How and with what to wear socks

Classic rules
  • Stylists recommend successful combinations
  • With what socks socks do not wear
  • Knee socks - an incredibly stylish version of socks
  • Clothes plus socks: choosing the perfect pair
  • About sports shoes
  • About socks often reflect little. However, those who noticed on the summer day somewhere on the street people wearing socks and sandals in their hearts sounded a protest of good taste that it was wrong. And immediately there are reflections, with what shoes you can not wear hosiery, how to combine the color of shoes and socks, what and for what are socks. .. In the fashion industry, rules of wearing socks had time to form: how and why should you choose combinations of this wardrobe with others. We learn these canons of style to make the personal image impeccable.

    Classic rules

    Changeable fashion sometimes turns everything upside down. Unacceptable a couple of decades ago, combinations of clothing in modern times reach a peak of popularity, and fashion shows gather crowded halls. But the attire from the podium is often not suitable for everyday life. To not look ridiculous, ridiculous and inappropriate, it is important to know what is classic.

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    This is a certain etiquette, a manifestation of respect for the aesthetic tastes of others:

    1. Color socks. It should be close to the color of trousers. The best tone is in tone or more light than pants. Such a fusion of colors can visually extend the legs. When viewed from the side, attention is not accented on the socks, it is the necessary quality of the secondary, background item of the wardrobe. If you take a tone in tone to shoes - legs visually slightly shorter. Choose a color, contrasting and trousers, and shoes, - a sign of bad taste for the classical style.
    2. Length. With jeans and trousers correctly choose the length of the socks, so that in any movement they cover the lower part of the foot. With shorts, on the contrary, elongated models are contra-indicated, only short or without them - with bare feet in the heat more comfortable.
    3. Picture. Socks with ornament, according to the laws of harmony, should reflect the color of trousers, and their pattern should be repeated in other accessories of the attire. Clothes for the feet should echo with the rest, without causing a sense of her alienity.
      Eternal banal rules: purity and novelty above all. No zastiranosti and holes!
    4. Put on a pair of different socks - you still need to think of it! So do children from their spontaneity. But do not repeat this to the grown-up ladies, even in the case of limited time. Always pay enough time to prepare the wardrobe so that you do not have to clutch at the first ones that have got to the bustle and in the end look ridiculous and feel insecure.

    Stylists recommend successful combinations

    • Knee socks and high socks are able to make the leg visually shorter, so it's good to wear skirts and shorts with a length of mini. Low growth of girls is desirable to completely give up high socks. Also, ladies with full calves should better abandon this trend, so as not to attract views to the problem areas of the figure.
    • Avoid mixing different patterns. For example, khaki socks with military ornaments and shoes with imitation of zebra skin. Ideally the same: monophonic shoes plus socks with patterns or, conversely, colorful shoes on monotonous socks. Dressing up in "all the best" at once is a sign of a lack of taste and a sense of harmony.
    • With low socks, you should not combine massive shoes: with an impressive platform and heel. Observe the measure, correctly balancing the items of the wardrobe.
    • The downed or twisted top of the socks is old and rarely appropriate. Carelessly deflated fabric can look stylish on bold fashion shows. For example, black socks made of transparent guipure in high-heeled shoes of the same color plus a short, monophonic dress.
    • To withstand business style, the lady wears socks as high as possible and indistinguishable from the rest of the clothes in color to the trouser suit. In the official style, the smooth texture of the fabric is permissible.
    • Patterns in as pigtails, strips and other drawings, bows and ruces - for informal exits to the street. And socks with heroes of cartoons, patterns or funny faces should be reserved for the house. In society, the character dressed in them will go for a crazy eccentric. Give up ridiculous and bright children's models in order to avoid such a situation.

    With what shoes socks do not wear

    Every fashionista has to memorize and apply a lot of style laws in practice to proudly carry her rank. If you decide to consider yourself as a woman with an ideal taste, do not wear socks with such shoe:

    • Ballet shoes. Elegant and simple shoes on a flat sole remotely resembling the shoes of dancers are worn on a bare foot. At the same time, they look great with short dresses and short pants. With hosiery the ballet dresses look weird.
      The woman in them will look childish, as if the teenager has not yet learned to dress well.
    • Sandals. They are created exclusively for bare legs. Wearing them in the spring and autumn with warm socks - unacceptable liberty, and in the summer with nylon socks - cheap bad taste.
    • Vietnamese and do you need to go to the beach or pool, so no socks with them.
    • Sandals. With them everything is clear: summer shoes for bare feet. However, many men still wear them with black or white socks, not paying attention to ridicule.

    • Children's shoes. They are the basic footwear of the basic women's wardrobe and wear a bare foot. With socks - only on the podium, photo shoot or retrocherink. However, it is permissible to wear black transparent pantyhose to black shoes. In fashion now and a bold contrast: dark pantyhose with light boats.
    • Moccasins. Indian shoes are now available to our ladies. It is sewed specially from soft suede to protect the barefoot girl from corns and unpleasant corns. Such light street "slippers" even on the catwalks are not shown in their socks.
    • Shoes with an open toe. Be it ankle boots or other models, in the open-toe area you should look for fingers with the ideal pedicure, not the fabric of tights or socks.
    • Lofer. This classic pair can be leather, lacquered or richly decorated. But any design loffers are worn without socks. With tights they are also not worn, so as not to find a similarity with a schoolgirl or a granny. Lofers are gorgeous with denim breeches, shortened breeches.
    • Shoes with an open heel. Sabo - exclusively for bare legs.
    • And also get rid of socks when wearing sneakers, topsiders and espadril.

    Knee socks - an incredibly stylish version of socks

    How can I wear an elongated knee-length socks? This warm footwear exists in such variations:

    • Knitted socks for winter days. They are worn over dense tights and ideally coincide with them in color. Black can make the leg more elegant, thinner, longer;beige, light visually condense thin calves.
    • Homemade knee-length socks made of fine fabric perfectly fit shoes on heels.
    • Knee socks with pattern or repeating pattern - with boots and boots on low travel.

    Fashion designers recommend elegant shoes with a hairpin complemented with the same feminine clothing: golphics in lace and with bows. More coarse shoes without a heel and with a three-dimensional platform are combined with dense golf material.

    If you are not ready for extravagant images, choose the shades for beginners: dairy, brown, beige, black and gray.

    High socks with ruffles and lace-weaving fabric are interesting to look in combination with men's shoes and lacquer shoes.

    The best pair for golf is high boots. Play in contrast to create a raisin in the image: to black boots - bright crimson or fruit knee socks. With beige boots successfully look golfs white or light beige hue.

    Clothes plus socks: choosing the perfect pair

    Depending on your preferred style, on the nature of the event to which a woman is dressed, socks need to be taken in different types and colors.

    • Romantic image: gentle, snow-white tone of the toe, shoes on a wedge or heel, plus a pretty short dress.

    • The retro image often includes an ensemble of shoes and socks. So in the young years our great-grandmothers and grannies walked, and now, on the wave of popularity of vintage style, we also go. A summer dress with polka dots or a fluffy skirt-sun, shoes with dark skin and snow-white socks - an image in the retro style is ready for release.
    • Subculture punk is the only one in which ragged socks or knee socks are appropriate. Create a bold street image using shoes on a high platform, short shorts and high socks made of deliberately torn fabric.
    • How can I wear socks for designing a "school" style? Put on a pleated skirt opening the knees, and lightly carelessly pull white or light knee-high socks.
    • In the fashion of the wild west - country - you can wear gray and lemon colors golfs under black boots from rough leather. Upstairs is a colorful sarafan and, of course, a denim jacket. Experiment with things: throw a shirt in a cage, shorts with a fringe or denim overalls.

    About sport shoes

    As an integral sphere of life, sport deservedly possesses its own fashion. How do you combine socks with sports shoes?

    First of all, socks for running and other active occupations have a number of differences: they are more wear-resistant, can have antibacterial impregnation from the fungus, and the fabric composition minimizes fogging of the foot.

    Buy them preferably in sports stores, where there is a wide selection of models from famous brands with recognized quality.

    White socks with sneakers are a favorite on the treadmill and in the gym. Socks in a tone suit - a good option, but still not the canonical image of the athlete in white socks.

    Sports and casual shoes - sneakers - wear with short socks, not at all noticeable under the shoe or slightly peeping out from under it.

    Given the rich variety of hosiery, it is important to know in which cases what models to wear:

    • cotton are ideal for sports, while short-lived and not warm in winter;
    • synthetic have an elegant design, but are not suitable for sports: in them the legs are very sweaty;
    • linen are good in the off-season, but quickly erased and unstable to pollution;
    • woolen are irreplaceable in winter, however, remove them immediately after returning to a warm room in order to avoid fogging;
    • silk - in the summer the legs in them do not sweat, but exclude them in the winter, because silk colds the skin;
    • of neoprene - socks for diving: keep warm.

    Choose different socks, play with styles - eventually you will become the owner of your own unique image.

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