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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that allows you to organize the space around the person in such a way as to bring harmony into his life and thereby guarantee his happiness and well-being. In order to understand how this harmonization is achieved and what energy flows are released, it is necessary to familiarize ourselves with the origins of the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui.

Origins of Feng Shui philosophy

  • According to the ancient Chinese tradition, all phenomena occurring on our planet are controlled by the mysterious higher forces. Who, if not they, sent to the earth atmospheric precipitation, giving an abundant harvest, or destroyed the crops, pouring heat or snow? The fate of a man completely depended on the disposition or disgrace of these forces: the chosen expected happiness and success, and all others - the unfortunate share.
  • What are these mysterious forces, and what do they have to do with everything that happens on Earth?
"Fen" - the wind, "shui" - water. According to ancient Chinese beliefs, as a result of the interaction of these powerful cosmic forces, the birth of stars, planets and all life on Earth occurred.
  • Since the higher cosmic forces are at the heart of the universe, each point of the earth's space surrounding the human being is affected by their influence. The strength of the impact of cosmic essences of hair and shui was largely determined by the degree of contact with the souls of the deceased: the stronger the contact, the stronger( and more beneficial) impact.

Therefore, was initially influenced by the forces of the hair dryer and shui when choosing the most favorable burial place for the deceased x. At the same time, the terrain, the presence of the reservoir, and even the height of the trees growing nearby were taken into account. If the burial took place taking into account all the factors caused by the impact of these powerful elements, all the relatives of the deceased were expected to prosper.

  • After a while , these same requirements of began to be presented to the place of the proposed construction of new housing.

A practice that considers a person and the surrounding space as an indivisible whole and which resulted from the generalization of the rich spiritual heritage of ancestors was called feng shui.

  • The history of Taoist practice of feng shui has more than four millennia.
  • The basic factors that should guide when choosing a site for building and planning a living space( in the opinion of the apologists of Feng Shui) are the outlines and the skyline.
Both in ancient and modern China, the sky( in accordance with the sides of the world) is divided into four zones, named the fictitious animals:
  1. The northern region is called the Black Turtle,
  2. Area of ​​the South - Red Bird Phoenix,
  3. Eastern Region - Green Dragon,
  4. West received the name of the White Tiger.

According to this view, the outlines of the selected plot and the living quarters should resemble the contours of the corresponding creature.

  • Since the teaching of feng shui is a practice of organizing living space, confirmation of its application can be met at every step in the streets of modern China. In front of the entrance to many dwellings, melodic bells( "wind music") are certainly rocked, special mirrors( bagua) are attached outside, and aquariums with floating fish are on the windowsills.

How did Feng Shui penetrate the dwellings of the Old and New Worlds?

It happened in 1986 thanks to the American teacher of feng shui named Thomas Lin Yu( who had Chinese roots).Asked the idea of ​​creating a simplified practice for the townsfolk, he became the creator of a new trend, called esoteric( or symbolic) feng shui.

According to the postulates of this practice, the entire space of a dwelling is divided into eight zones, according to the same number of compass directions. Four of them are major( west, east, north and south) and the same number of intermediate( north-west, south-east, northeast and south-west).

The entire space of the house is divided into the following zones:
  1. Careers.
  2. of Love.
  3. Wealth.
  4. Children.
  5. Families.
  6. of Wisdom.
  7. of Glory.
  8. Useful people.

Health zone - in the center of a schematic octagon( Bagua grid).

To activate a zone from the dweller, you only need to put a certain talisman or amulet in the appropriate sector of the house. According to the popularizers of the esoteric practice of feng shui, through the use of symbolic objects, the flow of qi energy can be directed in such a way as to prevent its stagnation and prevent the entry of vital objects into the inharmonious flow.

It should be noted that the symbolic and classic feng shui have nothing in common. Attributes of Chinese folklore( in the form of talismans and amulets) in the mind of a common man is mistakenly associated with the classical feng shui, which controls only the flows of qi energy. This energy is completely unrelated to any material objects, does not distinguish between them and obeys only the laws of the universe.

Feng Shui for Beginners: Basic Principles of

Feng Shui Books for Beginners give a lot of advice on how to harmonize the energy of the house in the simplest way:

  • The first thing the needs to do is to maintain the order and purity of the in it. The order and harmony of the surrounding space can harmonize the state of the soul.
  • Every item in the house must be in the right place, and each room has its own function .When dealing with the arrangement of objects, one must take into account their belonging to one of the five elements( metal, wood, fire, water or earth).Nearby should be items related to related elements.
  • The great importance of feng shui gives a combination of colors in the interior of the room , because with their help you can achieve some energy balance of male active energy Yang and passive female Yin inside each house.
Feng Shui bans
  • Clutter and confusion in the house: they will immediately lead to unsettled personal life.
  • Neighborhood of the warring elements: it will inevitably bring disharmony into the energy of the house.
  • Incorrect combination of colors in the interior: there will be problems with the balance of male and female energy.

What is the symbol of Bagua?

The Bagua grid is a key practice tool for feng shui, which is a regular octagon consisting of 8 trigrams( by the number of parts of the world) and the central sector.

Each sector of the Bagua grid corresponds to:

  1. .
  2. Emotions.
  3. The time of the year.
  4. to the Number.
  5. to Color.
  6. Direction.

With the help of the Bagua grid, the space of the house is divided into zones( we have already spoken about them).Each zone is responsible for a certain sphere of human life.

If the position of the zone in the house does not match the layout proposed by the Bagua symbol, a person begins to experience difficulties in this area of ​​his life.

For example, if the wealth zone is not located in the southeast, a person will suffer chronic shortage of money, and placing the love and marriage sector in the south-western part of the house will speed up the attraction of the second half if his master is not yet married.

On residential areas

Let's look at the most significant aspects of a person's life. How to harmonize them with the practice of feng shui?

Love Zone

The love zone located in the south-western part of the house regulates relations between people: firstly between spouses( or sexual partners), parents and their children, and relatives.

Because the zone of love has a significant effect on the sexual relations between the spouses, it is very important to avoid mistakes in the process of activating it:

  • The love zone should be kept in perfect purity, then you can be sure that the relationship between the partners in marriage will remain the same clean, and inthey do not steal discord and betrayal.
You can not use antiques, impregnated with the energy of previous owners. Alien energy can attract an outsider who can interfere with your relationship or push your spouse to betrayal.
  • All items placed in the love sector must be serviceable and strong, because they symbolize the strength of the relationship. The presence of breakages or cracks on the surface of objects in this sector can provoke the appearance of "cracks" in the intimate life.
  • Things located in the zone of love, should only be personal and carefully selected.

How to activate the love sector correctly?

  • Be sure to put in it candles( red and white), embodying the male and female. Bandaging them with a red thread will help strengthen marital relations.
In the event of conflicts in the zone of love, you need to ignite two candles for a short time( red and white): this is necessary to clean up the subtle energy levels.
  • The zone of love must be filled with only two things. Single figurines and even photographs or portraits of lonely people who have found themselves in this sector of the house, are able to bring discord into the relationship of the couple, leading them to a divorce. They can also impede the search for a life partner.

Which pair-wise characters are best suited for activating the love sector?

According to Feng Shui, favorable symbols for the love sector are:

  1. Figurines of doves.
  2. A pair of beautiful butterflies.
  3. Figures of ducks-tangerines.
  4. Figurines of swans.

Lonely people who want to find their soul mate need to place in the love zone objects with a heart shape: caskets, soft plush hearts, valentine cards.

Family area

The family zone located in the eastern sector of the dwelling, in the practice of feng shui is considered as an additional zone, which strengthens the wealth sector. Called to ensure the material well-being of the family, it can have a beneficial effect on the financial situation of all its members.

To stimulate a family zone, the following conditions must be observed:

  • In order to maintain order in financial matters, it is necessary to maintain the same order in the eastern sector of the house, regularly cleaning it and getting rid of unnecessary things.
  • Plant a symbolizing tree in the family sector, involving all of its household members in this process.
In the area of ​​the family, wooden homemade items are appropriate, as well as an aquarium with fish, a mini waterfall or just a vase with flowers, as the element of water is in harmony with the tree( element of this zone).
Metal objects or attributes related to the flame are not suitable for the area of ​​the family.
  • In the family sector, a photo is depicted representing all of its surviving members( the depiction of deceased relatives is highly inappropriate here).
  • The family sector should be brightly lit.
  • Believers should place their altar in the area of ​​the family: it corresponds to all the rules of feng shui.

The wealth zone

The zone of wealth, as required by the practice of feng shui, should be located in the southeastern sector of the house. The element of this sector of the dwelling is a tree, and the traditional color is green. How to activate the wealth zone?

  • The attraction of wealth and good luck to the house begins with the use of the symbolism of abundance: the figures of the laughing Buddha, the half-dragon-half-tortoise, the three-toed toad have been used to attract money to the house from time immemorial.
  • A tortoise figurine with two small turtles on its back, placed in a wealth sector, can also serve as a bait for money to enter the house.
A money tree contributes to bringing money to the house, the round shape of the leaves on which resembles coins.
  • In the wealth zone, you can place an aquarium or a fountain that will symbolically fuel the tree - its main element.
  • The traditional attribute for attracting money is the ancient Chinese symbol of three coins tied with a red ribbon. It is allowed to store it not only in the wealth sector, but also in the purse, as well as under the phone or computer keyboard.
  • Successful activation of the wealth zone is facilitated by the use of mobile phones, wind music, filled with sweets and fruit vases.

Feng Shui apartments

Learn more about the rules of feng shui for an apartment and possible mistakes:

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