5 options for graduation in retro style

  • How to create an atmosphere of retro
  • Mixing of epochs: bright graduation
  • Wind of changes: graduation style in the style of the 80s
  • Legendary epoch: graduation in the spirit of the 60s
  • Graduation for the born at the turn of the centuries
  • Ball of little princesses: farewell party in kindergarten

No event causes so many vivid emotions, like a graduation party. Here, the children, their parents and teachers recall the past years of study, history and traditions of the school. Perfectly reflects the idea of ​​the final final ball in retro style. Immersion in another era, unusual outfits, concert numbers with retro music will make the last ball unforgettable.

How to create an atmosphere retro

The basis of any event is a script. It can be ordered by a specialist, but it's much better if the graduates themselves, teachers and parents who have literary abilities are engaged in the development.

Creative group conducts preliminary brainstorming. It is necessary to answer important questions:

  • What era will we represent?
  • If a few eras, then what?
  • How will we decorate the school on the day of graduation?
  • Who will we speak about from the stage?
  • Who will perform the concert numbers?
  • How should graduates, teachers and parents dress?
  • Whose help do we need in the organization?

Answers to questions - the basis of the script.

One of the script writers should include the oldest worker of the school - a teacher, a librarian, a serviceman. His memories of the history of the school are important.

The oldest worker will tell you valuable options. For example, the school was founded in the 50s. Therefore, you can include in the concert number with the music of that time. Geography teacher in his youth worked at BAM?He is dedicated to the song of the 70's.

To write the script follows 2-3 months before the prom, so that all the participants of the holiday had time to prepare stage performances and costumes.

The mixing of the epochs: the bright graduate

The tempting idea is to present at the graduation party different epochs. In this case, the organizers give the alumni the task to prepare musical or theatrical numbers of different styles. For example, the Pushkin era, the silver age, the 50s of the 20th century, "dashing nineties."Pupils, teachers, parents are notified in advance. All who will not perform on stage, choose an outfit from any historical era at will.

Dresses and retro costumes on graduation draw the attention of the public. The traditional alumni parade around the city is becoming a terrific show.

But sometimes graduates and adults say that they would not want to turn a prom night into a carnival. Here you need to use the rules of wearing vintage and retro clothing:

  • Add an old outfit with modern hairstyle, make-up.
  • Connect the old outfit with modern accessories - shoes, bags, glasses.
  • Mix vintage garments with modern. For example, a lace blouse with a high collar - with tight leather pants.
  • Combine in one outfit several eras( a dress from the 50's, shoes from the 30's, takes from the 70's);
  • Wear a hat or scarf from the grandfather's wardrobe( option for the young men).

The design of school premises for the holiday is created with the help of objects of antique furniture, unusual drapery from fabrics, stylized candlesticks. The role of decor is perfectly fulfilled by the exhibits of the school museum: gramophone, TV Moskvich T-1, old telephone. You can divide the school into sections and arrange each for a certain era.

Wind of changes: a graduation in the style of the 80's

In 2017, one involuntarily recalled the anniversary 1986, the beginning of perestroika. The final ball in the spirit of the end of the Soviet era will be very original. For parents and teachers it is nostalgia for youth.

The script includes musical numbers, parodies of the popular performers of those years: the group "Modern Talking", "Boni M.", "Affectionate May", "Combination", "Kar-Men", etc.

The school is decorated with posters, caricatures of perestroika pores, posters of stars of cinema, variety. Along with the traditional wall newspapers about preschool children, graduates form a newspaper with photographs of teachers and parents in the 80s.

Participants of the holiday should show the main accents of fashion of that time. This:

  • Mini dresses for girls at the prom.
  • Openwork and mesh pantyhose.
  • Dresses from glittering fabrics.
  • Lacquered shoes. Pearlescent lipstick.

Men easily create the style of the 80's, wearing a bright jacket with pads, a narrow tie. You can not miss the characteristic feature of time - highly primed and sprinkled with varnish male and female hairstyles. Graduates with a good sense of humor can create the image of a representative of one of the then emerged informal trends - metalworker, breaker, punk.

Legendary epoch: graduation in the spirit of the 60s

The sixth decade of the XX century often attracts teenagers with the atmosphere of freedom, courage, romance. Original fashion and music will make the school ball a real carnival.

Special decorations will be given to the holiday: Soviet curtains, photos of the famous sixties - Yuri Gagarin, Edita Piekhi, Marilyn Monroe, old vinyl records on the walls.

The music of the Beatles, Elvis Presley, Tamara Miansarova can sound not only during the theatrical performance, but also at a festive disco.

Stylized clothes will help to penetrate the lives of grandparents. For graduates this:

  • Mini dress.
  • Dress with high waist.
  • The dress is a straight silhouette without sleeves.
  • Low-heeled shoes.
  • Socks of the Lolita type.
  • Large bright costume jewelry.

Moms and teachers will choose for themselves dresses in the style of Jacqueline Kennedy or trouser suits a la Marilyn Monroe.

Men should remember how the famous "Beatles" dressed. Fans of humorous dresses can imitate the look of the Soviet style: a jacket with broad shoulders, narrow trousers, boots on a thick sole, a bright tie.

Graduation for the born at the turn of the centuries

Boys and girls who graduated from school in 2017, were born at the very end of the 90's or the beginning of the 21st century. It will be interesting for them to return to the times of their parents' youth. Such a party reflects the desperate fun of the time when the former USSR suddenly fell asleep with an abundance of foreign brands.

The school will be helped by any remaining bright things: wraps from products, toys, videocassettes, electronic devices such as tamogachi, consoles Dandy, cassette tape recorders. For the disco you can use the old light and music design: homemade mirror balls, Christmas tree garlands.

The script for the graduation in the style of the 90's includes humorous parodies of popular TV shows: "The Key from Fort Boyar", "Mask-show", "Field of Miracles".Concert number with a "live" guitar playing will reflect the mood of the 90's well. For the disco you need to prepare the record "Hands Up", "Shooter", Natalie, "Agatha Christie", "Mummy Troll", "Spleen".

  • The outfit for the evening is stylized, following the motto of those years: "The more wonderful, the more fashionable."Evening dresses on graduation in retro style of the 90s are long, fitting, from sparkling fabrics. You can wear bright leggings with a skirt-lambada and an open top or a leather mini-skirt and pantyhose with lurex. Pants, narrow to the knee and flared to the bottom - another sign of the 90's.
  • Cult men's attire of those years: a crimson jacket, a white T-shirt, black pants, a thick gold chain around the neck. Adidas sneakers and electronic watches were then worn even for a wedding. Option for fans of humor: shoes, sports pants, jacket-bomb. Any participant of the holiday will absolutely get into the image, if he gets a T-shirt with a photo from the legendary movie "Titanic".

Ball of little princesses: farewell party in a kindergarten

The tradition of arranging the last ball exists not only in school, but also in kindergarten. Here the idea of ​​retro is especially well combined with fairy-tale motives familiar to kids. For example, the final matinee in the style of the ball of the XIX century will give an opportunity to dress children as little ladies and gentlemen.

  • Journey through the tales of different eras - a real carnival of princesses, fairies, knights, hussars. Unusual mood, unique photos, unforgettable impressions - that's what a holiday in retro style means for children, their parents and educators.
  • Scenario is based on the age features of preschool children. Here there should be characters from fairy tales of different times and peoples leading in fantastic images.
  • For the holiday, educators learn with their children the symbolic dances of different periods of history: waltz, minuet, tango.
  • Staging fragments from fairy tales, reading poems, competitions on the topic will make the program of the festival diverse and interesting.
  • The room is decorated with a royal palace, a magic castle or a ballroom. From simple materials - tulle curtains, silk ribbons, old candlesticks - you can easily create an unusual interior. Flowers, balls, living greens - the elements, suitable for any composition.

Toddler outfits can accurately reproduce historical costumes of past times. Parents and educators should create a complete illusion of fairy-tale space among children. They can complement modern clothes with unusual accessories: a fan, a hat, a cane, a wig.

Farewell to a kindergarten or school means a special milestone in the life of a young person. Therefore, to organize it should be spectacular, unusual. Retro style is a historical immersion, a game, nostalgia, sweet mischief and, of course, priceless memories.

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