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  • Basics of make-up for every day
  • Make-up for every day by eye color
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It is difficult to imagine a modern girl who completely refused using make-up. Some of the fair sex it even abused, which erases the clear line between everyday and festive make-up. Light and beautiful makeup for every day is a great way to show everyone your natural blooming appearance, without hiding it under thick layers of makeup.

It is worthwhile to use cosmetics correctly, only slightly emphasizing the beauty of the day, and leave bright and rich colors for the evening. Daily make-up is suitable for work and study, with it the girl will look fresh, not vulgar, and therefore will be confident in herself. But how to do it correctly, what first of all to pay attention to, what palette of shades to use? Experience and tips of stylists will help quickly and correctly implement the plan.

Basics of make-up for every day

Everyday make-up and evening are very different. The latter is characterized by bright, mottled colors, rich hues, which in the daytime at best will look tasteless, and at worst - also stupid. Modern girls are less likely to make mistakes, rightly believing that true beauty can be emphasized unobtrusively: it is enough to give the person a fresh look, to emphasize the merits and disguise the shortcomings.

The range of shades for make-up for every day depends largely on the color of the eyes, hair, and skin tone. But the general rule for each color-type is the use of a pastel scale, natural muted tones.

Among make-up artists, the day-long make-up is divided into two categories:

  1. Business. He gives the face a well-groomed look, refreshes, adds confidence. For make-up, persistent cosmetics are used, which will last all day.
  2. Fresh. It creates the effect of fresh, radiant skin, emphasizes the glitter of the eyes. For makeup are characterized by soft translucent shades of natural colors, focusing on the eyes with the help of long lush eyelashes, the use of lipstick or shine of the pink scale.

Applying makeup in the morning should not take a lot of time, optimally - up to 15 minutes:

  • Traces of makeup on the face should be barely perceptible.
  • The main thing - to disguise all imperfections and skin defects with the help of a light tonal basis, concealer, powder.
  • Light blush on the cheeks is more than enough.
  • Eyes and lips should be only slightly emphasized: mascara, eyeliner and lipstick, maximum - unobtrusive shadows. In the daytime makeup, the emphasis on these parts of the face is not done.


Beautiful well-groomed skin of the face - the basis of everyday make-up. Before applying make-up, it should be carefully prepared: wash, degrease with a moisturizing tonic and apply a day cream or make-up base.

Next step - tone alignment:

  1. Corrector to disguise pimples, redness.
  2. Concealer to lighten dark circles under the eyes.
  3. Apply a foundation.
  4. In the end, powder and emphasize cheekbones with blush.


Without the use of carcass can not do, except that by nature you are endowed with luxurious thick eyelashes of a dark shade. In all other cases, the person is at risk of losing expressiveness, will look tired, sleepy. Nobody forces to apply many layers of carcass, one, two or more is sufficient.

To be painted or not with shadows depends on personal preferences, some ladies can not give up this kind of makeup. In this case, it is worth to look at the natural shades of the pastel scale: beige, pale pink, light brown, etc. If you want to make everyday makeup beautiful by selecting eyes, use two shades of shadows:

  1. Light for the upper eyelid.
  2. Darker for the outer corner of the eye.


On the eyebrows most often "keeps" the whole face. Therefore, it is important to give them the right shape in accordance with the type of person, and also get rid of all unnecessary hairs, since their slovenly appearance immediately catches your eye.

For make-up for each day, it is enough to comb the eyebrows, emphasize their bend with a soft pencil or powder, the result is fixed with wax or gel.


Light make-up must necessarily be accompanied by a subtle blush that emphasizes the shape of the cheekbones and the freshness of the skin. For a day-long make-up, it is enough to carry out a couple of times with a wide brush with blush on the cheekbones, shading well.


Even simple make-up will look great if it is done correctly and neatly. Lips need to be given due attention. If there is no time at all, you can simply apply a shine or lipstick of a natural shade to them. If there is an opportunity to exercise lips a little longer, then it is worth drawing a contour, slightly dusting the skin, so that the tone keeps more even and longer.

Make-up for every day by eye color

Eye color is often the starting point for choosing make-up. Make-up for every day, too, will depend on this factor, because you will agree that it is going to brown-eyed girls, then blue-eyed people will look ridiculous.

Brown eyes

Makeup for every day for the brown eyes is the simplest, because often girls with dark iris have an already bright appearance. To emphasize it, just a couple of strokes:

  1. Apply a makeup and shadow base.
  2. Work eyebrows.
  3. Apply a blush on the cheekbones, combined with the tone of the skin. Kareem eyes are best suited coral and berry shades, and from bright pink and neutral beige should be discarded.
  • Lipstick is best to choose a saturated natural shade.
  • The color of the shadows is better to choose depending on the shade of the eyes:
    1. Golden eyes are underlined with shades of purple.
    2. With orange blotches the shades of blue are combined.
    3. Copper eyes are perfectly matched with olive, green tones.
    4. Nut shade should not be combined with pink shadows.
    5. Greenish eyes will look spectacular in the frame of blue or golden shadows.
    6. Black eye color contrasts dramatically with pink and beige shades.
  • The shade of shadows, mascara and lipstick will also depend on the color of the hair:
    1. Dark-haired girls prefer to orientate themselves to golden shadows, shades of chocolate, cream tones. Gray and lavender colors are also great. Ink is classic black. Lipstick should choose a coral, ruby, red or pale pink shade.
    2. Blonde are best to emphasize the eyes with the help of gentle lavender, peach, pink shadows. Mascara is better to choose dark brown. Lips should be made up with lipstick peach shade.
    3. Brown-haired must pay attention to the golden brown range, as well as the gray-green shades. Mascara can be used black or brown. Lip gloss or lipstick will suit coral or cherry color, as well as tones of a red-brown scale.
    4. For the red, the shades of brown-green scale are ideal. Mascara is brown. Apricot or pale coral lip gloss will complete the makeup.

Green eyes

The mysterious shade of green eyes is in itself an ornament of the face. Make-up for green eyes for every day will help make the look even more attractive. Of course, you should apply a thin layer of makeup base, decorate your eyebrows, tint them with a pencil, wax or shadows of a brown hue.

Regardless of the shade of the eyes, the color scheme for each of them is approximately the same, you should focus more on the shade of hair, skin. For make-up for every day, the most suitable pastel shades: sand, light chocolate, pearl gray, olive.

The same general guidelines for choosing the color of shadows are:

  • Dark green eyes effectively underlined the dark shades of the violet scale.
  • Green eyes with brown impregnations can be painted with golden or light-terracotta shades.
  • The light green color of the eyes is successfully combined with shades of champagne, gray-lilac.

Colors of mascara and eyeliner are of a brown scale, although blacks will also be appropriate, especially for dark-haired girls.

When staining eyelashes, you should follow the rule: the fatter the podvodka, the less you need layers of carcass, and vice versa. Otherwise, the view will be vulgar.

When choosing a rouge and lipstick green-eyed girls should pay attention to the brick, terracotta, peach shades. Pink can make a face too puppet. Lipstick can be a warm berry or coral color.

Blue eyes

Girls with blue and gray-blue eyes are often tormented when choosing the shades of cosmetics. Makeup for every day for blue eyes - it's light textures and light colors, the whole image should be gentle, delicate. Especially it concerns the fair-haired girls with pale skin.

Use of bright and saturated shades is under strict prohibition, leave them for the evening make-up.

  • The face needs to be cleaned well and covered with a thin layer of translucent backing.
  • The color of the eyebrows should not be too dark, except for blue-eyed brunettes. Eyebrows enough to comb and lay with the help of colored wax.
  • Powder or eyebrow shadow will give them a lot of weight, but focus primarily on your color, so that the image does not turn out to be heavy or vulgar.

Happy owners of large and wide-open blue eyes can do with brown or black ink. But the rest will have to puff with eyeliner and shadows to "reveal" the look, make the iris more expressive.

Among the shades of shades for blue eyes, brown, gray, gray-blue, pale blue, olive and golden are the most preferred. Daytime makeup should be accompanied by muffled tones of these colors, smoky. The same applies to the liner.

Mascara is best to choose brown or dark gray, black will look too sharp. In general, black mascara and eyeliner are recommended only to brunettes with dark blue or blue eyes.

The color of blush and lipstick should be in harmony with the shade of the skin, not too prominent on it. Suitable are muted pink, peach, berry shades, pinkish-beige.

Basic recommendations for applying everyday make-up

Make-up for every day should be as natural as possible, while remaining until the evening, requiring a minimum correction:

  • . From a dull complexion, tonal base will help to get rid of a couple of drops of highlighter.
  • Replace heavy foundation with light BB or SS, giving the skin a radiant and smoothing tone.
  • Instead of powdering the face during the day, clogging the pores, use matting napkins.
  • Instead of wax or gel to lay your eyebrows, you can use a colorless lip balm, it will lift and lightly fix the hairs.

Cat's look without piping? Easily! Just make up eyelashes with mascara, moving the brush towards the temples.

Using mascara, try carefully with a brush at the roots, this will help to color the distance between them, making the eyelashes visually thicker.

Before applying lipstick, the lips should be covered with balm, but it is better not to do it a few minutes earlier, so that the product is well absorbed, smoothing the skin.

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