Marsala lip color

Lipsticks of dark shades - a real trend of the season. However, they have been popular for more than a year, because they captured the minds of the beutigolics back in 2015.One of the most noble wine shades is marsala or simply maroon.

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    Characteristics of

    It can not be said that lipstick of a shade of marsala is something completely new. The first to introduce this color are such famous brands as Yves Saint Laurent, Versace and Viktor &Rolf. It was used not only in make-up, but also in clothes. After all, nothing so beautiful a woman of any age, like a noble wine color.

    By the way, there is a Sicilian wine called Marsala! In honor of him, and called a luxurious maroon color. Now you can even buy complete sets for make-up, where the main role is played by a shade of marsala, perfectly emphasizing femininity and sensuality.

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    Who is suitable for

    It can not be said with certainty that the lipstick of a dark cherry shade with brown patches fits all. This is a moody color that requires a competent approach in makeup. Very beautiful looks marsala on the lips of girls with pale skin and blond hair.

    But the owner of the color types "Spring" and "Winter" is better to avoid such a shade, because according to experts their appearance is too bright for him. If you have just this color type, then just choose a lighter shade of lipstick with a pronounced radiance. But the girls "Summer" or "Autumn" are deprived of any prohibitions on the use of wine shades.

    Why is the color of marsala lipstick for blondes and brown-haired - just an ideal choice? The fact is that it has a warm red subtle, which gives the main shade of brightness without visible signs of aggressiveness, which is typical of classic red tones.

    Do not forget that with illiterate use of Marsala, the image may grow old.

    So, to whom what shade of lipstick of a marsala approaches:

    • To brunettes and owners of dark-blond hair it is possible to choose safely as bordeaux, and any other muffled dark shade;
    • Brunettes with fair skin should pay attention to cherry and other berry shades of lipstick marsala with purple or chocolate overflows;
    • Holders of red hair can choose from a classic matte shade of Bordeaux, but they should be avoided with violet impregnations;
    • Girls with a warm swarthy complexion should pay attention to the classic plum shade of marsala;
    • Those who have an olive-colored skin with a cold pod, should choose wine shades with strongly noticeable plum or pink patches.
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    On the lips of

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    Features of makeup

    What you need to remember if you decide to fill up a cohortlovers of lipsticks of wine shades?

    1. First of all, thoroughly clean the face with a peel or a special remedy.
    2. Apply a makeup or primer base to keep the tonal base longer and spread better on the skin.
    3. Remember, the darker the shade of lipstick, the more ideal the tone of the face should be. Even the slightest imperfections are excluded! The tonal base should also be combined with the color of your skin.
    4. If you decide to draw attention to the lower part of the face with the help of lipstick shades of marsala, then it is worth doing a light sculpture. Take the corrective powder and walk it over the cheekbones, and on the forehead area, apply a lighter shade. As a result, the emphasis shifts to the lips.
    5. Eye makeup should be minimal, makeup artists recommend the following tricks: eyes and lips in one color or dark lips and eyes in the style of "smokey".In the first variant, so that there is no effect of tired or tear-stained eyes, do not forget to take advantage of the liner and emphasize the eyelashes. Brown-haired women can use black eyeliner, and blondes and brunettes are brown. Colored taboos! In the second reception you will get a very effective image, which is more suitable for a party. To get the everyday image, you should abandon the bright shadows in favor of more muted, beige shades.
    6. Do not forget to scrub and moisturize your lips, otherwise you will see ugly cracks.
    7. Before applying a shade of marsala shade, it is worth using a corrector, because the color can quickly wear off.
    8. To fix the result, it is necessary to powder the lips a little. Powder retains makeup longer.
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    Today, the wine color is used not only on the lips, but also on the cheeks, eyelids and as a nail polish. However, beginners should choose their lips.

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    The best brands of

    Now there are many different brands producing cosmetics of wine shades. The shade of Marsala is very popular and is available in the form of lipsticks of any price category: MAC, Avon, L'Oreal, Maybelline, Chanel and so on. So, let's review which brands deserve attention?

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    Maybelline Color Sensational in Crazy for Coffee

    Excellent variant of budget lipstick. It has a bright saturated color, has a delicate texture, it lies well and moisturizes the lips. The composition contains honey nectar, which also nourishes the skin of the lips. This shade is most similar to wine, although it is lighter and looks like a combination of dark pink and brown. The main thing is that the color is not too deep, therefore lipstick mebelyn colors of Marsala is perfect for everyday make-up.

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    MAC Sin lipstick

    This matt-colored lipstick of Marsala is already more expensive. Has a rich tint. It is better to use it for girls with a medium shade of skin. If you have pale skin, then this lipstick will only add to the image of aggressiveness. She is quite persistent. According to the manufacturer, the remedy lasts about seven hours. Let's notice, that lipstick МАС colors of a marsala really keeps the original appearance and does not form any lumps. Minus means that it slightly dries the lips, but it has a nice texture.

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    L'OREAL Paris Color Riche

    Among the wine tones presented by this company, the most impressive is number 304. Lipstick has a beautiful golden case that gives it an expensive and respectable look. In the composition of lipstick you can find moisturizing, nourishing and softening the delicate skin of the lips components. Another lipstick of Marsala color from Loreal has reflective particles, so the lips look just fine.

    The claimed color is achieved in a very non-trivial way - the application process is light and pleasant. Lipstick has a very delicate texture, which is perfectly distributed on the lips, without creating lumps. To wear such a product is one complete pleasure.

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    Avon Color Trend Deluxe

    Avon has long included a lipstick of a wine shade in its budget line Color Trend. It is called Deluxe and has a cold podton. The composition has extremely moisturizing soft ingredients that help to perfectly apply the pigment and instantly achieve the desired effect. On lips, lipstick, eivon marsala color lasts a couple of hours and is erased very slowly.

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    Chanel Rouge Coco Ultra Hydrating Lip Color

    This is an expensive option, but here the price justifies the quality. The shade of Marsala is represented by number 408. The quality of this lipstick does not disappoint the most demanding buyers. Lipstick has a beautiful texture and aroma. Even if you apply it in a thin layer, you will get a deep and juicy color with a beautiful overflow. Lipstick is kept on the lips for several hours, but does not overdry the skin. You can be sure that on the lips there will be no clots and other untidiness.

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