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There is a legend that the world's first cypress was actually a young man turned into a tree. By mistake, he killed his beloved deer, presented to him by Apollo. In Ovid's work "Metamorphosis" it was written that the young Cypress was so upset that he fell to the ground. So he remained standing on the ground forever, like mourning. And Apollo, who turned the boy's body into a tree, announced publicly that from now on the cypress must be present at every funeral rite. True, it was so long ago that now very few people connect this plant with such a sad mission and very often it can be seen grown at home.

Cypress home

Most people like to walk in the coniferous forest, breathing fresh and pleasant aroma of firs, pines and cedars. And many would like to enjoy a similar scent and home. True, they can not be grown in rooms, because there is too hot and dry air for them. But there are certain types of conifers, which will comfortably exist in an ordinary flower pot. Thus, cypress at home will help create a real corner of the coniferous forest with a characteristic aroma with fresh notes of resin.

For home-grown cypress is not evergreen. It is better to take a large-fruited, the birthplace of which is solar California. And if in natural conditions this species reaches 25 m in height, then in "captivity" it grows slower and does not exceed two meters.

The planted cypress tree looks like a beautiful miniature tree. The shape of the crown is almost correctly pyramidal. Needles of this houseplant excrete special substances - phytoncides, which are very good and original smell.

Large-fruited cypress: room care at home

You need to take care of any plant. But at the same time, if you create a house cypress, home care after it will not give you much trouble. In the spring, his crown will need to be corrected, just pruning.

It is very dangerous for a cypress to hibernate if the air humidity is too low and the temperature is too high. This is fraught with the fact that the branches will drop needles and wither, but they will not grow back. Of course, these are not the only growing problems, but if you know how to care for cypress, many of them will be avoided, and the plant will please you for many years.


Cypress, like most other conifers, is a cold-resistant indoor plant. Therefore, it reacts normally to a relatively low air temperature. But the heat and dryness can not stand. To him was comfortable, ensure for his wintering temperature from 5 to 15 degrees.


Cypress needs bright but diffused light. And although it is considered a light-loving plant, it grows well in the penumbra. But in the summer room cypress must be cleaned from direct sunlight. At this time of year you can take it out into the open air. Just put the plant in the shade.


In the cypress pot you need constantly moist soil. In the conditions of a cool wintering, the plant should be watered only once a week. But in summer watering should be more intensive and necessarily regular, although not abundant. If in the summer the cypress is standing outdoors constantly, then it needs watering more often than if it were standing in the house. Also, the plant should be regularly sprayed, because because of a lack of moisture in the air, the needles will wither.


For cultivation of cypress, slightly acidic soil with a pH level of 5.5 to 6.5 is needed. You can also use ready-made soil, which is designed specifically for growing conifers( tui, cypress, fir, juniper and araucaria).

Fertilizing with fertilizers

This process is best dealt with in the spring-summer period, every month. For fertilizing you need mineral fertilizers, only reduce their concentration by half compared to the portion indicated on the package.

Cytopase transplantation

If the plant has grown, it must be transplanted. You need to do this about once every 2 years. When transplanting or planting cypress, do not bury the base of the trunk into the ground.

Reproduction of

Reproduction of cypress at home is quite problematic. Although you can try to do this with the help of apical cuttings. They must be rooted in a greenhouse with high humidity. In addition, you will need a root growth stimulant. True, all these efforts are sometimes not enough to successfully reproduce this representative of the flora.

Hamaekiparis: home care

Hamaekiparis or kiparisovik is small in size. The moderate temperature for it is optimal. The minimum temperature threshold for winter is 8 degrees.

The warm air from heating radiators adversely affects the plant. This can lead to the death of the hamaekiparis. Also a cypress tree needs good lighting. But only this should not be direct sunlight.

Abundantly water the plant, but in winter - do not fill it. Do not allow the soil to dry out, as the plant can quickly die. For watering use only standing water at room temperature. Hamaekiparis need to be sprayed constantly. And it is better to put it on wet clay. Only the bottom of the container should not come into contact with the liquid.

Feed the plant between May and August. To do this, use special fertilizers for conifers. But in winter feeding is undesirable.

Cypress Diseases

  1. If the cypress needle is yellow, it means that the plant lacks nutrients and moisture. Therefore, urgently increase watering and feed the conifers.
  2. Needles dries and turns yellow, and tips are brown - the room is too dry air. Spray the cypress more often.
  3. If the branches of the plant dry only on one side, this indicates that the cypress is near the heater or battery, from which the air is too dry and hot. In this case, move the pot away from the source of artificial heat, and also lower the temperature in the room and increase the frequency of spraying.
  4. If the needles are yellowed and crumbled - perhaps this is the negative effects of exposure to bright and direct light. Therefore, the plant should be rearranged into a shadow or at least a partial shade.
  5. If the cypress is stretched, it is most likely due to insufficient lighting. So increase the intensity of the lighting.

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