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Ancient Chinese practice of feng shui, designed to harmonize a person's life, equips us with knowledgelaws of the organization of space, following which, you can achieve happiness and prosperity. Since no one will deny that money in a person's life plays an important role, attracting wealth and prosperity is one of the tasks that should be solved using the rules of feng shui.

But the purpose of practicing Feng Shui is to harmonize the flow of positive and negative energy in the surrounding space, and money - it's bills and coins, that is, things are quite material. Is this not a contradiction? Strange as it may seem, there is no contradiction.

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The fact is that money is a special kind of energy that obeys the laws of feng shui. How do these laws work, and how can they be used to attract money into their lives?

Attracting money for feng shui

Feng Shui laws to attract money work only if a person is internally ready to let wealth into his life. How to determine the degree of this readiness?

  • Respecting the money, a person should be able to count them. This is an indispensable condition for increasing capital. Money loves the account, therefore it is necessary to write down daily the sums of the incomes and expenses, making records in a special notebook or using for this purpose special computer applications.
  • The human mind should be constantly aimed at finding new ways of making money.
The best way to activate your own thinking is to come up with questions about how to make money better and search for independent answers to them. All the invented questions must be written down, because in this way you set a task for your own intelligence.

And once the task is set, the subconscious begins to look for an answer to it. As a result, original ideas will visit you more often. Having found the answers to all questions, invent new ones, write them down and put tasks before your mind.

  • A person striving for wealth must constantly rotate among the rich and successful people , because as a result of this communication the energy exchange necessary for attracting money takes place. It is not by chance that they say that a person's personality shapes her environment.

From all of the above, we conclude that using the laws of practice of feng shui, which help to energize the energy of money, a person must strive for personal growth, moving to a higher level of development.

Feng Shui for attracting money at home

In order to use the laws of Feng Shui to attract money inside your house, you must follow simple rules and rituals. The first thing to do is to draw up a detailed plan for your home and, orienting it around the world, determine where is located in the southeast sector of the .It is in it and should place a wealth zone responsible for the prosperity of all the inhabitants of the house.

How to activate the wealth zone?

  • All the furnishings of this zone( furniture, houseplants, paintings) should be related to living nature. The paintings should be landscapes with lush vegetation, and not images of scanty deserts.
  • Choosing the color gamut for the decoration of the wealth zone, you should give preference to all shades of blue and green colors.
A very effective means of attracting money is the use of an artificial fountain. Instead of a fountain, you can use a photo or a picture with its image.

The size of the reservoir does not matter: it is important only that he liked the owner of the house and caused him to associate with the source. Only in this case, this accessory will take over the role of a source of wealth after a while. The scale of the elements depicted in the picture should not be excessive( for example, the view of Niagara Falls is completely useless), because in this case, instead of profit, the owner of the house can lose some of his income: they will be carried away by a powerful stream of water.

  • The symbol of prosperity can be made an aquarium, but it is necessary to fulfill a number of conditions. Otherwise, you can achieve opposite results. The size of the aquarium should correspond to the area of ​​the room in which it is installed.
Too large aquarium in a small room can lead to loss of money, rather than to revenue growth.

Fishes should live in good conditions, not lacking in feed, or in the attention of the owner. If there is no certainty that it will be possible to provide the fish with the proper care, it is better not to start it at all: the offended inhabitants of the aquarium, as Feng Shui claims, will create vibrations, because of which luck will turn away from their careless master.

It is not necessary to put only goldfish in the aquarium: only those fish that will please the owner himself will be lucky, therefore their choice should be guided by their own sympathies. The aquarium can be replaced with a picture or with one's own drawing: placed in the right zone, it will work fine.

  • As the tree is the element of the wealth zone, the practice of feng shui recommends placing plants with thick and fleshy leaves, the shape of which looks like a coin.
Most often in the wealth zone put a money tree( plump) or succulents.

Do not use plants with sharpened leaves or spines: they will prevent the flow of money.

  • Feng Shui experts recommend filling the wealth zone with traditional symbols of abundance, using the figures of a laughing Buddha, a three-toad toad with a coin in his mouth, a turtle holding two small turtles on its back.
  • To attract money to the house you can use foreign currency of any value by placing bills or coins in the wealth zone.
    As money is used to attract monetary energy, they must be stored in the house.
    Moving to a new dwelling, followers of the practice of feng shui in the corners of each room lay out coins. However, the same can be done in any house.

What else should I do to raise money in the house?

  • In order not to scare away money, it is necessary that the space inside the house is spacious, clean and cozy. To do this, you need to save all rooms( including the balcony and pantry) from unnecessary trash and obsolete items.
  • As Feng Shui teaches, the hallway should be light and beautiful, so that the money energy does not forget the way to your home. In order to clear her way, at the entrance to the house there should be no scattered things. For shoes, you need to put a special shelf, clothes should be hung in the closet.

By placing a bright red or golden mat in front of the entrance, you can put under it three Chinese coins connected by a red cord or three coins of a five-ruble denomination( eagle up).

According to the rules of feng shui, it is unacceptable to hang a mirror in front of the entrance door, because the positive energy reflected in it immediately leaves the house without even hitting any of the rooms.
  • Doors in the bathroom and toilet should be tightly closed, and the lid of the toilet bowl is lowered, because through them the money energy can leave the house. To provoke a leakage of money from the family budget may leakage of the flush tank or the faucet, so all the faults in the sanitary ware must be timely eliminated .
  • Do not allow guests to wash dishes in your home: by this you give them your fortune.
  • The trash can be hidden from view and tightly closed by a lid, as this is another possible channel for the outflow of monetary energy.

Feng Shui to raise money at work

If you use the principles of Feng Shui to organize your workplace, you can achieve greater efficiency of your own work, as well as the influx of money energy, the consequence of which can be career growth and periodic increases in wages. So, how can you use the rules of Feng Shui to attract money at work?

  • The desk should stand so that behind the worker's back was a wall or a capital partition. Sitting with your back to colleagues, door and window openings is extremely undesirable. If you can not put the table in another way, you can try to correct the situation in the following way: an employee sitting with his back to the window can put pots on him with indoor plants, and sitting with his back to the door can be fenced off with a screen or cabinet.

Feng Shui does not recommend sitting opposite the front door or facing the solid wall. Examples of the correct arrangement of tables in the office:

To correct the situation in the first case, a conditional barrier from the plants separating the worker from the people entering the office will help, and in the latter - a beautiful landscape hanging on the wall, which rests the look of the person sitting in front of her.

  • The design and dimensions of furniture at work also matter. Feng Shui recommends using tables of light colors made of natural wood, since this coloring inspires employees with a sense of reliability and has the potential for development and career growth.
To attract monetary power to the table, you need to place a figure of a turtle or dragon, and to activate career energy on the northeast side of the table it is useful to put a quartz crystal, a cut crystal or a glass bowl.

The working chair must necessarily be equipped with armrests and high back, which are a symbolic expression of stability, confidence and support. Success in money matters is brought only by chairs, fully protecting the back.

  • When choosing a picture, it is necessary to dwell on the images of mountain peaks symbolizing the purposefulness and good luck or solid banks embodying financial prosperity. You should avoid images of different kinds of water bodies, because the symbolism of the water element can contribute to the collapse of all your business ventures. Creating a favorable environment in the office will contribute to nature and quiet landscapes.
  • The flawless order on the desktop at the end of each shift is another source of success and attracting positive monetary energy.

Feng Shui for attracting money to the wallet

Feng Shui for money teaches that the purse itself is important for attracting money: its condition, color, size, and also the material from which it is made. What are the requirements for feng shui to this receptacle of money?

  • Wallet is a house in which money lives, so it should be beautiful and neat. Money bills in it should be stored in a straightened form, folded in a neat little pile.
The purse can be harmonized by putting in it a traditional Chinese talisman: three coins on a red ribbon or a gold card of success.
  • The purse should have a well-groomed appearance, but from the worn and tattered purses it is necessary to get rid of immediately.
  • Feng Shui claims that colors related to the elements of earth and metal have an attractive effect for money, and therefore, choosing a purse, you should focus on them.

The purse can be red, golden, black, burgundy, silver or brown. A person who dreams of attracting and retaining money should avoid buying a purse that is colored in color, which will repel them.

All colors related to the water element have a repelling effect on money. You can not buy a purse of blue, turquoise, blue and green. It is believed that money will simply "drain" from them.
  • The material from which the wallet is made is of great importance. The best option for him is natural leather. It is quite permissible dense fabric and suede, which have the ability to let in the energy of money. But the artificial skin is considered undesirable material, because the money energy is not able to penetrate the purse made from it. Related Videos: Feng shui for money.
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