The most fashionable colors in clothes

On the eve of future bright seasons fashionista closely follow the numerous displays, trying to make an approximate table of the fashionable color scale, which will be relevant in the near future. Let's try to tell you about what colors are the most fashionable in clothes and fabrics.

  • General trends
  • Color combinations

General trends

The emphasis is on warmth and comfort, so we can confidently say that the fashionable colors of the future are all pastel shades that you can imagine.

The hit of modernity, the most fashionable color is blue, as well as its various variations. Fashion women who like blue, in the years to come will be at the peak of popularity.

Contrary to the popular belief that this color is somewhat boring and suitable for work and business meetings, the designers presented this calm color in a very unexpected foreshortening, adding risk and a lot of positive emotions.

In the center of attention - light, carefree turquoise, deep ink shades and, of course, a rich royal blue.

Another color, also fully entitled to be called the most fashionable color, will only suit uninhibited, strong, powerful women, or those who wish to appear like that. It's about red, and in all its manifestations. Use this bright, sexy, active color should be extremely careful not to overload the image. Compensate red can be black or gray - a combination of these colors guarantees a magnificent ensemble.

It is worth noting the color of the Burgundy, or in another way it is called wine color. This shade should be in every girl not only in the closet, but also in the cosmetic bag. Thanks to the shade, you can emphasize your elegance, confidence, femininity and sexuality at the same time.

Besides, warm, sunny tones are golden and brown in fashion. At the very peak of fashion - sand and honey hues, the color of coffee with milk. Unmatched luxury, which is surrounded by soft, delicate colors in the performance of expensive natural fabrics, will allocate the owner of this clothing and will emphasize its impeccable taste.

If we talk about the most fashionable color in everyday clothes, then there are also bright and catchy colors that lift the mood and make life more pleasant and rich.

Avoid only too flashy tones, which are appropriate only in an informal setting, for example, at a party.

Because the podiums are already leaving acid colors. And all the designers go on to more calm, peaceful shades, which attract their elegance.
In the current and future seasons, you need to acquire at least a couple of things in orange.

Positive and bright orange is present in many collections of famous fashion designers. All the tones of yellow color are welcome, from bright, catching eyes to delicate pastels. The most fashionable shades are mustard, saffron, lemon and pear. It is advisable even with an orange color not to depart from a serious nature and dilute the image in black.

You can not imagine the spring, summer and wardrobe of this fashionista without the beautiful color of greenery. It is necessary to include in the fashion wardrobe things of different shades of green - emerald green, saturated needles.

The pastel colors do not go out of fashion. They can be observed in almost every collection. Delicate floral scales, as well as peach, beige, sand, light gray, coffee with milk - in the favorites of future seasons.

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For romantics there is also good news. Pink color will also be at the peak of popularity. With the help of it you can emphasize your refined nature and gentle soul.

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Color combinations

Designers suggest carrying out bold creative experiments with colors and shades, filling each season with rich colors and excellent mood. Among the most fashionable color combinations - blue with red, white with black, turquoise with pink or red.

With the onset of cold weather, you will find a dark blue color. Otherwise, this color is called a quiet pond. Famous designers choose a fabric with a small reflection. This creates a beautiful effect of the reflection of moonlight from the quiet surface of the pond. The perfect combination of dark blue and burgundy will emphasize elegance and create the image of an independent lady.

It is impossible not to mention the indispensable animal prints, without which there is not a single summer. Actually, the leopard print will look like a strip. Do not forget about the small patterns and inscriptions on the clothes. There are a huge number of receptions to look simultaneously sexy, elegant and romantic. In future seasons such an image can be made with the help of lace. And fashion encourages the use of classic lace shades.

At the peak of fashion - sunny light yellow and orange, hyacinth, soft pink and other pastel and light colors. These fashionable colors, as well as their skilful combination will make you a true queen of the ball and will attract many admiring gazes.

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If you have a khaki thing in your wardrobe, then you can safely wear it in later years, it will emphasize femininity and tell the world about your independence.
The khaki color is combined with other shades, such as soft pink, tomato, carrot, pale yellow, plum wine color, chocolate.

With pink color, you can also combine a huge number of shades. This color was given the name of cashmere rose. With such a touch, the girl looks soft, soft, fragile and quivering, but at the same time intelligent and strong-willed. It is combined with peach, raspberry, blackberry, sunny shade, as well as with the color of kelly, blue-green, turquoise water.

Do not forget about the classic. In what century we did not live, but the classics are always eternal. White and black in one form or another is in any collection. These flowers are not subject to time. But if in the coming years black and remains at the peak of popularity, then white turns into shades of ivory, beige and cream. They can be arranged among themselves and at the same time look amazing and aristocratic.

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