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  • Topical models
  • What kind of things do you wear a T-shirt?
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The T-shirt is without a doubt one of the most versatile garments. It is included in the category of daily things that allow you to complete any composition. The main thing is not to be afraid of bold experiments that will help create a truly holistic and fashionable image. There are many options for such things, because many girls are interested in what you can wear T-shirts.

Compatibility rules

To look stylish and harmonious, you need to adhere to the general rules:

  • T-shirt is perfectly combined with any trousers, jeans and skirts;
  • this garment can be combined with sweaters, shirts, jackets;
  • T-shirt can be part of a multi-layered composition with a T-shirt, top, jumper.

Topical models

The choice of a stylish combination depends on the model of this garment.

1. For example, polo is a classic solution, which is characterized by the presence of cut-outs and buttons. Also similar shirts have a turndown collar and short sleeves. Polo is considered a universal garment, because it is suitable not only for sports training, but also for daily walks. This model looks great with jeans and trousers. If you can boast of a slim figure, complement it with leggings or tight capri.

In the summer season, polo is perfectly combined with shorts and tight skirts trapezoidal cut. It is better to avoid skirts below the knee, in this case a mini looks much better.

As for outerwear, a great solution will be a sports jacket or jacket, made in a classic style. When choosing shoes, you need to consider the style of the rest of the composition. Classic sets look good in combination with boats. A more sporting solution is combined with footwear without a heel. In this case, you can safely choose sneakers, slips, ballet shoes.

2. Another universal version of the T-shirt is an elongated model, which must necessarily be part of the basic wardrobe. This garment is ideal for girls with a slender figure and lush forms.

The most popular option is a long T-shirt in combination with tight jeans or leggings.
To complete the ensemble, you can use bright additions, for example, a cap, volumetric bag, bracelet. As for shoes, in this case, the most diverse options are suitable: sneakers, ballet shoes, sneakers. Bold girls can even afford boats.

Under the condition of a sufficiently long length the T-shirt can act as an independent attire. However, in this case it needs to be supplemented with a belt and accessories of rich shades. As for shoes, in this situation, you need to consider the style of the kit and the design of the T-shirt.

3. Another stylish option is a shortened model, which resembles the top. This is an ideal solution for the summer season. As options, you can afford different options for the bottom: shorts, skirts, trousers, leggings. In this case, it is important to consider that this model can afford only the owner of a thin waist.

What kind of things do you wear a T-shirt?

T-shirt can rightly be called a universal subject of women's wardrobe. It is combined with a variety of things, allowing you to create many interesting images:

  • Jacket.

In cool weather, this garment can be completed with a stylish jacket or jacket. The classic option is to create a composition in black and white. At first glance, these colors look quite strict and concise, but the result is an amazingly stylish and feminine set.

Black trousers and a jacket of the same color are available in each girl's wardrobe. And with the help of a carelessly worn T-shirt will be able to make freshness to this ensemble.
  • Jeans.

This is the most simple and concise addition. How to wear a T-shirt with jeans advise stylists? In fact, in this issue there are certain nuances that significantly affect the final result. To look attractive, you need to pay attention to the jeans themselves. They can be made in any color and have a different style, but this garment must necessarily be fashionable. An excellent solution in this case will be ripped jeans. No less successful will look boyfriends.

  • Trousers.

This combination is much like the previous one. However, using a one-color T-shirt in the image will allow you to conduct bold experiments with prints and color solutions. So, a white T-shirt will be a perfect addition to enough bold trousers that you did not dare to wear with other things.

  • Skirt.

Single-color T-shirts are perfectly matched with any skirt styles. You can easily afford both shortened models, and feminine products in the floor. Especially stylish in this case are skirts-origami and interesting models with an asymmetrical hem.

Color solutions

Today on sale you can find many interesting solutions. Designers offer T-shirts of various colors, with inscriptions and prints. However, the basic subject of the women's wardrobe is, without a doubt, a white model. Nevertheless, many girls do not even guess about the amazing possibilities of this stunning clothing.

1. White T-shirt is almost the most versatile clothes from the women's wardrobe. It can be combined with any thing:

  • This garment looks great with jeans made in classic style.
  • It can be worn with boyfriends, skins and flared items.
  • No less successfully it is combined with different styles of trousers.
  • If you want to create a more rigorous and official image, you should wear a T-shirt with trousers or a high waist skirt. As the top part of the composition, you can choose a jacket in the classical style.

White T-shirt will be an organic addition to the image made in the style of Kazhalu or grunge. However, in this case, the jacket should be replaced by a volumetric sweater of large mating. Also a great addition will be ragged jeans and rough boots in a military style.

To get a lighter and more relaxed composition, it's worth wearing a white T-shirt and pants of a light shade. Add a vivid shawl and shoes of the same color to the image.

2. No less universal option will be a black T-shirt. This thing is also the basic subject of the women's wardrobe. So, with what to wear a black T-shirt?

  • It fits perfectly in a variety of images: classic, street, sports.
  • Black T-shirt looks good with a strict suit and boats.
  • No less successful image will come out with a sweater or jacket and jeans, and they can have any style.

3. Another relevant option is a striped T-shirt. Such things are very common. To look attractive, it is important to remember certain rules:

  • With such a garment it is not recommended to wear a large number of bright items.
  • The perfect solution will be a set of clothes of the same color as the strips.
  • To get a brighter and more attractive image, it's worth using bright add-ons.
  • Also a similar T-shirt will look great in combination with a solid color skirt.
  • No less successful choice will be shorts of contrasting hue. In this case, it is recommended to choose a T-shirt, made in the current black and white scale. An excellent solution will be a blue and white palette.

Now you know what to wear a T-shirt. It is a very stylish and fashionable garment, which is remarkable for its versatility and is perfectly combined with a variety of things. It is very important to follow the advice of stylists and monitor the compatibility of shades in the image. Related Videos:

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