Decoration of Easter eggs: simple, creative, with your own hands

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  • Easy and elegant: fashionable decoupage
  • Decoupage of Easter eggs with napkins - video
  • In the spirit of retro: ribbons and laces
  • Easter eggs from satin ribbons - video
  • Non-banal simplicity: souvenirs from threads and strings
  • Surprise and touch: amusing additions
  • Openwork beauty: knitted crafts
  • Unique material: Easter crafts made of paper
  • Impressive: a huge egg

People have been making eggs for centuries for Easter. They consider this charming tradition a way to relax, express creative impulses, entertain children. Decoration of eggs has become a separate art form. Invented the most unusual ways of decorating Easter eggs with their own hands. Fantasy, savvy and love of beauty help to create real miracles.

What you need to work

You do not need to be a professional decorator to come up with interesting sketches. Now for the design of the main symbol of Easter, use all available techniques:

  • Knitting.
  • Embroidery.
  • Decoupage.
  • Painting with paints.
  • Application.

Easter products covered with melted wax, pasted sequins and sequins, decorated with ribbons, dried flowers. You can make beautiful Easter eggs made of wood, ceramics, threads, cement. There are glowing crafts, gold, painted in the style of "ombre", covered with inscriptions.

Home masters, whatever technique they use, will require versatile tools:

  • Wooden or plastic stands.
  • Knife.
  • Scissors.
  • Paints, glue, brushes.
  • Decorative accessories.

Having prepared the tools, you should draw a sketch and choose the technique of execution.

Easy and elegant: fashionable decoupage

Original and beautiful Easter eggs perform in the technique of "decoupage".Such a design is now used in the design of household utensils, accessories, furniture.

You will need:

  • 5 whole egg shells with holes.
  • Paper napkins with flowers.
  • A half-glass of cement, a wooden stick.
  • Plastic container.
  • Aerosol inks.
  • Knife and scissors.
  • Adhesive, brush.
  • Hairspray.
  • sequins.

Method of manufacturing:

  1. In a plastic container, combine cement with water, stir with a stick until it is a thick glue.
  2. After 10 minutes, pour the mixture into the shells through the holes, leave to dry for 1 hour vertically.
  3. Clean the shell with a knife. Leave to dry in standing position for the night.
  4. Dye with aerosol paints, allow to dry.
  5. Cut out flowers from napkins.
  6. Adhesive to adorn ornaments on cement works( arbitrarily).
  7. Spray crafts with hairspray.
  8. Sprinkle chaotically with sparkles.

An interesting option for a large family, all members of which gather together for Easter, - "Family Parade".

It will take:

  • 12 painted cement blanks( the manufacturing method is described above).
  • Printed photos of all family members( 3 by 4 cm) printed on the printer.
  • Scissors, glue, brush.
  • Hairspray and beautiful coasters.

Method of production:

  1. Cut out printed portraits by making contours round.
  2. Place the eggs in the stands with a blunt end up, glue the portraits.
  3. Allow the glue to dry, spray with varnish for hair.

Decoupage of Easter eggs with napkins - video

In the spirit of retro: ribbons and laces

Easter eggs, decorated with ribbons, evoke thoughts of old times, young ladies in long dresses. Manufacturing of elegant handicrafts is not difficult.


  • Workpiece made of wood or plastic.
  • 2 tapes of with matching shades( length - 1.5 m).
  • Scissors.
  • Double-sided adhesive tape.
  • Needle, thread.
  • Beads.

How to do:

  1. Glue the strips of a double-sided adhesive tape to the "poles" of a wooden or plastic egg.
  2. Secure both ribbons to the bottom of the scotch.
  3. Lift the tape up, fix it to the adhesive tape and rework.
  4. Perform the operation many times, moving the tapes until the entire surface is covered.
  5. At the top of the head twist the ribbons with each other, cut off.
  6. The edges are sewn to the surface, decorated with sewn beads.

You can decorate Easter eggs with satin ribbons by replacing adhesive tape with "Moment" glue. They attach ribbons on the wide end, they cover the surface, the ends are tied at the narrow end and form a magnificent bow.

Decoration starts right on painting. The project "Magic Pattern" is an ornament of Easter eggs not with satin, but with lace ribbons. For him you need:

  • Raw eggs.
  • Easter Colors.
  • Unnecessary lace tapes.
  • Thin hair bands.
  • Stands.

Method of manufacture:

  1. Wrap the every egg with a shred of lace. Pull the edges of the shredder from above with an elastic band.
  2. Lower the rolls into the paint for the time prescribed by the instructions to the dye.
  3. Remove the folds, cut off the top with an elastic band.

You can not turn the hand-made lace entirely, and fix the lace ribbon with an elastic band across the eggs.

Easter eggs are made from multi-colored adhesive tapes. The artwork "Sesame Street" will be grasped by children. It will require:

  • 7 solid empty shells with holes.
  • 2 tbsp.spoons of gypsum.
  • Plastic container.
  • Knife.
  • Multicolored Scotch tape.
  • Hole Punch.
  • Scissors are simple.
  • Scissors are curly.

Method of manufacture:

  1. Mix gypsum and water in a plastic container until the glue is dense.
  2. Pour the mixture through the holes of the shells.
  3. Leave to freeze for 1 hour.
  4. Peel the shell with a knife.
  5. Cut short strips of colored scotch.
  6. Punch holes in strips in random order.
  7. Part of the adhesive tape cut into triangles.
  8. Several stripes to draw around the edges of figured scissors.
  9. Stick parts on plaster handicrafts, selecting combinations of colors and shapes.

Eggs for Easter with ribbons of different colors and texture become the best gift for a bright holiday.

Easter eggs from satin ribbons - video

The non-banal simplicity: souvenirs from threads and strings

Original elegant easter egg from threads. It is necessary to prepare:

  • "Bolvanka" in the form of an egg made of foam( sold in the departments for needlework).
  • Thick cotton yarn.
  • A piece of polyethylene.
  • Pins with heads.
  • Adhesive;
  • Brush.


  1. Polyfoam billet wrap with polyethylene, prikolov his pins in the middle along.
  2. Thread a half of the "dummy" with threads, clinging to their pins. You can arbitrarily cross the thread.
  3. Apply a kneaded nipple with glue, allow to dry.
  4. Pull out the pins, free the frozen half of the craft.
  5. Insert the pins into the foam, thread the other half.
  6. Do all the manipulations, as with the first part of the product.
  7. Sew two frozen halves.
  8. You can decorate the ready-made egg egg with ribbons, sew beads, glue the glitter.

Extravagance and unpretentiousness are the distinguishing features of a souvenir from a string. In this work you will need:

  • Plastic blanks or cases from "Kinder-surprises".
  • Twine.
  • Adhesive gun with hot glue.

How to perform:

  1. Apply a drop of hot glue to the tip of the plastic blank.
  2. Attach the end of the string.
  3. Tighten the twine in a spiral, occasionally applying glue drops under it.
  4. The finished product can be painted with aerosol paints, glued bows, appliques.

Eggs of thread or string are suspended from a chandelier, shelf. So they look better.

Surprised and touches: amusing additions

Natural and artificial eggs decorate with the most amazing objects. For a home artist there is no question of what you can make an Easter egg. From all that is at hand!

For example, an article "Gold and silver".It will require:

  • Foam billets in the form of eggs.
  • Stationery buttons with gold and silver hats.


  1. By pushing the buttons close together, make a longitudinal row from top to bottom.
  2. Repeat the series on the second side of the model.
  3. Fill the remaining space with the buttons, creating a row behind the row.

The resulting gold and silver souvenirs need not be finished.

Easter trick of "Scraps" - these are unusual eggs made of fabric. Materials and tools:

  • Scraps of variegated fabrics( cotton, wool, satin).
  • Needle, thick cotton thread.
  • Plastic or wooden workpieces.


  1. Measure the length and circumference of the egg with tape-centimeter.
  2. Cut out 4 pieces of fabric in the form of petals pointed at both ends. The length of the "petal" is equal to the length of the egg. Width - a quarter of the width.
  3. Sew three petals together. Seam - over the edge, do it from the inside.
  4. Insert the workpiece into a sewn product.
  5. The last "petal" is sewn with a thick thread over the edge, the seam is outward. You can use moment glue instead of threads.

Looks more interesting models made from different in color and texture fragments. You can tie the crochet decorations for fabric Easter eggs: flowers, hearts.

The souvenir "Button" is made on a wooden base. It is necessary to prepare:

  • Wooden egg.
  • Round and square buttons( 1-2 cm across).
  • Clay "Moment"( a tube with a narrow spout).
  • Thin silk ribbons.
It's better to take the buttons of complementary gentle shades - lilac with pink, blue and purple.

How to work:

  1. Tie small ribbons from ribbons.
  2. Glue bows in any order on the workpiece.
  3. In the spaces between the bows stick the buttons.

Openwork beauty: knitted crafts

As a gift to family and friends, you can tie an Easter egg with a crochet. Experienced knitters will choose the familiar thread and the thickness of the hook.

It is necessary to prepare :

  • Threads( silk, wool, acrylic).
  • Hook No. 4.
  • Stuffing material( cotton wool, sintepon).

The scheme of knitting Easter eggs:

  1. Type the first loop, then 2 more air. Close them in a row.
  2. From the first row make a ring by adding a column.
  3. Associate 1 bar. From the next output 2 bars.
  4. Knit in a spiral 2 row. Do not connect the ring.
  5. In the 3rd row make 14 posts.
  6. On the 4th row make 1 simple column, from 2 to output 2 bars. In total, 21.
  7. is formed. On the 6th row - 2 simple posts. Output from one column 2, in this way - until the completion of the series. In total there are 28 columns.
  8. Next knitting goes on decreasing. In the 13th row, make 5 simple posts. Stretch the thread in two consecutive rows. The hook will have 3 loops. Connect them to 1 bar. Nakid not to do. This way to create a whole circle.
  9. In the 15th row there should be 2 simple columns without a crochet. Cut 1 bar. Repeat until the end of the series.
  10. Fill the knitted blank with a packing. Small eggs for Easter, crocheted, it is better to fill with sintepon, large eggs - cotton wool with sawdust.
  11. 16 series - cut 6 posts.1 bend the bar, the second subtract. Nakid not to do.
  12. 17 row - reduce until the top of the craft does not close. Knitting Easter eggs is a delicate art. There are many schemes for creating souvenirs of different sizes. They are decorated with embroidery, ribbons, rhinestones.

    Unique material: Easter hand-made articles made of paper

    The easiest way is to make eggs from paper with your own hands. Due to its lightness and plasticity, this base is best suited for children's crafts.

    The souvenir "Scales" is made of the following materials:

    • Basis of from foam.
    • Decorative paper.
    • Pins.
    • Scissors.

    How to work:

    1. Cut out paper circles 2 cm in diameter. The ideal shape of the circle is not necessary, light negligence looks better.
    2. Poke a few circles to the base of the foam egg so as to completely close this part. Each circle is fastened with 4 pins.
    3. To further attach parts according to the principle of scales of pine cones - overlap and only from one edge, with 2 pins.
    The products decorated with patterned paper or multi-colored "scales" are interesting.

    The craftsmanship of Lochmatic is very popular with children. Here are required:

    • Plastic or wooden base of egg-shaped.
    • Corrugated colored paper.
    • Colored Ribbons.
    • Clay "Moment".
    • Scissors.


    1. Cut the paper into strips with a width of 1.5 cm.
    2. Cut each strip on one side into fine fringe.
    3. Stick the first strip to the bottom, wide part of the workpiece.
    4. Subsequent strips glue each other so that the fringe hangs slightly over the lower row.
    5. Top and bottom of the craft, left open, decorate, pasting the bows.
    6. Allow to dry. Fuzz your fingers with fringes on all strips.

    Paper Easter eggs are complemented with details, crocheted, sequins, beads.

    The imagination is amazing: the huge egg

    . At Easter, the dwellings are decorated with picturesque compositions: baskets, pots with sprouted greens, hanging decorations.

    Surprise all guests with a giant Easter egg. There is an unusual way to create such a souvenir from an inflatable ball and gypsum.

    Will need:

    • 5-6 large balloons.
    • Gypsum.
    • Plastic bottles.
    • Mixture container.
    • Stick.
    • Knife.
    • Pillow.
    • Aerosol paints.

    How to Make a Great Easter Egg:

    1. Dilute gypsum with water, stir to a thick glue.
    2. Pour the mixture into a plastic bottle.
    3. Put the ball on the neck of the bottle, tie it.
    4. Squeeze the gypsum compound into the ball gradually.
    5. Remove the ball from the bottle, wipe it, gently blow it to the desired size.
    6. Tie. Rotate the ball in all directions until the plaster does not lie evenly on the walls.
    7. Leave the article at night for freezing.
    8. Remove the sheath from the knife( ball).
    9. Allow the product to dry for 1 hour without the ball.
    10. Dye with aerosol paints with one or more colors, apply glitter.

    A huge egg is made in a shed or garage. You should be prepared for the fact that the balls burst, splash the gypsum in all directions. The trick is not obtained from the first attempt. But the result amazes the audience. Especially expressive are giant eggs, painted with gold or silver paint, glued with shiny beads. Make the Easter egg with your own hands fun and fun. Gift items bring joy, which so fits the spirit of Easter.


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