Tips for psychologists, how to understand if a man does not like, and enjoys you

Unfortunately, the times of knights guarding the lady of his heart have long since passed. And now every woman, having new relationships, needs to look closely at the chosen one, as in the modern world it is not uncommon to meet a man who likes to simply use girls to achieve any goals. Psychologists identify a number of signs that will help determine whether it is worth continuing such a relationship.

  • You do not know about it basic
  • He does not look at you without reason
  • He lives at your expense
  • You do not feel his concern
  • You do not feel the spiritual closeness
  • Only by wordlessly
  • His mood deteriorates with you
  • His territory- the taboo for you
  • Inattention on the first dates
  • Long grooming
  • In the conversation there is no word "We"
  • He raises his self-esteem
  • Only sex
  • Use for the sake of jealousy
  • For the sake of career or prospects
  • How not to become ""

You do not know about it basic

One, two, three dates have passed, but he did not really talk about himself, constantly escapes personal questions and takes arrows on you or touches on general topics. And then after another appointment or a stormy night the man suddenly stops responding to calls and disappears from the horizon, and after a week or two he appears again and does not disappear at all. Manages to make you guilty, that you reproach him and find one hundred reasons for your actions. If he does this regularly, it is worth seriously thinking about the fact that a man simply uses you when it suits him.

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He does not look at you without reason

All men, without exception, first pay attention to appearance, that is, they love with their eyes. If you notice that he looks with delight and often seeks you with his eyes, without a doubt, he has a romantic interest in you. And when you catch his eye is a rarity for you, do not cherish the dreams of great love.

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He lives at your expense

An obvious sign of using a woman is that he does not bother at all, that she often or constantly pays for two. He is crying that he was fired, in connection with which there were temporary monetary difficulties, which for a long time do not end. You live in your home, and he is in search of himself and he has absolutely no time to look for work to pay bills. Do not tolerate this attitude, even if you are deeply in love. If you have difficulties, he will quickly cease to show interest.

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You do not feel his cares

A man not indifferent to you will be attentive andCare, even if it concerns ordinary trifles. He will not insist on continuing the walk, if you are tired of walking on heels, he will offer help in working on the house or without hints he himself will take on some of the duties. Learning that you are sick, he will not disappear from sight, without even asking how you feel. If you are coldly dressed, and he is luxuriating in his jacket on a cold evening, most likely, he does not care about you at all.

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You do not feel spiritual intimacy

You come from work tired and frustrated, and he looks at you, asks when dinner is ready. I quarreled with a friend on the phone, but he still looks at the TV, not paying attention to your tears. Has received increase at work and has decided to arrange a surprise, and he at all has not taken an interest on what occasion a holiday. If the elector asks not to load it with his problems and worries, then it is convenient for him that the woman is engaged in housekeeping and is always at hand. The indifferent man will be able to get distracted from business and find the time to listen to you and help, if necessary.

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Just a word without a word

He was terribly yearning for you, but he calls once a week, he burns with the desire to see him, but something prevents him from arranging a meeting, admits to love, but friends often become more important than you, promises something to fix, bring, do, but inthe last moment he has excuses. All these are disturbing signs that the guy is hanging "noodles" on his ears to lull your vigilance. For men to embellish their abilities is the norm, but a rough lie in simple little things indicates the intention to popolzovavshis and throw.

If his words do not matter, such a man does not consider your relationship as something worthwhile.
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His mood worsens with you

Problems at work or with health result in irritability and criticality to your person, it's no secret that such periods are present in most long-term relationships. But this behavior may indicate that you are simply being used, so you should be very careful. If the state of "not in the spirit" is shown regularly, it is worth considering about the termination of such relations.

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Its territory is a taboo for you

Do you have a good time at home, but do not hurry to invite yourself to your place? You have not seen his friends live, although you have met long enough? Your man has many interests, there is a hobby, but he does not share all this with you. These are clear signs that the man is not in a hurry to acquaint you with his environment, and therefore does not consider it necessary, since he does not intend to proceed to serious relations.

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Inattention on the first dates

If a man is interested in you, then he receives this or that information about you, he does not miss it and probably will remember that you like tulips and not prickly roses. If he forgets about the simplest signs of attention, but at the same time unambiguously hints at intimacy, then you are interesting to him only as a girl for sex.

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Long grooming

When a man is set up for a serious relationship and willingness to create a family nest, he will not delay the moment when you become the mistress of your "home".If you are hinting on cohabitation, and he constantly changes the subject or says that it is not time yet, without explaining the reasons, most likely he does not plan a joint future, but only takes advantage of the moment.

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In the conversation there is no word "We"

You can go to the disappointing conclusions, if we talk about your pair, it does not use the pronoun "we".You can visit the cinema together, and he will say to a friend: "Yesterday I saw an interesting film."Such a man avoids talking about a joint even near future, photographs where you two ask not to spread on the page in the social network or do not want to be photographed with you, under the cover of their lack of phototoxicity. Doubts do not remain, the man has no interest in tie with you a serious and lasting relationship.

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If your pair has existed for a long time already or you are already married and the "we" disappear from the lexicon - this is an alarming signal about problems that can lead to parting.
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It raises its self-esteem

It's not uncommon to meet a man who uses a woman to feel exalted. Often on this hook come across girls for one reason or another not sure of themselves, their attractiveness. Their vigilance is put to sleep by the fact that he turned his attention to her, not to others, and she, considering him a benefactor, is ready to recognize the primacy of her partner. Usually such men objectively relate to everything that a woman does for them and is often criticized. They are always small: attention, adoration, deification, from themselves they do not give anything.

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Only sex

He calls and offers to meet, he is attentive, loving and affectionate, but as soon as the moment of intimacy has taken place, without superfluous words, he turns to the wall, and in the morning he missed the trace. And now, a week later, romantic feelings again wake up, glow with passion and fall asleep again immediately after satisfying sexual desire. This manner of behavior indicates one thing: he does not like, and the woman is interesting only as an object for satisfying men's needs.

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Use for the sake of jealousy

If at a meeting or on a date your chosen one behaves rather passively, and then like an electric shock and he becomes nice and sharply begins to show attention, it is worth looking around. Perhaps nearby is his ex-girlfriend, after the departure of which his charm again fades. From this behavior, you can draw only one conclusion, it uses you to cause a feeling of jealousy in a girl whose feelings have not yet cooled.

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For the sake of career or prospects

With romantic connections at work, one should be cautious, as it is often possible to start a relationship with a person who intends to use you to achieve certain goals. After a few meetings, he may ask to say a word to him before his superiors. If he obsessively is interested in your work at some point, he can give your idea for his.

Manipulating feelings, a man is able to persuade a woman boss to give him a promotion, although there are candidates and more worthy of this place or offer an unemployed candidate a vacancy. After he achieves the desired, most likely, the separation will follow.
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How not to become "Used"

If a woman became a victim of a manipulator, first of all it is necessary to understand why they chose it. Sometimes a woman does not understand it herself, attracts men who strive to use it. Often this happens due to such conditions:

  • a woman is full of complexes;
  • does not respect itself as a person;
  • has a low self-esteem.

Therefore, if you do not want to be a victim, do not let men use you.

Woman first of all must love yourself with all the flaws and shortcomings, you need to know yourself the price, not only in dealing with a man, but also at work. It is necessary to decide on life goals and work on confidence. Even if you are alone, do not settle for a relationship that does not suit you, because nothing good will come of it.

If you feel some of the above signs that you are using check your chosen one, make him jealous, put an ultimatum. A person who needs you really will make concessions, otherwise there is no point in continuing with the manipulator. The bitterness of separation will cease more quickly than the pain of humiliation and vexation.

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