15 ideas Hand Made by own hands

The process of needlework is interesting and entertaining. Today many people are fond of making crafts. As a result, you develop the imagination and get a new thing, using it in the decor of the room. For fans of creativity, the original ideas of Hand Made with their own hands will become a real find. Lovely, funny and necessary things will be useful in everyday life or for a gift to close people.

Stand for stationery

Do not throw wooden sticks away from ice cream. They will be an excellent material for a stand for pens and pens in the style of handmade. Take the first three sticks and glue their ends in series, forming a triangle. Continue to stick the following sticks in turn. Do this until the stand reaches the desired height. Take three more sticks, split in half. Paint them and glue them to the stand, forming a flower as in the photo. Once the glue dries, you can use the stand as directed.

Jars for seasoning

To store bath salts or seasonings, regular jars are often used. But this is boring. Let's decorate them. To do this, you need pegs of different sizes, a ribbon and an adhesive gun. Paste the buttons on the jar with a gun in any order. Tape the tape on the lid. The color of the buttons and braids may be the same or different. Everything depends on the taste of the master.

Photo album

Albums designed to store photos do not always look beautiful. To decorate it, you do not need to make great efforts. Take colored paper, you can polish. Stick it on the front of the album. From the wallpaper pieces, cut out 4 rectangles and glue one under the other closer to the edge of the front side. Cut out the hearts from the fabric and paste over the rectangles.

Dream catcher

Knitted wipes can be used in different ways: put under vases, plates, cover dishes. And let's do something original. Of the napkins will be an excellent handmade in the style of handmade - "catcher dreams."This will require a hoop, a round napkin, feathers and thread. Spread the napkin and gently sew to the sides of the hoop. From the bottom, tie the rope folded in half. At each end of it, fasten it over the feather. To make the product comfortable to hang, make an eyelet from the rope at the top. Hang the "dream catcher" above the bed and enjoy pleasant dreams.

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Lampshades for

Lamps for eggs can also be used for decoration. The ordinary lamp, hanging on the cord, will change after the lampshade is created. For him, enough 4 trays. Paint them in a bright color. Glue them with two sides together, forming a cube. Hang it with a wire on the lamp.

Autumn decoration

The usual window will be transformed with a decor of yellowed leaves. Collect beautiful autumn leaves in the forest and bring them home. Hang some leaves on the line in random order. So that they do not slip, fix their cuttings with beads. Fix several decorated lines of fishing line at the top of the window. Now the window opening will delight the eye.

Organizer for the kitchen

To make kitchen utensils always at hand, make an organizer. Take a rectangular piece of thick tissue, coat its edges. From the sides sew the ribbons, and below the braid or fringe. Then take a cut of another smaller color. Sew it in the form of a pocket with several compartments. Now your spoons and cookies will always be at hand.

Cover for notebook

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Felt is an interesting material from which you can do different things. It is also suitable for decorating a notebook. Take a rectangular piece of felt in size, twice the size of the notebook. From one edge of the rectangle, sew a button, from the opposite make a loop. Glue the felt rectangle on both sides of the notebook, so that the button is on the front side of the notebook. From the felt of different colors, cut out details of the ornaments in the form of flowers and leaves. Stick them on the front side of the cover. Close the notebook and fasten the button.

Pendant for jewelry

To make your decorations always fine, make a pendant for them in the form of a "tree".To do this, you need a hard wire and pliers. Take 6 pieces of wire, twice as long as the height of the future suspension. Fold each of them in half, forming a leaf. The other ends twist in pairs, making a curl like in the photo. Should get a stand under the suspension. Then twist the wire to form a stem. As the length of the stem increases, make "twigs" of the "tree".Now your decorations will become an elegant decor for the room.

Bottles for decor

An ordinary glass bottle can turn into an element of decor. To do this, empty containers should be thoroughly washed and dried. Then cover the surface of the bottle with acrylic paint. While it is drying up, make stencils from paper. Apply the drawing you like and cut it out. When applying the stencil to the surface of the bottle, paint the cut out places with a paint of contrasting hue. To apply it, use a sponge. There can be many options.

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Decor wall

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If you have accumulated decorative dishes at home, decorate them with the wall of the room. It looks interesting dishes in one color, but in different sizes. To hang the dish on the wall, glue a hook, clip or "key" from the aluminum can on its back.

Interesting bedding

Not a bad idea for needleworkers engaged in sewing. So that the threads and needles are not scattered around the room, make a repository for them. In the glass jar, fold the threads and ribbons. Sew a needle pad from the fabric, stuffing it with cotton wool or tissue remnants. Glue the pad to the can lid. Now the necessary accessories will always be in one place.

Multicolored heart

This decor refreshes the interior, making it more joyful. Decoration can be used as a gift for a loved one. Cut out a lot of multicolored hearts of approximately the same size. Make a cardboard template in the shape of a heart. Orienting on it, glue the hearts between each other just by the edges. Form a three-dimensional shape by making several layers. It will take a little work, but it's worth it.

Apple aspirator

It will require a tourniquet for needlework. From it weave the stand, by weaving baskets from the vine. It is necessary to connect the cord with the plug. The other end of the cord is tightly braided, forming a "stalk".In parallel, form a "leaf".At the end of the cord, secure the lamp holder. From the bundle, form a ball with a hole. Put it on the lamp. Now you can check the performance of the floor lamp.

Fabrics from

Cute birds will become toys and adornments for the children's room. Make a pattern of paper. To do this, draw a circle with a diameter of 6 cm. Set the angle of 85º from the center and cut off the resulting sector. Also make a sector with an angle of 30º.On patterns, make pieces of the sovenca from the fabric, adding allowances to the seams. Sew both sectors of fabric together, forming a cone. Bend the corner, pinning, and sew. This will be the beak. Fill the bird with filler. Lower the part with threads. Cut a circle out of a thick cardboard. This will be a stand. Coat it with a cloth and sew to the "legs" the suvenk. From felt and buttons make the bird's eyes.

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