With what to wear a female trench in 2016

  • Variety of models and color solutions
  • Trench and figure features
  • Casual and working style
  • Trench and suitable footwear

Trench is a classic of outerwear and has long been fashionable, but only undergoes minor modifications and additions. This wardrobe item, which is still called trench coat( in translation - "trench coat"), is a light cloak of straight, fitted or A-shaped cut.

Its outward appearance and style is remotely similar to the male military uniform, and its mandatory elements are:

  • double-breasted and single-breasted silhouette,
  • overhead pockets,
  • slit behind,
  • turn-down collar,
  • belt and darts.

Such details of this cloak are not accidental, since this type of clothing was intended for servicemen who served in the field. He was wearing a very interesting and unusual water-repellent material - gabardine.

Famous brands that make this garment in its classic version are two brands of British origin - Aquascutum and Burberry. They create that true conservative object of outerwear, which many simply do not know how to properly use and beautifully combine. Therefore, the question of what to wear with a trench is still relevant and needs clear answers.

Variety of models and color solutions

Modern models of this cloak are possible due to the materials used for its production. It is their huge range that makes it possible to create a variety of styles, so that every fashionista and connoisseur of universality and practicality can find her special trench.

Trenches are divided into the following types:

  • leather( genuine leather, artificial, varnished);
  • suede;
  • cotton;
  • woolen;
  • denim.
In this case, the length of the trench can also be different, ranging from a short mini, only slightly affecting the line of the thigh, and ending with the maxi reaching to the heel.

It should be noted that it is in the spring-fall season of 2017 that designers place a great emphasis on long models of raincoats made of dense fabric, the bottom of which is decorated with all sorts of bright and muted prints. And in this case, the trench appears in a completely new interpretation, absorbing femininity, mystery and romance.

I want to pay special attention to the color scheme in which this clothing is presented. The most common and classic options are beige trench, black and navy blue. Models in this color design are most intended for autumn weather, as they are considered to be the most practical in this case.

However, fashion designers have recently been focusing on cloaks made from fabric of light texture designed for late spring and early summer. And here you can already see that riot of colors, which they begin to use: turquoise and emerald shades, lemon, burgundy and orange, ultramarine and lavender color. And this is only a small part of the color decisions that can be seen on the podium this season.

Trench and figure features

Creating a stylish and memorable image, of course, depends on the compatibility of trench with other things that all together and create a complete outfit. However, it is also important that the cloak will fit well in the figure. Therefore, before moving to the peculiarities of combining a trench with the rest of the wardrobe, it is necessary to touch upon the rules of his choice.

  1. The classic length slightly below the knees should be chosen by tall girls. But those with small growth can pay attention to short models that reach the hip. This style will help even a little stretch the silhouette.
  2. If the task is to hide the extra pounds, you can refer to such a cloak up to the calf, which at the same time is tied to the waist.
  3. Style with V-neck is able to emphasize the chest and lengthen the neck. But a raincoat with a tight collar should not be chosen by women with forms, since such a model will accentuate this even more.
  4. Possessors of the figure "hourglass" or "pear" you can safely buy trench trimmed style with a belt or belt. The rest of the girls should take a closer look at the flared model, which resembles a little bell.
  5. Refuse this cloak with a massive collar and epaulettes is for those who have too wide shoulders.

These small recommendations will help you choose the model that will undoubtedly further adorn and transform a woman. And after you decided on the shape, you can go on combining the trench with other things.

Casual and working style

  • To work in the office, the trench is appropriate to wear along with a pencil skirt or a medium-length dress. But the fluffy and multilayered outfits in this case should be avoided. If we are talking about a classic raincoat, then the approximate length of the skirt should be 10 cm more. It is this feature that stylists recommend. When there is a desire to connect a trench with a dress or a skirt to the knees, you can try to choose the model of a raincoat more shortly and with a flared bottom.
  • Also for a strict style, an excellent duet is a trench with a strap and a female trouser suit with a straight cut with arrows. But here, too, it is necessary to observe the balance, the harmony between the width and length of the pants and the volume of the cloak itself.
  • For everyday style and ordinary walks, you can choose a leather trench that fits perfectly with jeans clothes, narrow trousers, as well as a dress-case and a long skirt. But here knitted skirts and dresses, as well as woolen wide pants should be avoided in conjunction with a cloak of leather. Together, they are completely inappropriate and disharmonious looking, creating a sense of something superfluous and contradictory. Also, it is not recommended to combine leather upper with pants, leggings and skirts of the same material. The image is too "leather" and a little repulsive.
  • To support the street style will help trench color khaki. It can be worn with black, chocolate and gray straight trousers, complementing them with a neutral turtleneck.
    Here, skirts in the form of a trapezium of some dark tones without ornaments and frames can also come up.

Illustrative examples of office and everyday style can serve as the following assembled images:

  1. Red cotton shirt with blue buttons, shortened trousers of asphalt shade and a thin blue trench that reaches the line of the knees. Leather shoes with black heels and a cloth bag of dark red or light gray color are also suitable here. In this outfit you can not only go to work, but also meet with business partners.
  2. Beige short double-breasted trench coat, variegated sand-gray and medium-length dress, lacquered boats and a small wallet bag. Add and decorate the image will be light brown beret and the same gloves. It is also worth noting that pantyhose to this side should be only a solid or slightly bronze shade, but no other.
  3. For a casual and informal image, you can choose a long trench of light-marsh shade, blue skinny jeans, a thin sweater or a pale blouse of light green color. As shoes, light ballet flats are perfect for this, and you can replace the bag with a small leather backpack.
  4. Knitted tunic with high neck variegated colors, dark leggings with a slight sheen, black single-breasted suede trench of medium length. Here you can add ankle boots on a stable little heel or shoes on the wedge and some bright big bag.

Trench and a suitable shoe for it

A complete and complete image will not look like that if you do not pick the right shoes. The outer clothing does not continue to be worn under it, but the accompanying accessories in the form of shoes, bags, scarves.

  • Choosing a medium-length cloak, it can be combined with high knee-high boots on a small and high heel. The image is quite feminine and elegant.
  • Under the , the shortened, slightly flared trench is allowed to wear the boots, but they must fit tightly around the legs. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the material of the raincoat and shoes, it is better if they have a little something in common. Taboo in this case is placed on boots that mimic the skin of a crocodile or other reptiles, as well as with abundant adornment in the form of all kinds of chains, rhinestones and appliques.
  • Beige long trench with a wide belt, which is tied into a careless knot, will look harmonious with blue straight jeans and light sneakers. Dilute and strengthen the image will help a multi-colored scarf or shawl wrapped around the neck.
  • A similar free style can be created with the help of a sleeveless trench under which a durable turtleneck of the same color is put on and a long narrow skirt with a slit, and as a shoe one should choose "belt" ankle boots with an open nose. Most effectively, this outfit will look in bright colors.
  • Oxford brown shoes perfectly interact with a sand, fiery red or marsh trench. In this case, the bag should repeat the color of the shoes. Under the bottom, you can wear a capri-colored cinnamon and a milky shade of a classic shirt.
  • Summer pants of light colors with white boat shoes or sandals perfectly coexist with a cloak of yellow and dark green shade up to the knee.
  • But to make the image original, bright and at the same time you can use the scarlet trench of medium length, a black dress with sleeves-flashlights and suede boots of dark shade, decorated with a massive buckle. Tights in this case should also be chosen dark.

Ignore should be high boots, which are filled with narrow trousers or leggings and trench of medium length. In this case, the image is vulgar and defiant.

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