The application of the swamp saber in folk medicine

Marsh sweeper is a perennial herbaceous shrub. The height of the plant can reach from 20 to 100 centimeters. Stems of the plant are brown, long, branching.lodging. All the stalks move away from the long, creeping.woody rhizome. The lower leaves of the plant are unidentately pinnate with lateral leaves, the upper leaves are triple, dark green with a bluish bottom. Outwardly, the leaves appear hairy. The flowers are small, regular, five-petalled, dark purple. The plant grows everywhere.

  • Chemical composition
    • Usage
    • Useful properties
    • Application
    • Extract of saber
    • Pharmacy spirit tincture
    • Folk recipes
    • Salt infusion
    • Tincture for joint pains
    • Decoction for stomach upset
    • Infusion from leaves from gastritis
    • Infusion from colds, bronchitis andflu
    • Ointment for the treatment of rheumatism
    • Caveman oil against cough
    • Common restorative collection
    • Decoction against cancer cells
    • Home preparation tincture
    • Contraindications
    • Procurement and storage of

    Chemical composition

    The bog wyrmnet contains the following elements:

    • organic acids;
    • vitamin C;
    • carotene;
    • saponins;
    • tanning agents;
    • catechins;
    • flavonoids;
    • Phenylcarboxylic acids and their derivatives;
    • essential oil;
    • mucus;
    • resins;
    • gums.
    According to many pharmacists, the use of swamp bait for treatment can not be fully implemented, since its chemical composition is not fully understood.

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    Useful properties

    The application of the sabelnik in folk medicine is due to the presence of its medicinal properties.

    It can exert the following actions on the body:

    • anti-inflammatory;
    • antitumor;
    • astringent;
    • hemostatic;
    • is an analgesic;
    • wound healing;
    • antibacterial;
    • disinfectant;
    • diaphoretic;
    • analgesic.
    • Saber is used in the treatment of diseases such as:
    • leukemia;
    • arthritis;
    • arthrosis;
    • stomach diseases;
    • osteochondrosis;
    • radiculitis;
    • rheumatism;
    • restores thyroid function;
    • normalizes lipid metabolism;
    • stimulates the immune system;
    • suppresses malignant tumors;
    • promotes cell regeneration;
    • slows down the aging process;
    • cleanses the body of toxins.
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    Application of

    There are several options for using a saber. There are pharmacy extracts and tinctures, but they all boil down to the recipes of traditional medicine.

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    Extract of sabelnik

    Pharmacy form of medication for use in home medicine. The extract is indispensable in the treatment of articular diseases( arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, radiculitis).

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    Pharmacy spirit tincture

    There is a drug that can be purchased at the pharmacy already ready for use and used to treat joint diseases, colds, stomach cancer, mastopathy, leukemia, tuberculosis at home.

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    Folk recipes

    The most popular variants of traditional medicine recipes with sabelnik marsh:

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    Infusion from the deposition of salts

    1 tablespoon dried roots and stems with a glass of steep boiling water. Infuse in the thermos for 1 hour. Strain and take the infusion of half a cup of 15 minutes before each meal. Excellent salt removes from the body.

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    Tincture for joint pains

    Dry stems and roots of the sabelnik to grind. Fill a dry bottle with 2/3 of its volume. Top up with vodka and tightly cork. Insist 20 days in a dark warm place. Periodically shake. Ready tincture to drain. Rub the diseased joints with infusion, apply compresses.

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    Broth for stomach upset

    1 tablespoon of crushed dry roots pour a glass of boiling water, for half an hour to keep in a water bath. Strain and take chilled 2 tablespoons of broth 3 times daily before meals.

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    Infusion of leaves from gastritis

    1 tablespoon of dry leaves and stems with a glass of steep boiling water. Infuse in the thermos for 2 hours. Strain and take a decoction of a third of the glass 3 times a day for 1 hour before meals.

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    Infusion for cold, bronchitis and influenza

    2 tablespoons of dry herbs pour 600 ml of boiling water, insist 30 minutes.infusion strain and drink warm to 100 milliliters 3 times a day. You can add honey. Every 2 days, prepare a new infusion. With sore throat you need to gargle with a warm broth.

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    Ointment for the treatment of rheumatism

    Root saber crumbler to powder state. Mix with pork fat in equal parts and heat on a low heat for 3-4 hours. Strain the brew through cheesecloth. Store in a refrigerator in a closed glass container.ointment lubricate the problem areas, cover with cellophane and wind with a warm scarf, leave overnight.

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    Oil of the sweater against cough

    Grind the dry roots of the saber.5 tablespoons of dry raw material pour half a liter of olive oil and insist 4 weeks. Strain. Use as a shaving of the chest for cough and bronchitis. You can also treat joints.

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    Commonly restorative collection

    Take 3 tablespoons root of sabelnik, grass sporisha, licorice root, hips.4 tablespoons chopped fresh nettle leaves.2 tablespoons of dill and hawthorn fruit.1 tablespoon of anise fruit. Collect the mix. Brew 2 tablespoons of the collection 800 milliliters of boiling water. Boil for 10 minutes over low heat. Infuse for 2 hours. Strain. Drink like tea 3 times a can add honey.

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    Decoction against cancer cells

    Dry raw saber material in an amount of 1 teaspoon brewed with 1 glass of steep boiling water. A little insist. Add honey to taste and drink like tea.

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    Homemade tincture

    2 tablespoons of dried roots of the sabernik pour 0.5 liters of vodka. Infuse the mixture for 3 weeks in a dark, warm place. Tincture should be shaken periodically. If the tincture acquired a rich brown color, then it is already ready. After the time has passed, the tincture must be filtered. Take tincture is necessary, diluting 1 tablespoon 50 milliliters of water. Drink 3 times daily before meals. The course of treatment is 20 days, then you need to do a one-week break.
    This tincture is used to treat joint diseases, colds, stomach cancer, mastopathy, leukemia, tuberculosis.

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    The use of medicinal recipes with a swamp barman is prohibited:

    • pregnant;
    • nursing mothers;
    • for children under 6 years;
    • for hypertension;
    • with bradycardia;
    • for individual intolerance;
    • for allergic people.
    It is important to remember that almost always at the initial stages of treatment with a saber, it can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. Sometimes sabelnik first exacerbates the disease, which heals, and after that it already has the desired effect.
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    Procurement and storage of

    The roots and stems of the plant are harvested in early autumn. The plant is excavated, the roots are cleaned of the ground( shake, wash).Roots and stems are divided into small parts and dried in the fresh air in the shade. Leaves, fruits and flowers are harvested in the period of flowering and fruiting. They must be cut off and dried in the air, avoiding the sun. Store raw materials in cotton bags, which will be fastened or tied. Keep the bags in a dry, cool place. You can store one workpiece for no longer than 3 years.

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