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  • What models of long-type jacket types exist?
  • Unusual office style
  • Successful original combinations for all occasions
  • Which combinations should be discarded
  • Fashionable variations with an extended jacket

The jacket has always been an integral and important attribute of the business style. But now it is increasingly trying to combine with a variety of things, creating interesting and original images. Special popularity is won by a long jacket, as it personifies a status, a high position and even some greatness. And yet, thanks to his cut, he helps to pull out the silhouette and give the figure the necessary harmony. Therefore it is not surprising that girls and women who want to get closer to this image begin to use this garment in their wardrobe.

But not everyone understands the subtleties that are inherent in him, and those features of the combination that he dictates. So, before you get such a noble thing, you need to know what to wear an elongated jacket, and what combinations should be avoided.

Which models of long-type jacket exist?

To create a spectacular and beautiful outfit, you must first find the style of the jacket that is most suited to the appearance and type of the figure. The first thing that should be paid attention is the material used:

  • wool gives a kind of status to the mind;
  • cashmere creates a feeling of softness of lines and brings thoughts of comfort;
  • knitted knitwear makes the image laconic;
  • corduroy gives the jacket versatility and practicality;
  • denim material allows you to create a casual style;
  • velvet makes its note of refinement and refinement;
  • skin speaks about elegance and seriousness.

Choosing the material of an elongated jacket, you can think through the direction and style of the entire outfit. In this case, such a detail of the wardrobe can be decorated with fur trim, edging, large beautiful buttons, lace and lace inserts and even multi-colored applique. In this case, the jacket takes on a solemn appearance and can be used as an element of a festive image.

As for the models, among them there are the following options:

  • elongated and without collar;
  • product with V-neck;
  • up to mid-thigh;
  • jacket sleeveless;
  • with a collar-stand;
  • straight and straight;
  • with lapels and without, and also with outrageous patch pockets.

A variety of styles and sometimes unusual color solutions help create images using a jacket, designed not only for business meetings, but also for romantic dates.

Unusual office style

  • In the business style, the classic is a snow-white blouse with a jabot collar, gray or black trousers puffs and an elongated jacket of a dark shade. This also perfectly fit shoes, boats on a small heel.
  • Another restrained version will be a shirt of male cut in milky shades, dressed in a beige pencil skirt, and a long jacket with a triangular neckline of warm brown.
  • In summer weather, you can choose a fresh image for work, consisting of a white long sleeveless jacket, black trousers with an overstated waistline and a beige crochet top. Black sandals with high heels can complement the outfit.
  • If the office style at work allows you to use muffled, but colorful colors, then you can stop on this option: a fitted jacket without sleeves of a warm wine shade, the same color wide and slightly flared trousers with arrows, a pale pink shirt with a round necklineand black shoes with a sharp spout.
  • When after a hard day's work we have dinner in an informal atmosphere, and there is absolutely no time to change clothes, we can use the following combination: a dark blue dress just a little below the knee and a velvet jacket with sleeves of maroon color. The image is complemented by lacquered shoes on a hairpin and a miniature purse.
    At work, this jacket is buttoned, and in the evening unbuttoned, and the outfit is supplemented with a bright beads or a necklace from many chains.

Successful original combinations for all occasions

An extended jacket can be used in different styles, creating fashionable and fresh images for any situations. The most interesting and original are:

  1. Insulated cashmere jacket in a cage of three colors( green, red, black), white linglish and light gray jeans. Here you can wear sneakers on a thick sole and in this outfit go with friends for a walk on a warm autumn evening.
  2. For the upcoming party, you can choose a mini dress without sleeves in the form of a trapezium from some shiny brocade fabric, a leather long gray jacket and silver sandals with a vertical weave.
  3. An adult woman who is going to attend a solemn event or anniversary, you can take to your note a combination of a white jacket without a collar and a length that reaches almost to the knee area, combining it with a black and white dress that ends slightlyabove the jacket. Shoes in this case you can choose dark or light tones on a thick heel of medium height.
  4. Summer and attractive dress for girls who love attention. This is a double-breasted jacket with sleeves of heavenly hue, a white short top strapless and a long skirt in blue and blue horizontal stripes. On your feet you can wear comfortable low beige shoes on lacing.

Which combinations should I reject

It seems that an elongated jacket can be combined with almost all of the available wardrobe. However, it is not. There are things that do not live well with such a garment. Such combinations should also be remembered and try not to repeat them if you do not want to be known as a man without taste. To such things belong:

  • wide short trousers;
  • coarse sweatshirts and sweaters;
  • tight hooded hoodies;
  • very short tight skirts with lycra;
  • sports shorts and pants;
  • "gypsy" skirts;
  • dresses with a fluffy tulle bottom;
  • all kinds of overalls;
  • pants breeches.

As for the overalls, a small clarification should be made. Despite the fact that such a thing does not harmonize with the elongated top, there is one exception. This is a silk lightweight overall of black or leopard color, the trousers of which are shortened and narrowed. And it is recommended to complement it with open and strict sandals on the hairpin.

As for a wardrobe such as shorts, if they are denim and flared fashion with arrows, they are also allowed to add jeans fitted jacket. But under the bottom is better to choose a monophonic shirt or turtleneck without any patterns and prints. As shoes, the most appropriate option will be sports shoes on a wedge.

Fashionable variations with an extended jacket

In the spring of 2017, stylists recommend a lot of attention to the elongated jackets that mimic the skin of reptiles.
But here you should choose muted color options, abandoning very bright and colorful colors.
  • Quite stylish in this combination will look a double-breasted jacket "under the crocodile" of a dark green color, golf with a high collar of a milky shade and a beige color stretch skirt reaching the ankle line and decorated with green large flowers at the very bottom. On your feet you can put on light ballet flats, but the bag should be selected in tone to the jacket.
  • And if you want to make some bright colors in the image, the designers advise you to bet on yellow, turquoise and blue elongated sleeveless jackets with a collar-stand that are decorated with fur-colored multicolored pockets. In this form, the girl just will not go unnoticed and thanks to her along will bring a little holiday to the gray days.

And, of course, pay attention to the snow-white fitted jacket of sufficient length. This season he will be the favorite.

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