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Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity tend to change their image often. Women want to attract attention, cause admiration from the opposite sex, receive compliments in their address. In the spring, when nature itself is striving for renewal, making adjustments to one's appearance becomes a necessity. Let's talk about asymmetrical haircuts - the main trend of the spring-summer season of 2017.

With their help you can creatively change your appearance, become younger and more attractive. That's why these magnificent stylish haircuts are chosen not only by young ladies, but also by mature women. This year, asymmetry is at the peak of popularity, offering fashionistas many variations of extraordinary hairstyles on both long and short hair.

However, there are two important nuances, if not observed, a fashionable haircut can bring disappointment. First, you need to try on the image, figure out which version will suit you personally. Secondly, the hairstyle is difficult to perform, it can only be created by a professional. Do not risk and do asymmetry with an unfamiliar master, if the result does not satisfy you, it will be difficult to correct the situation.

The characteristic features of such a haircut are the absence of classical symmetry, different length of strands and original details that a stylist can make while performing a hairstyle.

Choice of haircuts by type of face

This pros will easily choose the option of asymmetrical haircut, ideally suited to the girl. At the same time, the structure of the hair is not so important to him as the face oval:

  1. Square. Because of the wide upper and lower parts of the face looks gruff. To soften the lines, the cascade and ladder can be cut.
    It will look good elongated bangs, soft curls, light hair, color streaks.
  2. Triangular. To soften the abrupt transition from a broad forehead to a long chin, you can use an asymmetrical bang. It will look good on such a face with a rounded tip or a ragged bean. The complexity of the performance and the length of the hairstyle can be any.
  3. Round. This type of face looks somewhat flat, so it should be slightly extended and made more textured. The oblique or zigzag parting, the torn bangs and locks covering the ears, will perfectly cope with this task. Ideal option will be a medium-sized bean.
  4. Rectangular. Haircut asymmetry should be chosen in such a way as to make the lower part of the face softer and more refined. From radically short hairstyles it is better to refuse, preferring the average length of hair. This type is suitable soft waves, elongated bangs, beans, quads.

Long hair

Asymmetric haircuts made on long hair look very impressive, while at the same time avoiding radical changes in the appearance and general style of women.

Asymmetric trimmed long locks are a favorite hairstyle for stylists, because it gives them the opportunity to realize the most unexpected ideas and original solutions, which you can not do on short hair.

The most popular asymmetrical haircut on long hair is a cascade, which is the basis for creating different hairstyles.

In 2017, for graduated asymmetry, there are no clearly defined boundaries. Haircuts can be smooth, lush, with a bang or without it, asymmetrical strands or boldly shaven temples.


This haircut is always out of the competition. Rhapsody is universal and approaches to any oval face, it can be performed on all hair - both on thick and curly, and on thin, deprived volume.

The principle of haircut - in the imposition of different in length strands on the crown and the bottom. The hairstyle does not require special care, adds to the hair splendor and gives them a well-groomed healthy appearance.

Rhapsody is an ideal option for women who can not spend a lot of time laying and yet want to look charming. It looks especially attractive on curly locks, curls of different length look charming.

This scallion is popular with women who want to make fresh notes in their image, but do not want to be cut short. There are several options for stairs. Strands are asymmetrically cut in layers throughout the head, from the ends of the hair or from the top.

Shaved temple

This unusually effective and stylish haircut is chosen by young shocking girls. If earlier similar hairstyles were worn exclusively by representatives of subcultures, decorated with tattoos, piercings and other attributes of informal styles, today asymmetrical haircuts with one shaven temple are a hot trend of 2017, loved by women, preferring a glamorous style.

It's very easy to care for a haircut, the temple can be trimmed with a trimmer, the main thing is that the correct shape was created initially.

Hair of medium length

The average length of hair is most popular among girls. It's not so difficult to care for the hair as for long curls, and the possibilities to change your image with the help of various stitches, braids, stylish tails and tufts are no less.

Besides this, stylists offer more haircut options for such hair than for short hair.

The difference in the length of strands on medium hair with asymmetrical haircuts looks feminine and expressive and emphasizes the individual style of the girl.

The advantage of asymmetry on medium hair is its versatility and the ability not to update it very often. Cascade hairstyle technology, performed correctly, belongs to the category of trendy haircuts.


Modified square, in which strands of different lengths are formed, a conical section at the back and an oblique parting. Can be both with a bang, and without it and looks great on straight hair, especially if they are painted in a bright saturated shade. A girl with curly locks, he too will go very much, giving the image of mischief and elegance.


The popularity of haircuts has increased in recent years, as stylists offer fresh ideas for the embodiment of this hairstyle.

Despite the apparent simplicity, the haircut is very difficult to perform. Medium strands need to be sheared in such a way that each curl lies perfectly, hair to the hair, creating a clear texture and a smooth contour. Best of all, this haircut looks on thick, straight hair, although modern techniques allow it to be performed on thin hair, devoid of volume.


The hairdress is not in vain has such an unusual name, since it is visually resembling a wolf's mane, which is visually stretched and protruding in different directions.

  • A characteristic feature that distinguishes it from the cascade is a stepped haircut at the back of the head, with the front strands being made very short.
  • The hair can be done with a straight and oblique bangs, the second option looks most spectacular.
  • The advantage of haircuts is the ability to use it as a basis for creating different styling, performance on hair of any type.

On short hair

The owners of short hair are lucky, because there are a lot of short asymmetry options. Correctly selected and competently executed hairstyle will emphasize the individuality of a woman and her dignity, conceal minor imperfections of appearance.

For the best effect, too thick dense curls can be profiled, and thin rare - grind.

Haircut has a certain structure, so only the pros, given the type of hair and shape of the face, can choose an option that is ideal for a woman.

To consider, that time a hairdress short, and to look after it will not make special work, it would be a mistake. Haircut asymmetry on short hair will not tolerate careless care. It must be laid daily, using appropriate means. In addition, overgrown curls should be cut in time, getting rid of the tips of the tips. Otherwise, the hair will look untidy.


This stylish haircut about 30 years ago was very popular with women of fashion of the time. The principle of its implementation is similar to a cascade: short strands on the parietal zone are combined with long ones along the contour. The longest locks are at the level of the chin - this technique effectively emphasizes the line of cheekbones and the oval face.

A short version of the Aurora is characterized by a lush volume due to the raised crown. This hairstyle is suitable for women of all ages, regardless of the structure of the hair. Stacking is very simple.

Ragged Bean

To date, this is the most fashionable asymmetry for short hair. A characteristic feature of a torn bean is grading. This hairstyle is an ideal way to hide the flaws of the exterior, such as a massive chin, wide cheekbones, a small forehead. Such an opportunity is given by asymmetrically trimmed locks.

  • The shortened torn strands give the image softness, femininity and audacity at the same time.
  • This variant of a bean on curly hair looks especially chic.
  • On a thin head of hair, a torn bean is made using an appropriate technology that allows you to add volume to your hair.

Stylish addition of a bean with torn edges is an oblique cut of an even bang that is straightened with ironing. This achieves impeccable crispness and texture of the haircut, refinement of the image.


A great alternative to the traditional refined haircut is the asymmetrical square, which looks extremely stylish and sexy.

  • The girl, trimmed in this way, will never go unnoticed. A competently executed hairstyle will draw attention to the face and visually hide the flaws of the exterior.
  • Most of the strands are concentrated on the occiput, the ears remain open. Especially elegant asymmetrical quads look on straight dark hair.
  • The shortened asymmetrical variant of a hairstyle will approach both to the young girl-student, and the vigorous business lady as packing by means of the hair drier does not borrow much time.


The trendy haircut of the pixie, whose name translates as "elf", is now in high demand among Hollywood stars. Our girls, not wanting to lag behind the celebrities, are also happy to try on themselves a mischievous boyish image.

  • The undoubted advantage of pixy is the ease of laying. If a woman is in a hurry, she can do without the help of a hair dryer and just ruffle her hair, the hair will still look superb.
  • And here it is necessary to get a haircut regularly, so that carelessly trimmed locks do not spoil the impression of the image as a whole.

Asymmetric haircuts will help you create an expressive, stylish image. The uniqueness of the asymmetry is that it allows you to experiment, put your hair in different ways - straight strands or charming curly curls.

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