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Important features of braids
  • Braiding of French braid
  • How to weave the reverse French braid - video
  • Openwork braiding
  • Braids from a large number of strands
  • Fish tail
  • Spit from 5 strands
  • A simple method of braiding a braid from 5 strands - video
  • Long hair - presentdecoration. Such a head of hair provides a wide scope for imagination. Different weaves look expressively on these hair. This article presents the most spectacular pigtails for long hair. A little work, patience - and the hair will be sure!

    Important features of the braids

    Despite the wide variety of other hairstyles, it looks like the braids are very well-groomed, because they collect the curls in a sturdy styling. It is not necessary to braid an ordinary pigtail. Now weaving can be located in different places. The structure of the braids has also changed. They are voluminous, small, large. With this style, you can go to the wedding. There are many options for weaving everyday braids.

    Choosing the right hairstyle depends on the features of the face. The classic oval with ideal features will be a perfect backdrop for a variety of styling. Almost any styling is suitable for it.

    It's worth remembering that a properly braided braid will not only gather the hair in an effective styling, but also hide the imperfections of the face:

    • If the girl has a round one, it is worth choosing a weaving option along the entire length, and it should start on the vertex. You can braid the pigtail, and connect the tail to the base in the form of a loop.
    • The owner of rough features will approach the spikelet. Slightly disheveled version of it will hide shortcomings.
    • If the face is triangular, you should cut off the bangs.
    • Those who have a rectangular face, you should choose "fish tails".Their intricate structure will smooth out flaws.

    Weaving of the French braid

    Such a hairstyle is universal. With it you can go work or a holiday. To make the styling more solemn, it is enough to add some ornaments, for example, decorative hairpins. It is not difficult to make such a scythe, although at first it will be problematic. To make the weaving smooth and beautiful, you should take help.

    Technique of weaving:

    • first strands should be well combed, this will help them to easily separate from each other and add to the hairstyle;
    • then need to take one small strand of hair and divide it into three parts;
    • the rightmost part should be thrown over the middle one, then the same should be done with the left part;
    • to repeat similar actions, thus each time to a queue new strands are added;
    • will be better if all the strands are the same size, this will make the braid slimmer;
    • tip to fix with elastic band or hair clip.

    French braid is a component of many solemn and wedding styles. It can be started around the head, create a zigzag or snake. But first it is better to practice, otherwise the hair will turn out uneven.

    Very popular with many girls is the developed( reverse) French braid. Her technique is simple: during the weaving should take large areas of hair, and the braid itself does not pull. In comparison with the usual French braid strands are taken from below, and as a result are under the center.

    The reverse braid creates volume, so it is perfect for owners of rare hair. You can stretch a few hairs slightly. This diversifies the hairstyle.

    How to weave the reverse French braid - video

    Openwork weaving

    Openwork braid on long hair is a real masterpiece. It is not easy to create, because it requires attention and perseverance. Such pigtails are perfect for a prom. The openwork braid implies the presence of separate elongated strings and interlaces in the form of a grid.

    There are several features of creating such a hairstyle. First, the locks should be moistened with mousse or gel for styling. This will allow individual hairs to stick. Plain ordinary French braid along the edge of the head of hear. Then, with the help of a small knitting needle, the individual strands are pulled out of the weave and pulled aside. You can do this in the process of creating a hairstyle.

    As a result, will produce an unusual openwork weave, which looks elegant. Below are the simplest and most effective options for creating tracery braids.

    1. Sea knot. A regular braid is plaited, which then fits at the base with a bundle. A small strand of hair should be left. At the end it should be beautifully twisted, make loops and gently lay around the beam.
    2. You can braid the head around the French braid, and from individual hairs to make a grid. It can also be wrapped around the head.
    3. The usual spikelet will become delicate and elegant if you pull out tiny strands and form loops from it. If desired, each stitch can be accentuated with a decorative hairpin.

    Openwork weaving requires skill and patience. If you show a little effort, you will get a spectacular and very festive hairstyle.

    Scythes from a large number of strands

    If the usual pigtail from three parts had time to get bored, it is worth turning to its variations. If you show a little patience, you get a stylish hairstyle for every day.

    This kind of styling will suit both adult women and small girls. It can be worn with any outfit. Styling will look good in any situation.

    Detailed instructions:

    1. Wash your hair with shampoo. Apply to them mousse or foam for styling. Then dry the head with a hairdryer.
    2. Combing all the curls back to the back of the head. Divide the hair into 4 parts.
    3. With your right hand, grab one strand and place it under the other. Gently hold both strands. Then, on the left side, take the section and throw it behind the rightmost section.
    4. The rest of the site must be built under the first one, which is now in the center of the entire netting.
    5. Then the strands need to be wrapped around the hand and continue the weaving.
    6. The first strand is taken, gently stretches under the second, and the third jumps on the fourth. Then the first is placed above the third, and the second must be placed under the third.
    7. So continue the weaving to the end.
    8. It is convenient to use the schemes, they clearly show the process. At the end, you need to fix the pigtail.

    Another option:

    • wash and dry the head, form 4 strands;
    • the middle strands should be interwoven with each other, the left side should be turned under the right one, and then vice versa( the sections changed their seats);
    • then should take a lock that has not yet been involved in the weave, and stretch it over the remaining section;
    • it is important to follow the alternation of sites, so that weaving is always smooth and beautiful;
    • then again intertwined two middle sections, the first part is passed under the second and turns in the middle;
    • on top of the third stretches the second, the fourth is on top of the third;
    • section in the middle is placed under the second, then under the third, and only then put the fourth over the third;
    • thus continue the weaving to the end;
    • to fix.

    In order not to get confused, remember that the first section always goes down, and the last one is always up. If you practice, the hair will be produced quickly.

    Fish tail

    Naughty and versatile "fish tails" look good both in school and at work. At first glance, the weaving seems complicated, but in reality everything is simple.

    Fish tail is good for the wearer of a long, straight and stiff head of hair. In this case, the pigtail can be either smooth or more disheveled.

    Weaving scheme:

    1. Wash your head and apply strands to the strands to give volume. Slightly dry hair with a hairdryer.
    2. Comb the strands with a brush of natural bristles and split in half.
    3. Take on both sides of a thin strand of hair. Cross them among themselves.
    4. One hand to hold the weave, and another to allocate the same area and cross with the top strand.
    5. Select the site from the other side. Cross with previous.
    6. So way to do the braid of the required length. Strands alternate and interbreed. At the end, the fish tail is fixed with an elastic band.
    7. You can leave the braid smooth or slightly disheveled.

    There is also a second option for creating a fish tail:

    • wash and dry your head, comb your hair well and take it to the ponytail;
    • weave according to the scheme already described, tie the tip with an elastic band.

    It looks interesting two pigtails "fish tail" on the sides. You can wear your hair with anything: dresses and jeans will do. Stylists advise using a brush, not a comb. It makes the strands smooth, which is very important in such a styling.

    Spit of 5 strands of

    This hairstyle refers, rather, to festive. She looks elegant, looks good on her thick hair. Weaving is obtained by volume and thick.

    First, the strands should be rinsed, dried and well combed. To braid a braid from 5 locks it is simple. Those who have already tried to weave the usual pigtail, will cope with such a styling.


    • slightly moistened hair, braiding wet curls much easier;
    • collect all the hair in a high tail, because it's easier to make a scythe out of it( although experienced stylists can do this on loose hair);
    • divide the whole mass into 5 sections, number the sections;
    • plot 5 to be placed above 3 and under 4, 1 to place above 3 and under 2, 5 to hold over 4 and under 3;
    • strand 1 hold under 3 and under 2;
    • thus weave the braid to the end of the desired length, at the end, fasten with an elastic band or a bright ribbon.

    You should get a spectacular braid of 5 strands. To make it look bulky, it should be disheveled.

    A simple way to braid a braid from 5 strands - video

    The hair is made wide and very beautiful. This braid will look great on top of an elegant evening dress with an open back. When you have the skills, you can do the laying on your hair loose.

    Make braids on long hair easy, but need training. You can just braid a lot of braids, and then put everything together. Tapes, flowers, spectacular hairpins will decorate and diversify the hairstyle. Long elegant braids - a simple way to give the image charm, and hair - the density and attractiveness.

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