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celebration average length is universal, for such hair is easy to care for, they can make a variety of fancyHairstyles. Stacking with elements of weaving is one of the main trends of 2017.Spit perfectly fit into any image, make it more feminine and stylish. There are various types of weaving - from the simplest ones, which are easy to create independently, to complex, requiring the intervention of a master hairdresser. What should weave braids on medium hair? This will be discussed later.

Types of weaving

Hairbrushes with elements of weaving have always been in vogue, to embody them on medium hair is possible, most importantly - be patient and follow the instructions clearly. Beautiful braids will be an excellent addition to the everyday and evening image. With pigtails, you can experiment by mixing different styles, decorating them with different accessories. Any modern fashionista should master a pair of techniques of weaving, to look every time in a new way.

  • It all started with the classic Russian braid, the simplest and oldest version of weaving. It consists of three strands that are superimposed on each other. Looks like this hair style is stylish and laconic. It can be placed on the vertex, down, side, worn with bacon or without it. To create a playful image, you can braid two pigtails on the sides. This option is more suitable for the everyday image.
  • Very popular today is the "pike tail", this weaving is more complicated. To create this hairstyle, divide the hair into 2 tails and gradually connect them with thin stitches. You can make a classic "pike tail" or combine it with loose hair. Original styling will be appropriate at work or leisure.
  • The reverse( French) braid is the most versatile option. There are many variations of weaving: the spit in the middle, on the side, in the role of the rim. Usually weave it from the forehead line, in fact, it's the same "dragon", but turned inside out.
  • Spit in Greek style looks very feminine and solemn. This hairstyle is simple in execution: a straight parting, the hair near the forehead is divided into 2 parts. Since the top of the head, the hair is loose, plaits are woven in different directions, everything is connected to a light beam at the bottom.
  • Very practical and unusual spit ropes are very popular, or, as they are called, ropes. The bottom line is that the hair needs to be divided in half, twisted into bundles, which are then reconnected. It turns out a very stylish hairstyle, which is suitable for a walk and a party. To ensure that the rope does not disintegrate, it must be fixed with a fixing agent( gel, mousse, wax).Looks great "burn" of 3 strands.
  • Thin pigtails in Boho style with loose hair and long bangs look very stylish. Styling in the bohemian style combines a light disheveled and elegant.


Medium-length hair is suitable for creating hairstyles with elements of weaving of different levels of complexity."Dragons" are simple braids for every day, which are more suitable for active girls. This hair can be created independently, it looks very neat and laconic.

How to create:

  1. Carefully comb hair, treat with a spray for shine or foam, so the hair will be neat without "cocks".
  2. Start working from the forehead line. Take the three middle strands and braid them like a regular braid.
  3. Then separate the thin strands from the right and left side, weaving them into the main one. The strand on the right should be overlaid on the central stripe, and the one on the left, on the two previous ones.
  4. Spread, complement the braid with side strings. When the lateral strands are finished, add the braid to the end or leave the tail.
  5. Use a hair clip or elastic to secure.

The original version - spike upside down

To create it you need to lean forward, comb your hair, treat them with gel. Take 3 thick strands near the nape of the neck, weave "dragon" according to the usual pattern. When you reach the top, make a pony tail or a bun.

It looks good "poludrakonchik"

This version differs from the previous ones in that for the weaving is taken part of the hair at the forehead, the rest can be laid at your own discretion. This hair is easy to create with your own hands.

  1. Begin to work from the forehead line, take 3 strands and weave thin side curls.
  2. Screw the neck in the direction of the known scheme, at the bottom of the pigtail fasten the elastic band.
  3. The rest of the hair can be left loose, or it can be collected in the original bundle.

Touchpad tail

These voluminous braids look very original, and they are created quite simply. They are woven by the method of whipping, and so smooth or careless - choose you.

Scheme of weaving:

  1. Comb your hair, treat it with antistatic agent.
  2. Make a direct parting, so that at the bottom you have two perfectly even tails.
  3. For adding extra volume, hair on the back of the neck can be combed.
  4. Take the tails in your hands, on the right near the temple separate the thin string, put it on the left tail.
  5. Place the fine string on the left on the right tail. Then again separate the string on the right, put it on the left tail, etc.
  6. Add the "pike tail" to the end, fix it with an elastic band. Done!

In order for the braid to be voluminous, do not braid it tight.

Boom braid

This option is ideal for fans of the style of "boho-chic".He is characterized by light negligence, elegance, shocking. It can be a pigtail of medium thickness or a few thin ones. The traditional location of the boho-pigtail is the side part of the head( right or left), near the forehead, along the hair growth line, the side strands need to be taken from the main part.

Such plaits are created on the side very simply:

  1. After combing the hair and processing it with a spray for shine, make a parting on the side and separate the thick strand from the forehead.
  2. Divide it into 3 parts, braid it like a standard three-strand braid.
  3. Gradually weave the side strands in the same pattern as the "dragon".
  4. Bottom secure with an elastic band.

This braid can be plaited to the ear or below it.

Spit in Greek style

The Greek braid is delicious, its feature is that it should be weaved only by the contour of hair growth. She makes a woman more elegant, gentle and touching, revealing her face and neck. The Greek spit is suitable for creating an easy romantic image.

How to create:

  1. Pricheeshtes, make an even part.
  2. Separate the thick strand near the forehead to the right, and then to the left.
  3. One lock lock, so as not to interfere with work, and the other begin to weave.
  4. Divide the strand on the left into 3 identical parts.
  5. Braid the pigtail in the same way as the "dragon", or you can try the reverse weave. The peculiarity is that the lateral strands are taken only from below. You should weave until you reach the middle of the nape. Secure the pigtail with an elastic band.
  6. Repeat the procedure on the right side.
  7. At the bottom, connect the pigtails to the rest of the hair in a bundle or tail. Done!

Reverse French braid

French braids are effective, elegant and versatile. If you master this technique, you can create a lot of original hairstyles on its basis. To make the French weaving with your own hands is easy:

  1. Comb your clean hair, treat it with cosmetic means to increase the volume.
  2. Next to the forehead line, separate a thick strand that looks like a triangle with a shape, put silicone rubber on it.
  3. Begin to braid like a regular pigtail, gradually adding lateral strands of the same thickness. Do not forget that the strands on the right should be imposed on the central, and not vice versa.
  4. Scourge until the strands on the sides run out.
  5. Put a rubber band on the braid. Done!

The peculiarity of the reverse braid is that the weaving is not too tight. After every 3 stitches stretch the stitches to the sides.

"Dragon" in the French manner - very comfortable, neat and stylish hairstyle for medium hair. Hair does not interfere, look well-groomed throughout the day. This hairstyle is created according to the same scheme as the reverse braid, the only difference is that the lateral strands are planted under the central stripe, and not vice versa.

Spinning rope

This variant of weaving looks very fresh and unusual. Weave such braids easily, even newcomers in the hairdresser's business will cope with this task."Kanat" perfectly complement the everyday or evening image.

Sequence of operations:

  1. Comb the curls, treat with a spray for shine.
  2. Make a tight smooth tail on top or bottom.
  3. Treat the tail with a wax or foam of strong fixation.
  4. Divide the tail into two equal parts.
  5. Twist the tight bundle from one strand, fix the tips with a thin silicone rubber band.
  6. Make the same bundle for the second strand, do not forget to fix the ends.
  7. Both strands twist in one direction.
  8. Connect them together, the direction of twist - the opposite of the previous one.
  9. Fasten the "rope" at the bottom with a rubber band. Done!

Four-strand braid

This is a complicated variant of weaving, it looks very impressive, suitable for thick curls. It's quite difficult to create a four-spit with your own hands, but it's possible:

  1. Take a thick strand near the forehead line.
  2. Divide it into 4 equal parts.
  3. Read on the right: the last right is No. 1, the one on the left is No. 2, then No. 3, etc.
  4. Start the first strand under the second one, put the first one on the first( now it is placed on the right side).
  5. Strand number 4 put under the first( it is placed in the center).Place a curl № 2 on the third, and curl № 4 on the second.
  6. Then in the same spirit: strand number 1 on number 2, number 3 on number 4, then number 1 lead over number 3, and the third number over number 2. Screw to the end.
  7. Bottom with rubber band. Done!

Scythes for celebrations

How beautiful it is to braid the braid on medium hair to complete the evening image? It is better to turn to the services of a professional hair stylist. If you do not have very thick hair, then use curly hair. Holiday hair can be decorated with a variety of accessories.

The most popular varieties of weave for the celebration:

  • Openwork.
  • Touching tail.
  • The reverse braid.
  • Waterfall.
  • Shells, pebbles, nodules or babette, wrapped in thin pigtails.

Such hairstyles can be made at the prom, wedding or other celebration. The main thing - to choose the right type for your face type:

  • High vertical weaving is more suitable for chubby girls, but it is strictly forbidden to women with an elongated face.
  • If the face is in the form of a rectangle, then curly curls should be included in the hair, straight lines are contraindicated.
  • Straight braid and wavy curls are ideal for girls with a triangular face.
  • The angular square face can be smoothed with a French scythe, and the hair near the forehead needs to be raised slightly.
  • Oval shape is universal, you can choose any variant of weaving.

The braids for the wedding can be decorated with flowers, ribbons, hairpins, hats, veils, decorative twigs or diadems.

It is not recommended to put on a veil, it just closes the weaving. Do not overdo the decorations, all elements of the image must complement each other, only in this case you will look delicious.

Now you know how to weave braids on medium hair. For you to do it, practice doing the weaving in front of the mirror. Follow the instructions and you will look stylish and original every day!

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