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  • Blue-gray eyes: choosing the right colors of decorative cosmetics
  • Make-up for gray-blue eyes: important tips
  • Creating a romantic make-up with gray-blue eyes: step by step
  • Popular images for girls with gray-blue eyes
  • Forbidden receptions in make-up are gray-Golden Eye

Cleverly selected make-up can create a miracle by turning an ordinary girl into a charming beauty. To make the makeup harmonious and fit a woman, you need to correctly choose the shades of decorative cosmetics.

Colors of shadows, mascara and lipstick can be chosen depending on the color of the eyes and hair of the girl. This is the most unmistakable option, how to create a harmonious image and exclude shades that do not suit you. Let's find out how the best make-up for gray-blue eyes should look.

Gray-blue eyes: choose the right colors of decorative cosmetics

Shadows, blush, mascara, pencil, lipstick - these are the means that are basic and which girls use most often. Often the daytime make-up of gray-blue eyes includes the use of all this make-up.

See an example of daytime make-up for blue-gray eyes:


When creating a make-up for a girl with gray-blue eyes, you need to pay attention to shadows of cold shades, but it's important to remember that they are not always relevant. Successfully matched eye makeup can make them magical green or, on the contrary, innocent blue "lakes".

Cold shades, ideal for make-up of girls with gray-blue eyes:

  1. not bright greenish;
  2. silver-blue;
  3. blue;
  4. gray;
  5. shades of blue.

If you need to present the eyes with green , then you can include in the make-up for gray-blue eyes such shades as copper, golden, light green, turquoise, brown, yellow or aqua.

To the girl's eyes have acquired a more gray shade, and not blue, you can add a make-up to the steel or ashy shade.

Azure, blue and cold light tones, on the contrary, will make the eyes more blue.

To create a fascinating and bottomless look, you need to use black or gray color.

Pencil and ink

As experts advise, the pencil is best chosen for hair color. For dark hair, a pencil of soft colors( dark blue, brown, dark gray, black) is ideal.

The owner of light hair is best to use a pencil of light shade.

As for mascara for dyeing eyelashes, there are no special restrictions. Girls with gray-blue eyes are well suited both classically black, and blue or brown mascara.


When choosing a rouge, it is advisable to focus on your complexion. But in this case, it does not hurt to take into account the hair color. For example, a brown-haired woman is best to give preference to a terracotta color, and a brunette is ideally suited to a blush of reddish and dark pink shades. Possessors of light and blond hair can be advised to use a blush ocher.


If you need to create a daytime make-up for gray-blue eyes, you can use lipstick or shine of coral, beige or golden hue. When applying the evening make-up, the more intense colors will look harmonious.

Make-up for gray-blue eyes: important tips

If you want to create a really beautiful and professional make-up you need to take into account a lot of nuances. The correct selection of make-up and the requirements for make-up techniques are the basics in which every girl should understand.

Useful recommendations for making makeup for gray-blue eyes:

  • when creating a light daytime makeup , it's best to use shades of gold, silver or platinum hue. In this case, the pink-violet shadows will also work well;
  • to create romantic image of , you can make up your eyes with decorative cosmetics of the color of sea waves or turquoise. This will help make the look deeper and more expressive. Add him playfulness and temptation will help shadows bright pink shade. This is the best option for a party;

See how to make a gentle romantic makeup for blue-gray eyes:

  • without liner and mascara make-up will seem vague and unfinished. To create the right contour, it is not necessary to use black means. Daytime make-up can be done by applying a sand tint, and the evening one by a brown color;
  • if brown mascara is recommended for girls with a dark eye color, then the owner of blue-gray eyes is ideal for black ink .It will effectively allocate eyelashes and will serve as an excellent contour;
  • so that the makeup for the blue-gray eyes was harmonious, you need not forget the about the brows .Today, a popular form reads the arch, which can be done by any master in a beauty salon. As for color, the eyebrows are best tinted with a pencil of black or brown color( the choice of the final shade depends on the color of the girl's hair);
  • before applying makeup it is important not to forget to prepare a face: get rid of eyelid edema. To do this, you need to make a warm compress made from tea in bags. Attach it to the eyelids for 15 minutes - and they will look better;
  • as owners of gray-blue eyes often have a very gentle and innocent image, they are not recommended to apply too much make-up. The minimal amount of money on the face will create a beautiful image and give the look of readiness for new accomplishments;
When selecting shadows, it is better to avoid mono-shades that are similar to eye color. They need to be supplemented.
  • If you ignore this rule, makeup for gray-blue eyes will not look expressive, because the shadows will simply merge with the iris. Successful shades of shades :

  • Correctly selected color, on the contrary, will help to give the eyes the color that you would like to see: gray, blue or greenish;
  • if you choose a shade of pink color, you should definitely go to them, too. Otherwise, the eyes will look swollen and tearful;
  • brunettes with light blue eyes is perfectly suited for lipstick peach, apricot or light pink shade;
  • blondes , wishing to create a beautiful makeup, should have in their cosmetic bag a tonal remedy and a powder of pink or beige shade( necessarily with a light and transparent texture).In this case, it is also important to impose shadows of different shades without clear transitions. Experts recommend using a pencil of gray or brown and ink of blue or also brown tones.

Creating a romantic make-up with gray-blue eyes: step by step

This lesson will not be difficult, the main thing is to use high-quality cosmetics and follow all the recommendations on the color and technique of applying certain tools:

  1. Create a nice make-up for gray-blue eyes in a romantic style will help smoky effect. To perform it, you must first put on the eyelids powder in a tone of skin color, then - a correction tool around the eyes.
  2. Now you can go to the shadows. To envelop the eyes of a beautiful magical haze, you must have at hand a rich gray and steel shadows. They are applied taking into account all the rules of makeup for the eyes: shadows of light tones - on the upper eyelid on the zone at the base of the eyelashes, all dark shades - only on the crease of the eyelid.
  3. After applying the base on the eyelids, you can add a little white or light gray pearl to the corners of the eyes. The same shadows are usually applied to the area under the bend of the eyebrow.
  4. To create a "shadow" from the eyelashes, you can tint the dark gray shadows of the lower eyelid. After this, you must necessarily shade the boundaries between the shadows of different tones.
  5. If you need to create "arrows", it is better to use a dark gray pencil or eyeliner.
    "Arrows" can not be made too bright - just not in the case of gray-blue eyes!
    Make your eyes expressive with the accent on the upper eyelashes. You can paint them with a dark gray or dark blue ink( always in two layers).A great solution is to paste on the outer corners of the eyes a few overhead cilia.
  6. For a romantic image, blush of natural shades is ideal. The same you need to use lipstick: neither cheekbones, nor lips should not be isolated. All attention is in the eyes!

This makeup of gray-blue eyes will look equally impressive if you perform it with the help of shadows of blue or silvery tone. But in this case it is better to use blue mascara.

Popular images for girls with gray-blue eyes

Mysterious witch - use olive shadows, brown mascara, and also a soft khaki pencil.

Snow Queen - it's best to use ice-blue and white shades with mother-of-pearl, blue mascara and dark blue eyeliner.

Mermaid - for creating an image, turquoise and green shadows, a turquoise tint with a mother-of-pearl effect and green mascara are ideal.

Steel lady - this image can be created with the help of beige, white, gray and black matte shadows, eyeliner of rich black color and gray mascara.

Forbidden receptions in the make-up of blue-gray eyes

There are some prohibitions when creating make-up, if not observed, a beautiful girl with gray-blue eyes will look tasteless. To this appearance you need a special approach, so some colors are better to exclude and never to use.

Prohibitions in make-up of blue-gray eyes:

With gray-blue eyes, make-up artists recommend avoiding thick black eyeliner.
Wide black arrows can create a vulgar image. And why this tender girl? In addition, makeup will seem too gloomy.
Mascara, eyeliner or pencil of bright green color create a disadvantageous contrast with the gray-blue color of the eyes.
In this case, the eyes do not become expressive, the decorative cosmetics of this tone make them dull and unattractive.

Spectacular and beautiful makeup girl with gray-blue eyes to create a snap. The main thing - when choosing shades of decorative cosmetics, also consider your hair color. And, depending on whether you need a day or evening make-up, use lighter or, on the contrary, more intense colors.

Girls with blue-gray eyes can create many perfect images that will help them look really great!

See how to make beautiful evening make-up for blue-gray eyes:

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