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Everyone's favoritethe Russian holiday Shrovetide - it's time to bake pancakes. Now the real culinary trend is pancakes with holes, and many housewives are interested in their recipe.

What is the secret of cooking, and how to bake pancakes with holes? In fact, holes are formed due to the fact that the bubbles in the dough burst during frying. For this effect, it is necessary to add soda, which, reacting with acidic medium( kefir, vinegar or sour milk), forms desired bubbles. Another important component is mineral sparkling water.

We present to your attention the most popular recipes of pancakes with holes.

Pancakes on milk with soda

The most popular recipe, which is adored by most housewives, is pancakes with holes in milk. Learning to cook them will not be difficult, and we will disclose to you the secret of cooking ruddy and patterned pancakes.


  • 1 liter of milk;
  • 3 chicken eggs;
  • 3 tbsp.flour of the highest quality;
  • 3 tbsp.l. Sahara;
  • 3 tbsp.l.vegetable oil;
  • 1 tsp.vinegar or lemon juice;
  • 1 tsp.soda;
  • 1/2 tsp.salt.

Step-by-step cooking:

  1. Preheat milk to approximately 40 degrees. Pour it into a deep bowl. Add eggs, salt and sugar to the milk. Mix the whole mixture thoroughly, or mix it even better with a mixer - the dough should turn out without lumps. As a result, foam should form on the whipped mixture.
  2. At the end, add vegetable oil, soda in the vinegar and again mix everything thoroughly until a uniform consistency is obtained.
  3. Allow the dough to stand for a while. At this time, the formation of bubbles will begin.
  4. Lubricate the frying pan with vegetable oil( best of all with a brush), and then start spreading the dough with a ladle or a spoon, distributing it evenly throughout the frying pan. To make the pancakes thin, smear the entire diameter of the frying pan.
  5. When frying, make sure that bubbles form and the pancakes are roasted until golden brown. Tasty pancakes on milk with holes are ready!

Pancakes on yogurt with boiling water

Many people prefer pancakes to kefir, because they are obtained by air and very original. Thanks to kefir, the dish has an interesting sour and a special delicate taste. The approximate cooking time is 25 minutes.


  • 1 glass of wheat flour of the highest grade;
  • 1 cup kefir;
  • 1 cup of water;
  • 2 chicken eggs;
  • 1 tbsp.l. Sahara;
  • 2 tbsp.l.vegetable oil;
  • 1/2 tsp.salts;
  • a pinch of soda.

Step-by-step preparation:

  1. Beat the eggs into a deep bowl and whisk them with a whisk( it is necessary that a light foam appears).Please salt.
  2. Pour into a bowl a glass of boiling water and whisk again.
  3. Then add a glass of kefir to the bowl.
  4. Sift the flour through a sieve, add soda into it and mix the ingredients well.
  5. The resulting mixture is gradually added to the liquid, mixing all the time.
  6. Add the vegetable oil and sugar, mix again thoroughly so that there are no lumps.
  7. Prepare a frying pan for pancakes and thinly oil it with a dough( if you spread too thick a layer, there will not be holes).Bake dough on both sides until golden brown. Thin pancakes on yogurt with boiling water are ready! We wish you a pleasant appetite.

Pancakes on mineral water

Pancakes with mineral water are obtained especially thin and delicate. The dish, cooked according to this recipe, will especially please with its lacy structure. Thanks to mineral water, bake pancakes with holes will not be difficult. The approximate cooking time is 25 minutes. Such a lean recipe is especially useful for strict vegetarians and people who are allergic to lactose.


  • 200 ml of mineral carbonated water( with a low percentage of alkalinity);
  • 1 tbsp.l.wheat flour of the highest quality;
  • 2 tbsp.l. Sahara;
  • 1/2 tsp.salts;
  • 3 tbsp.l.vegetable oil.

Step-by-step preparation:

  1. In a deep bowl, pour and mix the flour, sugar and salt in the specified proportions.
  2. Then start gradually pour the mineral water into the bowl and mix all ingredients thoroughly. The weight should necessarily turn out without lumps( it is even better to mix all the ingredients in a blender).
  3. At the very end, add vegetable oil to the dough. In this way, the pancakes will not stick to the frying pan during the frying.
  4. Pour the dough into a frying pan with a ladle so that it spreads evenly over the entire surface.
  5. Fry pancakes on both sides: about 2 minutes from one and 1 minute from the other.
  6. Sweet openwork pancakes with holes ready! Pancakes, cooked on mineral water, should turn out lighter than on milk or kefir. Of course, this recipe is for a dessert version. Pancakes are perfectly combined with fresh berries, jam, honey.

Pancakes with yeast

Pancakes prepared on yeast are cooked very quickly and easily turn over.

The essential disadvantage of this recipe is that the preparation of the test for it will take at least 2 hours. But the result will be simply stunning: the desired holes on openwork pancakes will be a huge amount, and the taste will amaze with its tenderness!


  • 3 cups of pasteurized milk;
  • 1 packet of dry yeast( 11 grams);
  • 2 chicken eggs;
  • 0.5 kg of flour;
  • 1 tbsp.l. Sahara;
  • 1 tsp.salts;
  • 3 tbsp.l.vegetable oil.

Step by step cooking:

  1. In a small bowl, stir 1 tsp.sugar, salt and yeast with 1/4 cup warm milk. Leave the mixture for about 10 minutes.
  2. Sift the flour through the sieve.
  3. Preheat the remaining milk, add sugar, salt and eggs to it. At the end, add yeast( by that time they should already go up) and mix all ingredients thoroughly.
  4. Gradually pour the mixture into sifted flour, then mix well again.
  5. Add vegetable oil to the mixture. If you think that the dough was too thick, add more milk or warm water.
  6. Cover the bowl with a towel and leave the dough for 3 hours to rise, stirring every hour.
  7. Start baking pancakes on a pre-heated frying pan without oil( it has already been added to the dough).
  8. Pour the dough into a frying pan with a thin layer and fry, admiring the emerging holes. Fry the dough to a golden crust and remove it from the plate. Lacy yeast pancakes are ready! Your family and guests will be delighted!

How to cook yeast pancakes - video recipe

Pancakes with starch

Air lace crêpes with starch will be a wonderful breakfast. Baking with this recipe is very thin, but the dough does not tear. The approximate cooking time is 20 minutes.


  • 0.5 liters of tender kefir;
  • 3 chicken eggs;
  • 5 tbsp.l.wheat flour of the highest quality;
  • 7 tbsp.l.starch;
  • 1/2 tsp.soda;
  • 1/2 tsp.salts;
  • 2 tsp. Sahara;
  • 4 tbsp.l. Sahara;
  • 1 glass( 300 ml) of mineral carbonated water.

Step-by-step cooking:

  1. In a deep bowl, mix the starch, salt and flour.
  2. In a separate small bowl, beat the eggs and add sugar, tender kefir, soda and at the very end - flour mixture. All the ingredients mix well, so that there are no lumps.
  3. Add sunflower oil to the mixture. Once again, mix everything well.
  4. To make the pancakes very thin, add 1 glass of mineral carbonated water to the mixture.
  5. Lubricate the frying pan with vegetable oil.
  6. Slowly start pouring the dough into a frying pan evenly, in a thin layer and fry it over high heat. A huge number of holes are provided! Fry the dough until a browned crust is formed.
  7. Delicious lace pancakes with starch ready! Happy Carnival!

How to make pancakes with starch - video recipe

Lacy pancakes with curd

Pancakes with holes stuffed with cottage cheese is not only tasty, but also a pleasure. Curd contains up to 18% protein, vitamins A, E, B12 and B6, lowers cholesterol in the body, contains a number of essential amino acids. The product is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper, zinc, fluorine, magnesium, sodium. We offer you a recipe for cooking lace pancakes with cottage cheese. The approximate cooking time is 25 minutes.


For the preparation of pancakes with holes with curd filling you will need the following ingredients:

  • 3 chicken eggs;
  • 4 tbsp.l. Sahara;
  • 1/2 tsp.salts;
  • 1 liter.milk;
  • 2 cups of wheat flour of the highest grade;
  • 1/2 tsp.soda;
  • 3 tsp.vegetable sunflower oil;
  • butter.

For filling:

  • 0.4 kg of cottage cheese( coarse-grained);
  • 100 grams of raisins;
  • 1 chicken egg;
  • 3 tbsp.l. Sahara.

If you want to make pancakes with holes, you need to strictly follow the recipe.

Step by step cooking:

  1. Pour the milk into a metal bowl, and then heat the .
  2. Add salt, soda and sugar to the milk. Stir thoroughly all the ingredients.
  3. In a separate small bowl, whip 3 eggs.
  4. Shift eggs with the mixture, then add sunflower oil and flour. Again, mix everything well( to avoid unwanted lumps, it is best to use a blender).As a result, the dough should get a bit dense. Add some water to make it liquefied.
  5. Preheat the frying pan with vegetable oil.
  6. With the soup ladle or a tablespoon, start spreading the dough on a frying pan with a thin layer, distributing it in a circular motion over the entire surface.
  7. Wait until the dough is browned and covered with holes, and then turn the pancake to the other side with a spatula.
  8. Each pancake during frying is well lubricated with butter. Lacy pancakes are ready!
  9. Now let's start preparing the filling - the cottage cheese mass. Mix well the following ingredients: cottage cheese, raisins( pre-scalded with boiling water), sugar and chicken egg whipped.
  10. When the filling is ready, place it on the middle of the pancake and wrap it tightly.
  11. Last finish: place the pancakes in a heavily heated oven and bake there for 10 minutes. Cottage cheese lace pancakes are ready to serve! We wish you a pleasant appetite!

Maslenitsa is a bright, positive, real Russian holiday! Do not miss the opportunity to please your family and friends with "fashionable" pancakes in a hole with various delicious fillings, see off winter and meet the long-awaited spring!

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