Coral color in clothes

Coral color always attracts everyone's attention like a magnet. Its shades pleasing to the eye, they are pleasant and able to animate, to give lightness to any image. Maybe that is why the coral has not lost its popularity in the world of high fashion for years. Another benefit of coral is rarely when it does not fit.

  • Color value
  • To whom the color goes
  • Shades of coral
  • Combination of coral in clothing

Value of color

What can you say about this color? The first thing that comes to mind is spring lightness, liveliness. Color has some recharging for emotions. Wearing an outfit of such unusual color, you will surely feel an unusual burst of strength, positive emotions and good mood.
So, by purchasing at least one coral-colored thing, you not only pay tribute to the fickle fashion, but also replenish your wardrobe with a thing carrying a charge of positive energy. You can see for yourself that wearing a dress or blouse coral shade, you will be able to paint bright colors, even the coldest and gloomiest morning.

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This outfit manages to raise the mood in any weather and overcome the depression, because the warm and at the same time bright coral color is associated withus with summer and warmth, and is able to create a summer mood at any time of the year.

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To whom goes the color of

Coral is very well distinguished against the background of all other colors and at the same time it perfectly shades the skin. Moreover, a warm, bright, rich and at the same time very noble coral color suits both white-faced blondes, and swarthy metiski. But the red-haired to the coral should be treated with caution. Not all of its shades will suit the red hair color.

Any woman can choose her own shade of coral color, because there are a lot of them: from the delicate pearly pink to the rich red and orange.
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Shades of coral

Coral blossom was given real sea corals. In accordance with their shades there are shades of coral color:

  • Pink shades: bright pink, light pink, neon pink, pearl pink, pink-orange;
  • Peach shades: pale peach, pink-peach:
  • Orange shades: coral red-terracotta, bright pink-orange;
  • Red shades: crimson, violet-pink, red-orange.

As you can see, the palette of coral and bright coral shades is really very rich. With what is it possible to combine all this bright splendor?

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Combining coral in clothing

Thinking about the best combination of coral color, you need to consider what kind of coral shade it is. So, all gentle - pink and peach shades of coral are best combined with light and pale pastel tones. While for bright and saturated orange and red shades of coral, black, blue and brown rich tones are ideal.

However, choosing a refined and refined coral color, remember that he does not tolerate vulgarity. Therefore, combine it very carefully and carefully. Unbeatable options - a combination of coral with shades of gray, pink, smoky, creamy, beige, and with a delicate and refined color "champagne" and, of course, with noble white. The combination of coral with the color "denim" also looks original.

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