great with blue or purple things. This option fits perfectly into the fashionable everyday image.

Currently, red skirts are most often worn with things of restrained colors: white, black or gray blouses. Nevertheless, bold and self-assured fashionistas prefer to shock the public, choosing lilac or mint supplements.

Stylish images depending on the style of the skirt

Today, stylists offer women of fashion many interesting options for red skirts. This garment never goes out of fashion, because it fits seamlessly into both everyday and office style. Nevertheless, today there are more and more new models, for example, skirts with basque or high waist. Not surprisingly, girls are interested in the features of creating stylish compositions.

Why wear a red pencil skirt? This, perhaps, is the most actual style, which many girls choose. An ideal addition to such a skirt would be a fitted blouse or blouse. Often women of fashion wear similar models with tops tucked inside. To look bright and attractive, a red skirt is recommended to combine with white and black things. To give the image of a highlight will help interesting jewelry - rings, pendants, earrings.

As for shoes, the ideal solution will be classic shoes that can be made in black or brown. No less successful addition will be boots of medium height or ankle boots. If the task is to create a comfortable image in the everyday style, the perfect solution will be black or dark blue ballet flats.

Another relevant option is the red skirt-sun. This is the ideal solution for women with full body.
And stylists advise choosing in this case products with high waist. This skirt is recommended to be combined with tight-fitting blouses and shoes with heels.

If you decide to purchase a shorter model, the shoes should be supplemented with a small heel. This will avoid excessive aggressiveness of the composition. If the skirt is used long enough, the ideal solution will be the shoes on the stud, which will be a worthy completion of the ensemble.

Another great solution for this image will be a belt decorated with a massive buckle. He will emphasize the waist and distract attention from the bulky thighs or chest.

The red sunscreen skirt looks great with black or white blouses.

This image will fit perfectly into the business style. In autumn, the bow perfectly complements the leather jacket of the cut-off cut. It can be made in black or brown.

Another fashionable style of this skirt is a shorter model. It should be borne in mind that such products can afford exceptionally slender women of fashion. To create a stylish image, you can choose such additions:

  • pritalen top;
  • asymmetrical blouse that opens one shoulder;
  • tunic of medium length;
  • blouse or shirt in classic style.

Shoes with high heels are contraindicated in this case: the image can turn out to be too aggressive and pretentious. In this situation, it is necessary to pick up feminine sandals on a small heel or on a flat sole. The perfect solution will also be shoes on the wedge. As for the combination of colors, a short skirt can be supplemented with a white blouse, a black blouse, a gray shirt.

Important rules

Stylists distinguish several important rules that will help you avoid creating a ridiculous and tasteless image with the participation of a red skirt:

  • this garment is not allowed to be combined with things of the same color;
  • skirt should be the central part of the ensemble, so it should be selected as simple as possible;
  • when choosing shoes in red it is important to make sure that its shade matches the skirt;
  • in one image, you should not use more than three shades;
  • red skirt should ideally sit on the figure.
The red skirt is a very stylish and fashionable wardrobe item, with which you can create a huge number of fresh and unconventional compositions.
To achieve the ideal result, it is very important to choose the right style and carefully monitor the color combinations.

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