How quickly to carry shoes

Many women are familiar with the situation when the pair of shoes they like during fitting tries to sit perfectly, and during the socks it is unbearably tight. It happens that when you come home, you want to try on the shoes again and admire the mirror again, but slightly swollen legs for a day do not want to feel comfortable in the new shoes.


  • Wearing leather shoes
  • Wearing suede shoes
  • Wearing lacquered shoes
  • Our grandmothers also faced a similar problem, and they did not despair at all about this, because they knew exactly how quickly to distribute shoes. There are many ways to make shoes "on foot" without damaging the structure of the material.

    To avoid pain during wearing, take it as a rule not to put on a new thing until you are at home in it for at least a couple of hours.

    To prevent calluses, you can use a little trick - to seal all vulnerable spots of the foot with a hygienic plaster.

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    The problem of too hard backs can be solved very simply, for example, methodically beating them with a hammer from the inside for several minutes. Also, the backs can be lubricated with baby cream, paraffin, alcohol to soften the material.

    Tips for

    For those who can not wait to hike in a new outfit, the following time-tested tips will do:

    • Give shoes to a shoe shop where shoemakers can quickly and efficiently deliver them in a few hours. Undoubtedly, this enterprise raises the cost of shoes, which is unlikely to appeal to women who prefer to save on everything. However, the work of the masters will allow to carry shoes without risking damage to the material itself, and remove from the owner burdensome occupation to wear a tight new thing himself;
    • In the shoe stores you can buy a special spray, with which you can achieve elasticity of the material. The inner surface of the shoes must be well sprinkled with the product and immediately put on. After the material dries, the shoes will part a little in size. To achieve the best result, you can perform the procedure again.

    If, for some reason, the listed methods do not suit you, you can turn to folk wisdom, offering various ways to solve the problem. But, do not forget that there is no 100% guarantee that shoes after such an extreme approach will still look good in the future.

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    Wearing leather shoes

    To wear out shoes from the skin will help the following:

    • Wetting the inside of the shoes with a solution of alcohol will make the skin softer and more elastic. If you resemble them before the material dries completely, you can achieve a significant result - the skin will stretch to take the form of a foot. It is important to remember that alcohol sometimes blurs paints, making the structure of shoes less attractive;
    • Wipe the shoes from inside with a damp soap, fill with a newspaper and allow to dry;
    • You can stuff shoes from the inside out to a damp newspaper. However, there is a possibility that they will shrink in size;
    • Place a bag filled with water in the shoes and send to the refrigerator until completely frozen. Ice should significantly expand the skin.

    You can use the proven grandmother's method - wet your shoes, wear a pair of woolen socks and walk so until it dries completely.
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    Wearing suede shoes

    Do not forget that for varnished and suede shoes the recipes should be gentle, completely excluding deformation of the delicate material.

    To develop shoes from suede, the following methods will help you:

    • To achieve a gradual result, you need to know that stretching suede shoes quickly is quite difficult, it is better to choose the option of wearing shoes in the house for two thick sock every day for ten to fifteen minutes. So in a few days the shoes will naturally take a new shape;
    Effective wear with wet cotton socks, but it causes discomfort, so it is better not to wear shoes longer than fifteen minutes a day. After this procedure, you can not dry shoes by any means, otherwise it will decrease even more, it will dry up in size.
    • Water does not have the best effect on suede, so you can try to stretch your shoes with newspapers. To do this, you need a few blank sheets of paper, which must be put inside to the walls of the shoe so that the newspaper does not come into contact with the material. The paper needs to be crushed slightly before dipping into the inside of the shoes and very little to soak it.
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    Wearing lacquered shoes

    When working with lacquered shoes, special care must be taken to prevent the formation of creases and cracks on the varnish surface. Also you need to know that without damages you can stretch only the patent leather shoes. With leatherette no manipulation without damage to the varnish coating will not pass.

    The most delicate way for such shoes is to wear with a thick woolen or terry toe, as well as the use of special foams that can be purchased at the shoe store.

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    Whatever the shoes, it's important to remember that it's better to refrain from buying a cramped, butnice model, than later to suffer with its raznashivaniem.

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