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Aura of a person can be viewed from different points of view. From the point of view of esoteric, the aura is the substance that flows from the human body. From the point of view of science, this is our energy field( another aura is called the bioenergetic field, psychokinetic energy).Aura, as it envelops a person, something similar depicted in icons, when the saints paint with a halo or glow around the head.

Aura of man: colors

Different people have aura of different colors, and these colors can vary depending on the spiritual and physical condition of a person. Than the aura is brighter, the more different colors are included in its composition, the better, harmonious is the state of a person. By the prevailing color, it is possible to determine the nature, characteristics, habits of a person, his health. The color of the aura can even tell about the thoughts and desires of its owner.

The color of the aura: the value of

So, every color that is present in a person's aura has a certain value. The predominant color is the most important, it shows the main thoughts or problems of a person. Severe diseases are reflected in the color spectrum of our bioenergetic field. Also, serious illnesses lead to the aura becoming paler, the glow weakening. As a rule, the aura disappears with the death of a person, but in some cases this happens even during life, which means a completely hopeless state of the person.

Will help to understand what the mean is the colors of the aura, the decoding of the meaning of these colors.

Red Aura

Red is the color of energy and everything that it can give: strength, vivacity, love. The presence of red color in large numbers can indicate a person's leadership abilities and ambition. People with radiated basic red aura color, are used to taking responsibility and making decisions on their own. Always strive for financial success. They have an uncommon energy, temperamental, conscientious and brave.

For men - red is associated with the subconscious, with the state of exposure of the female body, erotic dreams, creativity.

For women - excitement, passion, embarrassment, childbirth, children, creativity, conscience.

People with a red aura, realists, rarely suffer from remorse. They love to live and achieve their desires. They are explosive and quick-witted people. In communication on an emotional, intimate level, they experience difficulties. Sometimes life with reds can be compared to bullfighting. They tend to protect their feelings and thoughts. They hate retreat. They have a mature character, are hardworking, honest and can provide children. They are self-confident people, prefer to work independently.

If different shades are mixed with red, the color value also changes:

  • Dark red is an unbalanced nervous system, quick temper, desire to dominate.
  • Dirty red - aggression, outbursts of anger. A person with a predominance in the aura of red dirty shades is unreliable and even cunning.
  • Red-brown is a lack of energy. If such a color appears next to some organ, it indicates his illness.
  • Scarlet - excessive egoism, the highest degree of self-confidence.
  • Pink - love, sociability, spiritual well-being. They like to plan, to dream about financial well-being. Purposeful, persistent. In life they set a high standard. Pink - gentle, caring and always stick to their beliefs, if necessary, defend their point of view.

Violet aura

These people are striving for knowledge and wisdom, they are spiritual, intellectual people.

For men - this color bears the fragrance of the female body, deep suggestibility, power, strength, holiness, self-denial.

For women - hidden anxiety, rejection of the new, sadness, melancholy, nostalgia, stability.

These people are extraordinary, strive for freedom, independence. Space is very important. During life, experiencing the ups and downs of their lives abounds in surprises and zigzags. Brightly allocated leadership abilities. They prefer intellectual and spiritual communication and often experience a deficit in such communication. They gravitate towards everything mysterious, inexplicable and always try to find a solution to such phenomena. They have high intelligence, but they are weak physically.

Shades of violet:

  • Amethyst - spiritual enlightenment.
  • The purple color prevailing in a person's aura, speaks of his enthusiasm and the desire to benefit other people. Such people are just and often do heroic deeds. Characterizes in people philanthropy, altruism, healing.
  • Purple with silver is the highest degree of knowledge and experience available to man.
  • Ultramarine-indigo - immobility, mystery, tender fragrance.
  • Dark purple with dirty stains - fears, vampirism, illness, depression.
  • Purple is the color of spirituality and devotion. People engaged in meditation, or experiencing strong religious feelings, usually have this color in their aura. But the purple color is also pride, and a passion for show-off.

Orange aura

Orange color is an indicator of life force, confidence. People who are dominated by orange in their energy field, respect others. However, a large amount of this color may indicate liver problems.

People with a radiant basic orange aura like to spend time with their family and close friends. They are caring, gentle, have good intuition, are balanced, ready to cooperate, practical, firmly stand on their feet.

For men orange color is associated with intelligence, the flowering of sensuality, eroticism, love passion.

For women - courage, sensuality, courage.sacrifice, heat, heat.

Orange - brave souls, thrill seekers. They like competitions where there is physical danger, realists. They like to challenge and go beyond any restrictions. They love to make plans for the next adventures, they boldly go to places where the human foot has not set foot. Incredibly inventive, energetic and self-confident. Orange usually does not show interest in family and marriage because they are busy with their adventures. But, if they find another half, then these people too have the courage and courage ready to share their adventures. Orange succeeds every time they overcome obstacles, reach the top of the mountain, perform another risky trick, go through the fire and stay alive. With their children, emotional communication does not bind them. They care only for a good standard of living for children.

Shades of orange:

  • Bright orange - strong emotions, fun, optimism.
  • Dark orange - indulgence to weaknesses, indicates low intelligence.
  • Turbid orange - irritability.
  • Gold - these people are not looking for easy ways. They are ready to sacrifice life's comforts for the sake of making dreams come true. Hard-working, patient, purposeful. They have outstanding abilities and are very responsible. These are successful people, usually leaders. Their energy is transferred to others.
  • Golden-orange - vitality, good self-control.
  • Orange-greenish - a tendency to conflict, sarcasm, inner ridicule, stiffness of character

Yellow aura

Yellow is a color of health and well-being."Yellow" people are friendly, they are not afraid of change and are always ready to learn. They are not worried about minor problems, they are optimistic about life. As a rule, these are creative natures, which, moreover, are attractive to the opposite sex.

People of new ideas, like to talk heart to heart, the goal is self-expression. They have creative abilities, intellectual people. They have an acute mind, they like to have fun.

Men - perceive the yellow color as the clothes of the emperor, orgasm, striptease, the individuality of the male subconscious.

Women - is fire, warmth, fertility, work, husband, children, loneliness.

These open people their lives abound with bright moments. They are intelligent, sensitive, and sometimes supersensitive. These people, striving for happiness and their perseverance, seek it. Yellow believe that life is designed to receive pleasure from it. They want to like and be loved by everyone. Energetic, intuitive. These are creative people who love power, who know how to concentrate strength and will and direct it to where it is most effective.

Shades of yellow:

  • Bright yellow - high intelligence, willpower, cheerfulness. A person with a bright yellow in the aura can be trusted completely.
  • Lemon yellow is a clear mind.
  • Mustard yellow is treachery and dishonesty.
  • Muddy-yellow - lack of clarity of thoughts, confusion in thinking, fears.
  • Dark yellow - greed, sometimes cowardly. If the intellect is satisfied with the achievements of a personal nature, phenomena of a lower order, then a dark yellow color appears.
  • Yellow with a red shade - shyness, a feeling of inferiority, inability to bring the business to the end.
  • Yellow-brown - carelessness and laziness, inclination to go with the flow.

Green aura

Green is a symbol of reasonableness, positive. People with a predominance of green in the aura will always come to the rescue, sympathize.

People with a green aura are trying to challenge destiny and achieve their goals. They possess the gift of healing, are noble, sympathetic and reliable.

For men this color is associated with rebirth, friendship, expectation, calmness, endurance.

For women - with nature, flowering, mysticism of union, self-satisfaction, boredom of restraint.

These people are stubborn and persistent. This is the color of bankers. They are solid, respectable, they know how to create their own material stability. They love peace and nature. Green are secretive, but have a strong will, are able to overcome any difficulties. Greens are very bright people, full of strength and intelligence, good organizers, self-critical. They often experience fear of failure, although they rarely fail. The greatest problem for them is finding a partner. They can crush any color. Greens are very demanding of themselves and others. They feel that they will do more when they are alone, and like to play solo. The words "should" are often used in conversation.

What can mean the shades of green in the aura:

  • Emerald green is a multifaceted personality, openness and honesty.
  • Muddy green - envy, lies, jealousy, heartfelt emotions, fears
  • Light green - creative reflections.
  • Light-green - color is a sign of mental development.
  • Green-blue - shows a capable teacher
  • Sea wave - peace and reliability. People with a sea-wave aura have all the qualities to become a good teacher.
  • Dirty green - envy, cunning, betrayal.
  • Yellow-green - unreliability, duplicity, the desire to do everything just for the sake of profit.

Blue aura

Blue is the embodiment of wisdom, spirituality, harmony, contemplation and prayer. People with emitted blue aura are caring, they are pleased to solve family problems. Responsible, responsive, merciful.

For a man, is sky, height, blue glasses, strict calculation, purposefulness, supernatural, conscious cognition,
faith, conviction, mysticism, fortune telling, shamanism.

For a woman - depth, distance, blue stocking, restraint, modesty, wisdom, passivity.

These are emotional, sensual, spiritual people. Many devote themselves to religion or serve science. However, there are frequent mood swings. These people have a strong intellect.

Shades of blue:

  • Bright blue is a religious feeling, caring for neighbors, responsibility, spiritual enlightenment.
  • Muddy blue - frustration, depression, negative thoughts.
  • Light Blue - Purpose and Perfection.
  • Blue - love freedom and diversity. They like to travel, change their place of residence, circle of friends. In the soul always remain young. Sincere, honest and usually say what they think. These people are intuitively gifted. They can know in advance the course of future events. The life of the blue is a continuous search for knowledge about what is GOD.They want to be loved and can make checks. Do not like compliments, do not want to disturb others and create inconveniences. They often live in the memory of the past without seeing the present. They prefer to do business alone. They are spiritual people, devotees, compulsory and lonely. With children they need an emotional connection, like to read, play, embrace and be involved in their lives.
  • Dark Blue is spirituality. People with a dark blue aura devote themselves to a good cause and are completely given to it.

Gray aura

Gray aura color means weakened health, ambiguity of thoughts, limitation. This is due to lack of energy in people with a gray aura. They rarely love someone, while they are jealous. They can not express their thoughts clearly. Adjoining to the gray black color means that the person has been disappointed.

Gray shows weakness of character and usually general weakness of health. If a person has gray lines over vital organs, it means that the organ is destroyed, destroyed or under threat of destruction, medical aid is immediately needed. People with persistent severe headaches were observed gray smoke bubbling and passing through the halo, and regardless of the color of the halo itself, the gray stripes would pass through it just during headaches.

Shades of gray

  • Silvery - Builders of grandiose plans, ideological, dreamers. The bearers of the silver background are spiritual people, endowed with intuition and rich creative imagination. They are noble, honest and trustful. Silver - always rely on their intuition and try to see in people only good.
  • Dark gray is an indicator of health problems.

White aura

The most perfect and pure color is white. If a person is the one who predominates in his bioenergetic field, then he is a person of wide consciousness, high intuition and spiritually pure. These people have their own beliefs, their views on things. These people are caring, modest, merciful. The main goal of these people is to serve "the highest" with complete dedication. These people are pure in heart, independent and have a constant need to raise intellectual level and wisdom.

Black aura

Opposite to white black color means cruelty and propensity to destructive activity.

Black - means that the light in the aura is completely absent, which means that a person with a black aura denies and does not accept life. The black aura is a side effect of the inferno effect, when, after the impact of a sufficiently powerful inferno, a person or another miracle remains alive, but his aura experiences a painful deformation. People with a black aura, very often there are unpleasant situations, illnesses, disagreements in the family. The owner of the black aura, this anger, anger, often from spoiling, evil eye of the strong. Damage inflicts energy strikes, damage to the nervous system, physically and morally the person is exhausted, he eats himself - from which the aura becomes black. People with a black aura are in a depressing, irritated state, which adversely affects not only the person himself, but also those around him.

The color or combination of the colors of the aura in some people remains constant throughout life, others can change many times. Such changes most often depend on the living conditions in which a person falls.

How to see the aura of a person

There are different opinions about why only a few people see the aura. According to one of them, only those who are endowed with supernatural abilities see the aura. Otherwise - all people from birth are able to see it, but over time this ability disappears. Keep it only enlightened nature, which constantly seek to cleanse.

There are techniques that suggest how to learn to see the aura of a person's .It is usually suggested to perform some exercises that help develop this ability.

You can try to start with three simple exercises.

  1. In the room, the lighting should be muted, not too bright and not too dim. Pull your arms out in front of you, lift the brushes upward so you can see them. Relax. Close your eyes. Concentrate the mental look on the hands. After a while you will be able to see a light glow around them.
  2. Ask someone to help you: let him stand at a distance of 3 meters from you on some light background. Relax and calmly look at the person. Perhaps in time you will be able to see the aura in the form of a glow around it.
  3. Stand in front of a mirror, half a meter from it or further, if possible. Make it so that behind you in the mirror you see a white or neutral background. Relax, breathe deeply and gently rock from side to side. Focus on the texture of the surface of the wall behind you. Looking past the outlines of your head and shoulders, you will see a light envelope around your body that will move along with you while you are easily rocking. Do not forget to watch the breath, since you are now an observer and an object at the same time.

Why see the aura? It is believed that it captures every moment of life, achievements, problems of man and his illness. That is, on the bioenergy field one can learn a lot about a person, diagnose him. There is an opinion that aura research will become the basis for future development of medicine.

Arrangement of the colors of the aura

Center( main aura color)

The color in the center of the aura represents the basic color of the person's aura. Most people have a dominant color for a long time. This color represents an individual color-type. He shows what a person really is, and what are his inner feelings, goals and desires. It is for this color that the individual color-type is identified.

The left side of the

The left side of the body represents a passive, introverted pole. You receive and absorb these energies. These colors represent a frequency of the energy field that provides a link to the future of the person or to the change that should occur. Perhaps, intuitively, a person feels, with what the color values ​​in the given area can be connected.

The right side of the

The right side of the body is responsible for the active, extrovert pole. Colors here represent qualities in which the person being photographed is described by other people. In this form, you feel the outside world.

Heart area( feelings and emotions)

The colors in the heart show the person's ability to give and receive love. By their meanings one can understand how a person expresses and experiences deep feelings.

Around the head( thoughts and beliefs)

The colors around the head give information about the mind and mental activity. By color, one can judge how a person thinks, what supports the fundamentals, and also about his life goals.

Strengthening the Aura

To strengthen the aura, breathing exercises, fresh air and sunlight are very useful. But there are situations where additional protection is required. One way is to surround yourself with a bright white light with meditation. White light will pass to you positive energy, and negative repel. White is the color of protection. And you can also use the sounds of music to strengthen the aura. Good music calms, restores strength, improves mood.

Aura of a healthy person can not be confused with anything. In a healthy person, the aura shines, there are no inclusions, the aura as it were declares that the person is healthy mentally, physically and spiritually. Any illness, except for accidents, is the result of years of negative thinking. In this case, the first signs appear long before the disease appears on the physical level. There are changes in the size, color, structure of the aura. People suffering from chronic diseases have an aura of grayish brown hues. Dirty colors, take out the basic ones and you can understand what part of the body is affected. If the migraine develops, the unhealthy color of the aura appears in the circle of the head. Damage to the muscle tissue is seen as a hole that disappears after recovery. Health problems appear in the form of spots appearing in the etheric body. If the symptoms are alarming, dark areas occupy a vast area, this indicates that a loss of energy balance has occurred.

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