Dresses for graduation in grade 11: options for 2016

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Not so long ago, small tomboy sat at desks, received well-deserved marks in the diary and did not notice at all,how fast the school years are flying. Now the children have matured, and in front of them awaits a mature, saturated life, which is beckoning with its capabilities and new uncharted adventures.

It's on the prom night that the young beauties are preparing, as the most significant event in their life, wishing to conquer all those around with beauty and a stunning exquisite outfit. And what is the main ornament of the girl at this solemn moment? Of course, the right dress, which can emphasize the beauty of the figure, creating a gentle image of a romantic charmer or a bright face of a charismatic and merry coquette.

2017 already brought some definite innovations, and you still have time to learn all the main secrets of choosing a prom dress and give your preference to the most suitable option.

Actual styles

This season offers young women of fashion to stop their choice on models of midi, but each girl is unique and has individual features and preferences, so stylists do not recommend stopping their attention solely on one style. This year, the following models are relevant:

  • Dress Year. A feature of this style is a tight top and flared above or below the knee bottom. The silhouette of the product visually resembles an inverted glass, and the most popular were the "mermaid" and "fish" dresses. If you choose this model, then be prepared for various inconveniences during walking and to the fact that you will not be able to dance much tonight.
  • With American armhole. The pattern of this model resembles a raglan sleeve or an ordinary top. The styles in this case are short and long, but the stylists do not recommend graduates with magnificent forms to choose this option. Dress with an American armhole is perfect for miniature girls of small stature with a thin waist.
  • Long dress shirt. A fairly bold and unusual choice, which some time ago was not very popular. A special feature of the style is a closed top resembling a habitual shirt. To create a complete image, you only need to pick up jewelry and accessories, and as for shoes, even low-range options will be appropriate here.
  • Ball Gown. This style is a solemn outfit with a pretty fluffy skirt that is as long as an ankle or a floor. Choosing lush dresses for graduation to grade 11, you should be extremely cautious, otherwise you run the risk of not looking like a graduate, but as a bride waiting for an invitation to the registry office. Incorrect selection of jewelry and hairstyle can also make the image too pretentious and too pompous.

This season continues to enjoy the frantic success of a combination consisting of a top and a skirt with an inflated waistline. The style of the bottom in this case can be anything: a fitting skirt-pencil or a free skirt-sun - the choice depends entirely on your preferences. A small bare strip in the waistline gives the image a piquancy and temptation, and complement the outfit with bright colored boats and quiet, not "screaming" jewelry.

Long dress at the prom dress

The outfit on the floor-length is already a certain classic that allows the girls to feel like a Hollywood star on the red carpet.
  • It is worth noting that the smaller your riches, ruffles and podsubnikov will be in your image, the more relevant and attractive you will look at the solemn event.
  • Dresses with a long skirt made of a plain smooth material, complemented by massive ornaments and stylish clutch, look superb. However, when choosing the color of the outfit, try to avoid white shades, because the graduation party has nothing to do with the wedding ceremony of the newlyweds.
  • Girls with narrow hips and broad shoulders should prefer models with a lush skirt.
  • But if you bought an outfit with an open top, then a large necklace can be used to reduce the width of the shoulders.
  • Stylists recommend this season to stop the choice of dresses of gentle feminine colors with a floral print. This option will perfectly emphasize the sensual and romantic nature of the young beauty, creating an excellent evening image for the solemn event.

Short dresses for graduation party

The 11th grade is not over yet, so there is still plenty of time to find your perfect dress at the prom. And if the main criterion for you is the convenience of the outfit, then it is worth paying attention to the short versions of the product.

  • Especially the mini-model will suit the long-legged graduates with the ideal figure, because in this outfit you can successfully emphasize your main advantages. However, the whole image as a whole will look not so solemn, as in a long dress in the floor.
  • To give the look of a formal note, you can choose the model of the adjacent silhouette.
  • And here in order to emphasize your youth and young beauty, give preference to the short along with a magnificent skirt, complementing the image with feminine sandals and a small clutch.

Designers present a variety of options, decorated with delicate trim, leather inserts, embroidery and other additional elements of decor.

Dress at the prom with laces

It's not the first season lace is the main decoration of delicate and feminine outfits. The dress can be long or short, consist of several types of lace or be made only with a small addition of delicate inserts, which create a slight hint of piquant nudity in the image.

The shades of the outfits can also be diverse, but you should not overload the outfit with a lot of jewelry, because the lace itself is smart enough, and with an excessive amount of accessories, the image as a whole will look too lurid.

5 basic dress selection rules for graduation

  1. You should not use everything in your bow at once: lace, sequins, frills and bows, as well as countless jewelry.
    You are not a festive Christmas tree, but a young graduate, so in your case the slogan will become: "The less is the better."
  2. The main misconception of young women of fashion is that you must spend a fabulous amount of money to purchase a prom dress. In fact, the high cost of the product does not always guarantee a successful choice, and stylish, current models can be found in democratic brands that do not require you to invest heavily.
  3. Be careful with the choice of short styles, so that the extremely short length does not shock the teachers and does not cause your ridiculous and vulgar appearance. The same applies to lace dresses, which for all their translucency should look in accordance with the rules of decency and do not accent others on your overly frank appearance.
  4. Pay special attention to the quality of the fabric from which the dress is made. In the event that you ordered the tailoring of a dress, you should familiarize yourself with the assortment of offered fabrics in advance and choose a quality material that fits the style. If you decide to purchase a model in the store, then check the quality of the seams and pay attention to the components used in the product. Synthetic materials and silk of low quality are unlikely to save any additional decorations or decor elements. And even more so this fabric can create shine, which is undesirable for girls with lush forms.
  5. Do not underestimate the power of accessories. Sometimes even the most modest and unpretentious dress can start playing with new colors, if you complement the image with interesting ornaments and stylish additional elements. These can be massive earrings, necklaces or necklaces, hoops with flowers and other hair decorations, which will create additional accents in the festive outfit.

    However, you should not lose sense of proportion and try to combine in one image the maximum number of accessories. If your outfit is already decorated with a bright print, paillettes or shiny rhinestones, then the help of costume jewelry in this case may be superfluous.

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