What gifts and souvenirs can you bring from Austria

Austria is a country of fairy tales and classical music. Tourists come here because of the charming atmosphere of antiquity and majesty. But what to bring with you from the journey, to remember for a long time a meeting with the beautiful Austrian Republic?

  • Alcohol
  • Wines
  • Eiswein
  • Liquor «Mozart»
  • Beer
  • Rum «Stroh»
  • Schnapps
  • Embroidery
  • Heroes of fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm
  • Coffee
  • Models of locomotives
  • Shoes
  • Beer mugs
  • Sweets
  • Viennese waffles
  • Candied petals
  • Candy"Mozart Kugeln"
  • Cake Sacher
  • Chocolate
  • Pumpkin oil
  • Ornaments "Swarovski"
  • Porcelain
  • Cuckoo clock
  • You can not take out


In Austria, do not drink traditional hot drinks forbeer for prison. Here in honor schnapps, liqueurs and tinctures, a huge assortment of which can be found in every supermarket. Good alcohol in the country can be purchased at affordable prices.

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The best Austrian wines are produced in the area of ​​Weinviertel and Burgenland. Tourists prefer white wines "Welschriesling", "Riesling", "Chardonnay", "Sauvignon Blanc( Muscat-Sylvaner)".And of the reds, the most popular are Blauer Zweigelt( Rotburger), Blauer Portugieser and St. Petersburg. Laurent. "

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Especially popular is the wine drink Eiswein, also called "ice cold".For its creation take frozen during the first frost grapes of Riesling and Vidal varieties. The strength of this wine reaches 12 degrees, and the taste is somewhat like honey.

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Liquor "Mozart"

Coffee liqueur "Mozart" will be appreciated even by those who are not fans of hot drinks. This alcohol is made on the basis of fruit spirits and cream, so that "Mozart" has a very mild taste.

There are three varieties of liquor "Mozart": Gold Chocolate( classic), Mozart White( white chocolate) and Mozart Black( black chocolate).Classic and black drinks have a strength of 17%, while white liquor contains only 15% of alcohol.

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The Austrians are very fond of beer. In total there are 150 breweries in the country. Foam drink can be bought in any corner of the country, but if you want to taste the true Austrian beer, buy products of the brands "Gosser", "Ottakringer", "Zipfel", "Stiegl" and "Kaiser".

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Rum "Stroh"

The national hot drink is rum "Stroh".It has a slightly spicy, tart taste. The alcohol content in this drink reaches 80 degrees. In its pure form, drinking "Stroi" is not recommended, it is better to mix in cocktails or with tea.

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Schnapps belongs to the category of strong spirits( strength reaches 40 degrees).The Austrians make it from berries and fruits. The most common types of schnapps are cherry "Kirsch Schnaps", plum "Zwetschgen Schnaps", apple "Apfel Schnaps" and pear "Birnen Schnaps".The taste palette of the drink depends on the technology of production and varies from sweet to tart( bitter).

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Austrian dot embroidery "petite point" is considered to be royal. Thanks to the huge number of small stitches( about 3000 by 6 square centimeters), the drawing is very lively and voluminous. In specialized stores are collected products, decorated in the technique of "petite point."Anyone can buy embroidered pillows, paintings, bags, wallets and souvenirs.

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Heroes of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales

Souvenirs depicting the heroes of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales will be a surprise for children. In the souvenir shops there are wooden toys based on fairy tales, as well as three-dimensional 3D images of subjects and heroes.

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If you want to join the Austrian coffee traditions, buy a local beverage. The most popular Austrian coffee is "Julius Meinl", which has a huge assortment of varieties.

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From Vienna you can bring coffee "Sacher", which is sold in the same cafe, where famous cakes.

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Models of

steam locomotives In Salzburg, the company "ROCO" is actively working, producing reduced copies of locomotives. Miniatures even let off steam, imitating the sound of the original steam locomotives. These amazing souvenirs impress with their accuracy. The company took care of every detail of its models, creating incredibly believable mini-copies. A small locomotive can be bought at souvenir shops in Salzburg.

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In Austria, the company "Hogl" is located, which produces footwear according to European standards. Only in the territory of the country of origin you can buy original products of this brand at the lowest prices.

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Beer mugs

In Austria, every inhabitant has his own beer mug. These "attributes of foam drinks" in the country are made by hand, made of ceramics. They paint scenes from the life of the country or local symbols. The caps of the mugs are made from the ore mined in Salzburg. There are even musical beer glasses, which are in demand souvenirs.

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The country is famous for its good confectioners. Here you can try and buy a real Viennese strudel, made according to an old recipe, sweets with icing from Austrian bitter chocolate, jams and marzipans. Very popular cakes are "Demel", "Esterhazy" and "Anna", which can be bought in the confectionery with the same name "Demel".

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Viennese waffles

A store of the firm "Manner" is located next to St. Stephen's Cathedral. Here everyone can get the famous Viennese waffles. There are three varieties of this delicacy: chocolate, lemon and nut. The original packaging of waffles is made in pink and has a logo in the form of a small image of Stephen's Cathedral.

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Candied petals

In the cafe "Demel" in Vienna you can buy a favorite delicacy of Princess Sisi - candied petals of violets. Outwardly they resemble an amethyst stone( because of the rich blue color and candied structure).And the taste of unusual candies is similar to the taste of a refined sugar with a pleasant violet fragrance.

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Sweets "Mozart Kugeln"

Salzburg sells sweets "Mozart Kugeln" with marzipan, which are considered one of the symbols of Austria. The peculiarity of this confectionery is that sweets are made by hand according to an old recipe, which is kept secret. Externally, the candies look like balls wrapped in foil with a portrait of Mozart. They are sold individually and in gift boxes. You can buy Mozart Kugeln only in Salzburg in the confectionery and cafe "Furst".

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Cake Sacher

This Austrian Sacher cake can be bought in two places: the hotel "Sacher" and the confectionery "Demel".Since 1938, two manufacturers of Austrian delicacies have fought for the right to Zaher's formula, but as a result, the hotel and the confectionery bake cake according to different recipes.

"Demel" uses the recipe of the cake maker - Franz. And the hotel "Sacher" bakes a treat with two layers of jam and a margarine base. With its amazing taste, the Sacher cake is obliged to mix three types of chocolate, an air biscuit and an Austrian apricot confiture.

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Austria - the birthplace of chocolate "Milka".Want to please your friends, look in the special shops "Milka".There is a wide range of delicacies from the milk of alpine cows. Tourists give preference to gift sets of chocolate in tin boxes.

Original chocolate "Milka" to taste very much different from its counterparts produced in other countries. The Austrian product has a very delicate taste and quickly melts in the mouth, leaving a milky flavor.

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Pumpkin oil

Cucurbita pepo styriaca is a special kind of oil pumpkin, grown in Styria. The oil made on the basis of this vegetable can be called without exaggeration the best in the world. Styrian pumpkin oil has a pronounced flavor and rich taste.

It can be used as a culinary seasoning( enough two drops to change the taste of a familiar dish), and can be adapted for cosmetic purposes.

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Swarovski jewelry

In the town of Innsbruck, famous "Swarovski" decorations are produced. Here is the museum and the world's largest shop "Swarovski".It is believed that you can buy original products and stones only on the territory of Innsbruck.

Here create stunning crystals from optical crystal. Lead oxide, which is involved in the process of creating and processing products, ensures maximum refraction of light rays. Thereby unique unique shining ornaments and jeweler figurines are obtained.

Prices for products in the showroom "Swarovski", of course, are high, but they are worth it. Although individual crystals can be bought for only a few euros.

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The porcelain factory operates in the Palace of Augarten. Porcelain products of the highest quality are made here: dishes, figurines, lamps, coffee sets and so on. Visiting card of Austria are tea sets in the style of "Period du Pasquier", which means the decoration of the porcelain surface with miniature flower bouquets or floral patterns in a calm range.

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Cuckoo clock

In the Austrian part of the Tyrol, watch movements are made. Tourists coming to these lands, willingly buy watches with cuckoos, which have long been associated with Tyrol and Austria in general. Local watches are made mainly of wood and have an intricate design with many small carved elements.

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