How to get rid of the unpleasant smell in the washing machine

Despite the fact that modern technology is quite reliable, its operation can cause various problems, including an unpleasant smell. There may be many reasons for this, and before taking any measures, it is necessary to understand what caused the trouble.

  • causes of odor
  • Mold
  • The filter
  • Insufficient ventilation
  • Dirty things
  • Problems in the drain system
  • problems with sewerage system
  • washing greasy things
  • Substandard cleaners
  • Cleaning machines
  • Methods for removing
  • Preventive methods
  • The smell
  • moldFrom the smell of gasoline
  • Using vinegar
  • Using citric acid
  • Using soda
  • Using whiteness
  • Using copper vitriolHelp
  • specialist
  • Precautions

causes of odor

uncharacteristic odor from the washing machine may have a different nature, which is determined by the reason for its occurrence.

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Mold spores are everywhere, so there are about five hundred mold spores per cubic meter of air mass, and there is a lack of light and excess moisture in the development of the fungus.

If the smell of mold emanates from the washing machine, it is probably about the fungus that has settled in the drum. The mold is able to cover not only the walls of the drum, but also to get into more difficult parts of the machine where it can not be seen.

This phenomenon can lead to the habit of closing the door of the machine immediately after the end of washing and removing the laundry. In view of this, moisture does not get to evaporate, and a very environment favorable for fungal development is formed. In view of this, a characteristic unpleasant odor appears.

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filter is clogged. In this case, the machine will exude a sewage smell. Due to the long operation of the machine, a lot of garbage, villi, hair is collected in the filter. Over time, these deposits may begin to decay, due to which there is a smell of sewage stink.

Such blockages can provoke problems of outflow of water from the drum. To solve the problem, the filter must be cleaned. You can do it yourself or with the help of a specialist.

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Lack of ventilation

The appearance of musty smell from the drum of the machine is associated with a lack of ventilation of the laundry compartment. The reason for this can be a permanent shutdown of the washing machine, although by rules the lid should be ajar.

Even if the inside of the drum is wiped dry after washing, the damp will still remain. Please note that the load compartment must be ventilated at all times. Otherwise, the remaining liquid will not be able to evaporate normally.

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Dirty things

The fragrance of mustiness also arises if inside the machine dirty things are stored for a long time. This is unacceptable, since high humidity together with dirty objects causes rotting, spore formation and the development of various pathogenic microorganisms. It is dangerous not only for the machine, but also for your health.

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Problems in the drain system

If an unpleasant odor is only visible when draining the liquid, then surely the problem lies in the drainage system or common pipes. Perhaps in the drain system there is a blockage, in view of which water can not normally leave, and the smell of sewage enters the machine by means of a check valve. If there is no valve, or there are problems with it, the stench can spread all over the house.

Similar consequences will occur if there are a lot of garbage on the walls of the drain pipes.

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Problems with sewage system

Sometimes the problem of an unpleasant smell can be not in the car, but in the general sewage system, then the smell should be observed from the shells.

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Washing of greasy objects

The reason for the smell of gasoline or diesel fuel is basically washing in a washing machine of things smelling of this automobile fuel.

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Low-quality detergents

Sometimes the cause of a nasty odor can be poor quality powders and detergents, or incorrect use of cleaning products.

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Cleaning the

Sometimes, after cleaning, the machine starts to emit unpleasant odors. The reason is that vinegar or citric acid soaks the stuck dirt that has started to rot. When using acid, it needs to be filled in the powder compartment, then set the maximum water temperature and turn on the spin-off mode.

If you do everything by the rules, problems should not arise. If the smell remains, rinse the machine, and then repeat the boiling procedure.

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Removal methods

Ways of removing odor from the washing machine are largely determined by the origin of this odor.

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Preventative methods

  1. Switch on the highest temperature mode or boil without laundry, idle, with the addition of detergent only. This will help rinse the drum.
  2. Purchase a descaling agent or an antibacterial agent for washing machines, and use it according to the instructions.
    Quality products: Antinakipin, Tyron, MisterDEZ, Dr. Tan, Dr. Sc. Beckmann, Refin, Calgon.
  3. Once a month to conduct a single wash in the boiling mode, using the means containing soda crystals, they are remarkably struggling with fat.
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From the smell of mold

First you need to rinse the folds of the seal around the door and the powder container, most often the mold appears there. It is better to take out the container so that the mold does not get directly to the container.

For washing you can use specialized products, as well as soap, vinegar, soda solution or a weak solution of copper sulfate. Then clean and gently flush the pump filter. And in the end, turn on the boiling mode and start a single wash.

Strengthen the effect by using special cleaning agents. From folk alternatives, you can use vinegar, citric acid, water-diluted whiteness.

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From the smell of gasoline

To prevent the smell of gasoline in the washing machine, rinse them under running water before washing things, and preferably pre-wash them by hand.

If the flavors of gasoline are already being heard from your unit, you need to rinse the washing machine of unpleasant odors. To do this, run a series of "idle" wash. First put the temperature at 30 degrees, and in the powder container fill half the pack of ordinary soda and turn on the machine.

Then repeat the procedure, but instead of soda use a glass of table vinegar. At the last wash, no funds are used, and the water temperature remains the same. After cleaning, the machine door must be left open.

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A day later you can check whether it was possible to remove the smell of gasoline from the washing machine. To do this, you can do a laundry of old things, which is not a pity. If the foreign smell is still felt, you will have to repeat the cycle of empty washes.

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With vinegar

Vinegar removes bad odors from the machine. Half a glass of vinegar is poured into the washing machine and put it on the boiling regime. Note that the first batch of water immediately pours out when it enters the drain hose. Because it is better to wait half a minute, so that the machine has stopped filling up with water, and only then fill the receptacle for detergent with vinegar. So, he will definitely fall into the drum of the typewriter.

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With citric acid

Citric acid is remarkable for combating scum. First you need to pour 100-200 grams of citric acid, either into the powder compartment, or directly into the drum. Then choose the longest wash with a temperature of 90-95 degrees and press "start".

Now for what happens in the car, you need to follow as closely as possible. There is a risk that large deposits of scale can split off and disappear into the rinse drain. This process is usually accompanied by a buzzing sound when draining. It is not necessary to be afraid. Simply turn off the machine immediately and remove the scum from the drain, then press the start button again.

After you have finished washing, open the drum and inspect the rubber elements, under which there may be small pieces of scale. Wet a rag through the problem areas of the drum, then check the drain again. Usually this procedure helps to return the machine to normal operating mode. As a result, unpleasant odors disappear, as well as extraneous noise.

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Using soda

Conventional soda can be used to remove mold and fungi from the drum. It is necessary to dissolve 250 grams of soda in 250 ml of warm water and this solution wipe the drum of the washing machine from the inside.

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Using whiteness

You can try to combine citric acid with whiteness, but in this case the room should be well ventilated. Start the washing at a temperature of 90 degrees and pour a mixture of whiteness and citric acid into the powder container.

Whiteness and chlorine bleach in pure form can be used to eliminate mold spores.100 ml of the product must be poured directly into the drum and run the wash at a temperature of 90 degrees. Half an hour of washing will be enough.

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Using copper sulfate

In 100 ml of warm water, dissolve 50 ml of copper sulfate, mix well and pour the solution into the drum of the machine, then run a thirty-minute wash cycle with a temperature of 90 degrees.

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Specialist's help

If no methods give results in getting rid of an unpleasant smell, the problem can be more serious, for example, in stagnation of water, which can not be handled without a good filter. Contact a specialist who will determine the exact cause of the trouble and eliminate it.

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To avoid problems with odor from the washing machine, the following recommendations should be adhered to:

  • After each wash, wipe the drum dry.
  • The powder tray should be periodically rinsed.
  • After each wash, remove rubber from the rubber cuff and remove moisture.
  • Clean the drain hose filter once or twice a month. There usually accumulates a lot of bacteria.
  • At least once every two months, carry out the prevention of scale on TEN.
  • Once a month to turn on the boiling mode, while using whitening agents.
  • Do not use more powder and liquid media than requires washing.
  • Thick rinse or very soapy powders, can not be completely washed out by rinsing water, due to which a fungus with a characteristic smell can form. Such funds should be used less often or not used at all.
  • Use detergent in accordance with the instructions.
  • After washing, leave the machine door open.
  • Do not leave in the drum already washed clothes and do not store dirty.
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