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Women's jeans have gained popularity and retain their positions for more than a dozen years. What is the secret of such a demand for products? In their main quality - convenience during wearing. But it's not just about him.

Each girl wants to look charming, while it is desirable to save time on fees. And in this case, fashionable jeans - a great alternative to expensive outfits. In such clothes a woman feels comfortable and light, she looks graceful and sexy.

Features of women's jeans

Manufacturers during the manufacture of products adhere to a number of requirements to meet the needs of the beautiful half of humanity. Fashionable women's jeans of 2017, offered by leading companies, have the following features:

  • original design;
  • application of innovative technologies;
  • conformity of production to the certificate of quality;
  • high performance data;
  • reasonable price;
  • introduction to the production of aesthetic parameters.

Much attention is paid to the selection of fabric. It should be strong, elastic, supple to processing. Denim is a cotton material, to which fibers of elastane and lycra are added. Thanks to this combination, jeans have maximum comfort.

Cotton is a natural fiber with increased hygroscopicity and high resistance to wear. A small percentage of chemical additives allows jeans to fit the figure in a stylish manner, emphasizing the grace and beautiful girl's body. Denim has an excellent appearance, the influence of adverse factors on it is minimal. The fabric is easy to clean and iron.

During the production of luxury products, attention is focused on the quality of the fittings. Zippers, rivets, buttons are made of high quality materials, serve perfectly throughout the socks. The sewing thread is very strong. Double and triple stitches in the processing of seams allow achieving a reliable joint effect of the parts.


Jeans confidently conquered the consumer niche, leading the world market. Couturiers relentlessly supplement collections with new brands, surprising women with their creative and professional abilities. What fashionable women's jeans wear this year? Couturiers create new models that have their original features and at the same time preserve the luggage of previous styles.


Skinny style provides tight tightening of the ladies' legs, this is promoted by stretch fabric products. In English, "skin" means "skin".These jeans fit tightly at the feet, turning into a second skin.

The length of the products varies from the ankles and above. A thin cuff at the bottom can finish the style. Wiping, torn elements often accompany the design. The belt in the models can be above the waist, on it or on the hips.

Stylists offer models with an overstated waist, the fastener can be on buttons or with a zipper. The low landing of trousers is also still relevant in 2017.


This style has become fashionable recently. Straight, a little narrower down, mainly dark blue or blue. Strong rubbing, holes on the knees and hips give a special charm and sense of insecurity of the girl.

It seems that the girl at the time put on her boyfriend's clothes. Attracting this style of attention to yourself, the cutie emphasizes its fragility, refined look and unusual femininity.


The classic variant of trousers is universal. They are sewn from dense, monotonous denim. A comfortable fit involves wearing them without a belt.

Some models may be worn. Finishing contrast stitches give practicality and naturalness to such clothes. Overhead pockets at the back and side slits decorate the model. A stylish leather strip with the logo of the company on the belt will give the style originality.


Women's jeans flared, forgotten until recently, again gaining popularity. Expanding from the knee or from the hip pants emphasize the elegance and beauty of the women's camp. Products made of fine fabrics are produced, which easily fit the figure. The model can complement a wide belt with a round or rectangular buckle.

Jeans - priority clothing for women

Sociologists, conducting a survey in 2017, among the lovely ladies, found out that jeans are the most popular among other clothes. What is the secret of such success? Here are some of the most common items cited by women in their responses:

  1. In jeans it is very comfortable to move, they are most comfortable in all cases of life. This is the kind of clothes you want to wear in the morning, providing yourself with an excellent mood for the whole day. Unlike products made from other fabrics, jeans do not crinkle, they sit perfectly on the figure, the girl does not need to correct them, to watch their planting.
  2. Such clothes are suitable for women of all ages, it is loved by representatives of very many professions. Denim pants are appropriate to put on a girl for a lecture at the university;to work, if only the lady does not have her own dress code;to walk;on a romantic date;for a business meeting;on a country picnic.
  3. It's easy to take care of them. Washing, ironing and storing do not present much difficulty and are minimized, which makes denim universal in all respects.
  4. And most importantly - fashionable design. Girls can choose a style that satisfies their claims to originality, spectacularity and uniqueness. The universal bottom can be easily combined with different tops. This allows you to create non-standard images of style, to look always dressed with a needle.
  5. It is easy for many to choose a model that will emphasize their dignity, as well as hide the insignificant errors of the mill.

With what to wear?

Variations of a combination of jeans with different clothes set.

In summer weather, tops, checkered shirts or T-shirts are perfectly combined with denim single-color or with floral print.

  • The free concept of the boyfriends means that you can wear a wide sweater, a pullover on one shoulder or a stretched jersey. If you pick up a white top, be sure to decorate your image with a large bag, a stylish belt and a lot of bracelets.
  • Add the tightening model of the skinny sweetshtom with a bright cool drawing or pullover "from someone else's shoulder."A sweatshirt with a hood will look great with a tight bottom.
  • Light raincoat, stylish jacket suitable for classic selection of clothing options.
  • Cashmere coat with belt or warm jacket will be harmoniously combined with jeans flares.
  • If you intend to emphasize a graceful mill, put on high-heeled shoes or boots.

Care for jeans clothes

  1. Fasten locks, buttons, zippers before washing.
  2. Turn the inside out.
  3. A prerequisite is to wash separately from things that have a different texture and color of the fabric.
  4. Use machine wash to apply gentle washing.
  5. Press in the middle mode.
  6. Machine drying of jeans is not recommended. The greatest effect will be to dry products outdoors, preferably in a horizontal position.
  7. During ironing, use the steam iron factor to achieve maximum ironing action. If your Denim thing looks fine on you without ironing, then this procedure of care should be deleted. This will extend the life of the product.

Jeans have become iconic clothes thanks to the tandem of the light industry industry and designer fashion houses. Therefore, such clothes are always topical, harmonious and perfect. Putting on a fashionable jeans, the girl keeps up to date, strives to be exceptionally stylish, effective and non-standard. Related Videos:

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