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More inconstant and changeable phenomenon than fashion, mankind has not invented. This "whimsical lady" likes to present surprises, surprise, shock. She can be worshiped, follow all directions, treat with a grain of skepticism, love or not love. But anyway, there is not a single woman in the world who completely ignores fashion trends and does not assess trends, trying on the general trends of the fashion industry.

What awaits us in the season of spring-summer 2017?What fashionable women's clothes this summer will be at the peak of popularity?

The main trends of summer clothing for women

Smoothly moving from one season to another, the trend in women's clothing remains minimalism. Characteristic features of the style are restraint, laconicism, no pretentiousness, bombast, unnecessary details, excessive decor, motley tinsel.

Many eminent designers prefer non-dirty clothes, which at first glance seem simple, but nevertheless tasteful and stylish. Strict restrictions do not provide for minimalism. The women's clothing sewn in this vein is characterized by a free cut, a practical lack of decor, and high-quality materials.

Youth fashion is no exception. Fashionable clothes for girls and teenagers are deprived attracting attention of brightness. This season, a sign of good taste is a restrained laconic bow.

To find out the models of fashion styles is quite simple, because visually such clothes look like a normal bag with slots for the head and hands.

With all the deliberate laconism of styles, women's fashionable clothes for the summer of 2017quite, ordinary and the same type can not be named. Lurex, rhinestones, embroidery, lace, fringe, contrast inserts, flounces, bows, corrugations, overhead floral prints, frills are still in fashion.

The color spectrum of this summer's clothing does not contain acidic shades. In the fashion reserved:

  • Turquoise, violet, blue.
  • Burgundy, reddish-brown.
  • Mint, green.
  • Chestnut.
  • Pink.
  • Pale orange.
  • Purple.

In addition, the hit of the season is shocking, expressed in the layout of incompatible elements. For example, it will be actual to wear accessories and attributes of sports subjects with shoes with high heels, elegant classic dresses, long skirts. So every fashionista will have the opportunity to create her own unique image.

Summer trends

The fashion of recent years clearly tends to retrospect. In the coming summer season, the attire is again gaining popularity, borrowed from the 90s of the 20th century. These are short jackets, scythe, "plush" skirts, velvet dresses, blouses of transparent fabrics and garments strewn with sequins. All this "retro" this summer will look very fashionable on women of fashion.

Dresses for women for the summer, as always, are diverse. In fashion this year:

  • Jackets fitted with a cut, sewn from soft, flowing fabrics.
  • Dresses and suits, the styles of which resemble combinations, night shirts, pajamas.
  • Crabs, cages, short and elongated waistcoats.
  • Clothes from denim - jeans, shirts, sarafans, overalls.
  • Bermudas, capri pants, wide trousers up to the ankle or closing shoes.
  • Crop-tops, ideally combined with trousers of any style, skirts of different length, jackets.

The feature of the 2017 fashion is asymmetry. Originality in images is encouraged and encouraged. In the everyday life there will be models with non-standard sleeves and deliberately enlarged "flashlights", necks with unusual cut-outs, dresses, sarafans and skirts with a multi-level hem.

Again, incredibly popular models will be one-sleeve, as well as one-shoulder dresses.

Hit of the season - garments made of transparent materials. Such outfits will be especially appreciated by those who wish to attract close attention to their own person. Well, if a thing from transparent fabric is put on a naked body, it will be a squeak of fashion.

To the next summer fashion designers have prepared another pleasant surprise for women: pleated fabrics return to fashion. However, clothes made of such materials will need to be worn only in everyday sets and must be supplemented with bright decorations.

The perfect decor of things from pleated fabric will be colored leather. This decor looks elegant and gives the image of a touch of audacity, high cost.

For walks in the evening city designers recommend short square jackets with clear geometric details, which are perfectly combined with straight skirts and borrowed from 80 pants "bananas".

Everything new is well forgotten old. This principle guided fashion designers, suggesting girls once again bare their tummies, dressing up in the summer in the cro-tops. Demonstrate the body parts can be safely and without embarrassment, being fully confident that such an image in 2017 in a trend. And this recommendation applies not only to the young slender girls, but also to the owners of appetizing forms, as well as to ladies of any age.

For those who have some complexes, designers advise combining short cro-tops with a low waistline. It can be jeans, trousers, capri, shorts, Bermudas, different length skirts. Adolescent girls, in contrast, tops should be worn with things with a low waistline.

Trendy summer dresses

No item of clothing from the women's wardrobe emphasizes the feminine refinement and sexuality, just like a dress. It's nice to realize that in the summer of 2017, dresses can be worn all the way - from strict classical models to weightless, translucent sundresses.

According to fashion designers, in the summer of this year in the wardrobe of every woman should be dresses with a collar, the styles of which resemble homemade robes or long men's shirts. Undoubtedly fashionable are dress-cases, military-style products, safaris, light sundresses sewn from different materials, models with skirts "bell" and "trapezium."

In the trend, knitted dresses that can be safely worn with high-heeled shoes or complemented with sports accessories.

The colors of summer dresses are very different. Topical tailoring materials:

  • Len.
  • Denim.
  • Chintz.
  • Chiffon.
  • Knitwear.
  • Lace
  • Silk.

There is no specific length in summer dresses this season. This indicator varies from mini to maxi, just below the knee and to the knee. The main condition - it is advantageous to emphasize the dignity of the figure and choose a stylish silhouette, no matter how long the outfit will be.

When creating new collections, fashion designers paid special attention to the female waistline. Models with straps, corsets, overhead flowers, large bows, etc. are called to emphasize the slenderness of the female figure.

An interesting, stylish and noticeable detail of the decor of summer dresses for the girls will be bows. The fashion of this season allows to use this decor element not only on dresses, but also on skirts, blouses, jackets, etc.

In the trend dresses and blousons with a deep neckline. Summer clothes with such an intriguing detail look stylish and relevant. In addition, the deep neckline perfectly emphasizes femininity, sexuality and refinement of the image.

Actually and stylish this summer will wear dresses made of fabrics with bright geometric and animalistic prints, floral pattern, diamond pattern, cage. The models in stripes will still be popular. Welcome abstract drawings and asymmetry, funny animated characters, animals.

Many designers have included in the collection of summer clothes for women a model with drapery, which looks more than impressive and focuses on certain parts of the figure. Drapery in dresses draws attention to the hips, emphasizes the waist, gives the image a special femininity and tenderness.

Fashionable decoration this year will be shuttlecock. Such decor is welcomed on any details of clothing. Especially stylish and elegantly flounces look on the dresses, regardless of the length of the model. Continuing the theme of femininity and refinement in women's summer fashionable clothes, we can not say a few words about lace. It can be present both on skirts, and on jackets.

Dresses from perforated fabric returned to everyday use. Form, cut, styles, as well as color solutions of such products can be very different.


One of the mandatory components of new collections of summer clothes for women in 2017 are pants. They are recommended for designers to pay special attention and certainly include in your wardrobe.

Style directions and models can be very different, but when choosing trousers, it is necessary to take into account the features of the figure, choosing the styles that will hide its shortcomings and emphasize the advantages. In addition, it should be borne in mind that this season will be fashionable not just beautiful, but comfortable, comfortable in the sock trousers, giving the woman confidence in its irresistibility. In the trend, classical models, Bermuda, Capri, palazzo.

The colors of trousers for the summer season should be saturated, bright, catchy. Unconditional hit - shades of red.

A simple cut and minimalism style in trouser models is mandatory. At the same time, tastefully selected elements of the decor are not prohibited. Rhinestones, lace, bright prints, embroidery are only welcome.

The jeans of the summer 2017 season are fireworks of various bright prints, embroideries, shades. Color - bright green, emerald, light green, yellow, crimson, red, orange, blue. You can choose any color scheme, being completely confident in the accessory of such jeans to the trends of this season.

And yet the most fashionable were and remain jeans of classic blue, indigo, sky-blue shade.

The most current models: austere classics, flares, skinnels, ripped jeans, truncated pipes. Materials for sewing fashionable summer trousers and jeans: denim, light and medium density fabrics, cotton, stretch.

That's how it will be, the summer women's fashion 2017.There is something to choose, in order to create a stylish, memorable image for any occasion. And as for the novelties of the season, some trendy things should be looked not only on store shelves, but also among clothes carefully stored in "chests".

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