Interesting handmade crafts

There are a lot of handles. And they can be used not only for ordinary purposes, for writing. Handles are a good material for creativity. With their use, you can make a lot of different crafts, as decorative, or designed for games, and useful in everyday life.

  • Toy fighter
  • Pistol
  • Gear for spinning
  • Crochet hook

Toy fighter

This fighter externally replicates the type of insurgents known for the "Star Wars" insurgents.

Learn how to make a papier-mache

To create a model you will need:

  • caps from the handle - 4 pieces;The
  • marker is preferably flat;
  • sharpener for pencils;

  • fasteners made of brass - 4 pieces;
  • paper binders - 2 large, 2 small;
  • unnecessary memory card;
  • universal adhesive.

First, you need to attach a memory card to the marker cap.

While the glue dries, remove the legs from the larger binders and rearrange them to small ones.

Now put the marker on the big binder, and attach two small clothespins around the edges of the memory card.

Pencil sharpener on the edge of the holder on the cap of the marker.

To the four resulting wings, glue the brass fasteners, temporarily fixing them with paint tape, and let the model dry thoroughly.

Finally, glue the caps from the handles to the locations indicated in the photo.

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Pistol To make such a "weapon", you need a conventional pen, rubber band and a bit of fine islet. The handle will need to be completely disassembled into separate components, and then reassembled, but only in completely different order.

Cut the elastic in two.

Now tape the tape with electrical tape.

The pins are suitable as pallets.

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Gear for spinning

For work you will need:

  • empty ampoule from the ballpoint pen;
  • petal made of aluminum;
  • triple hooks with fastening rings - 2 pieces;
  • wire;
  • nuts - 2 pieces;
  • pliers and pliers.

First you need to create a basis for tackle. Take the ampoule from the ballpoint pen and remove the remains of the paste from it.

To do this, simply remove the writing tip and blow out the contents. Then enter into the ampoule a piece of wire a bit longer and curl it the same way as shown in the photo.

Now take two identical nuts of small diameter, ideally, if you with a little effort can wind them on the curved end of the ampoule.

To ensure that the nuts do not accidentally slide off the tackle after the eyelet has been installed, it is necessary to slightly widen and put a swivel with a buckle on it. With its help the tackle will be attached to the line.

Fold the edges of the wire with a round-bend rings and attach hooks to them. Aluminum petal attach to the ring next to the back hook.

loading. ..

If desired, you can attach a tinsel to the tackle.

And as for wiring, it is better to use small impulse jerks, then this tackle will snoop through the water spaces.

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Crochet hook

A handle is also suitable for converting it into a tool useful for craftsmen - a convenient crocheting hook. The handle itself in this case will act as a holder for the hook.

To change the handle, remove the ampoule from it and simply insert a suitable hook into its place, adjusting everything to fit and fixing the tool with glue.

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