Why not give as a gift knives

Someone believes in signs, but someone in every way rejects them and calls them coincidences. And yet, it's not for nothing that people noticed frequent pairing events, and called them superstitions. Many of these signs speak of gifts that can not be given. That's why, for example, you can not give knives? Most people just know that you can not, but for some reason - few are known.

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Note The knife appeared in ancient times and thanks to its practicality it became an indispensable tool for hunting. However, along with this, he began to symbolize death, as his use led to the death of animals. And, although the knife was not always used directly for hunting, even indirectly, it had to do with the shedding of blood. With his help, for example, made arrows for onions, cues and other weapons.

In addition, in ancient times knives were made only to order, that is, the master at work thought about the future master and unconsciously tuned the gun under his arm. And if the knife fell into other hands, then he seemed to "take offense" at fate and bring failure to the current owner.

Therefore, to give this item was considered unacceptable from a long time ago. People believed that a given knife would bring a person death for him or a family member. One way or another, but the knives began to be treated with some apprehension, especially protecting children.

And that's why as a gift the knife was an exception in our days - it's not known. Most likely, this sign has survived from those very ancient times, when people started this superstition.

Today, the knife symbolizes quarrels and strife rather than death, it can not be given for several reasons:

  • The symbol of misfortune is one of the most common signs. It is considered, if present such a gift to acquaintances or relatives, then scandals, strife and frequent quarrels will begin in their family. The greatest likelihood of a conflict can take place between the donor and the recipient of the gift.
  • Relationship with the evil forces. Those people who adhere to this notation, prefer to refuse not only from knives, but also from other sharp objects. It is believed that they are attracted to evil spirits.
  • Another negative energy. If the person giving the knife has negative energy or thinks badly of the recipient of the presentation, then at the time of his handing these feelings are transferred to the gun and charge it with a destructive force that will then fall upon the possessor of the gift.
  • The symbol of war. As already mentioned, in ancient times the knife was given to hunters and warriors, so a gift in the form of a knife can bring aggression and anger into the family.

In addition to the above mentioned signs, it is believed that if a girl gives her boyfriend a knife or other sharp object, then they will part in the near future for no reason.

However, not everywhere the knife is a symbol of negative energy and unhappiness. For example, in the East and the Caucasus, a sharp blade is considered a sign of respect and reverence, so it is often given to aristocrats and people holding high positions. In Finland, knives are handed to business partners as a symbol of the emergence of friendly relations and trust.

Especially good for sharp daggers in Japan. In this country they believe that the given knife will "cut" all the problems, adversities and bring joy and happiness.

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How to give

a knife is necessaryPresent in a closed box to show that this gift does not carry any aggression. The knife is an object of personal use and does not tolerate the hands of others, so the first owner must extract it from the gift wrapping.

In addition, if the recipient or donor believes in signs, then handing the present, you need to take a gift in exchange for a gift of any denomination. This will already be considered not a gift, but a bargain.

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