Positions for a photo shoot in nature

It's about professional photography. Do not confuse departure for shish kebabs or a walk in the landing with such an event. A professional photo shoot in nature involves serious preparation, rather than a simple pose next to some bush or tree. If you want to get high-quality and beautiful images, pay attention to the recommendations below.


  • Emphasis on the scenery
  • Pose in the standing position
  • Pose in the sitting position
  • Focus on the model
  • Pose with the slope forward
  • Portrait poses
  • Features

    Nature gives us in a literal sense of the word, an unlimited list of locations and scenery for the implementation of absolutelyany subjects and genres of the photo session. Within its framework, there are no limits, and this tautology is quite appropriate here.

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    The only thing that can spoil shooting on the background of such scenery is your laziness, no offense, if you do not bother to work out the image, and the inability to pose. Nobody even requires you to have professional skills in working out poses, but you should be able to submit yourself beautifully for yourself, so that you can sincerely enjoy the result obtained.

    Positioning, in the case of non-topic ideas, should be natural. But some rules for preparing the image and poses are worth considering. So, if you just decided to dress up for a photo shoot, give preference to natural colors.

    Remember, nature is the quintessence of naturalness, and you also have to choose natural variants in everything that concerns both the image and poses. Avoid the piece, screaming colors, black, all kinds of rhinestones, varnished hairstyles. In poses, immediately give up posing on samples from fashion magazines. Here is a list of poses that are most suitable for a photo shoot in nature.

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    Emphasis on the scenery of

    Decorations are beautiful landscapes, corners of nature. They must have something unusual and spectacular, for example: overgrown old pond, huge tree, flowering shrubs, green sea of ​​fields, etc.

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    Pose in standing position

    Usually in the exposure of the frame, where the main accent is laid on the scenery, for example, on beautiful trees, the far away river, the model is given a secondary role. So, the lion's share of the frame is taken by nature, the model can be either in the middle of the exposition or on the side.

    If you want to convey all the beauty and grandeur of the chosen scenery, your posture must convey the very mood of the nature of this place. For example, if it is a photo of an autumn garden or a winter field, then these places should be associated with emotions of sadness, nostalgia. The best posture that will convey these feelings in the photo session is the following - you need to become a semi-front to the photographer, fold your arms over your chest, palms to your neck, your face can be tilted, your eyes half-closed or looking down. If you want your face to be more visible, tilt your head back slightly and look just above the horizon.

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    Pose in sitting position

    If we are talking about summer or spring scenery, then the subtext of emotions is radically opposite - it is positive, and therefore you have all the rights to manifest these feelings. To merge emotionally with the decorations of these seasons in the photo session, take the following pose - sit in the tall grass, take a little bit of that grass in the foreground so that it does not block you, pick up any bouquet of field grasses or a branch with foliage, and simplypress yourself to this beauty.

    Do not forget to smile gently, enough light half-smile. It will be quite appropriate, if for this pose you decorate your hair with a woven wreath.

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    Focus on model

    In this case, photo portraits of portrait character are most often appropriate. But the shooting is also suitable for full height, from a short distance. If you are already setting the task of conveying not only the mood of nature, but also profitable to emphasize your dignity, to hide flaws, then pay attention to the following poses for a photosession of this kind.

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    Pose with a forward slope

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    Its advantages are that it alwaysvisually softens the figure. At the same time, bending over, you can throw your hair to one side, hands can be put on your knees( for a pose in the position in full face to the photographer) or put only one hand on the knee, and the other, for example, throw over the head( for a posture in the profile positionto the photographer).

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    Portrait poses

    In portrait poses, try not to "look" directly at the lens. Turn your head slightly to the side or tilt back.

    You can also tilt forward, put it on your knees, lean against the tree with your forehead, back of your head, cheek. Do not forget about the variants of poses for shooting from behind. In this case, you can both turn to the photographer only in the neck area, and in the waist region. In the first case, the view is best directed to somewhere in the distance, in the second - on the rim of the lens or in the distance, which is behind the photographer. This will make your look slightly detached, mysterious.

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