Fashion trends of the spring-summer season 2016

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Fashion collections of 2017 pleased the beautiful half of humanity with bright, extraordinary novelties. Designers tried to please all women of fashion, so choose from what.

Spring-summer trends 2017

  1. The style of the 70's. This time is associated with fringe, loose cut and suede. If you want to be in a trend, it does not have to be an audit in the grandmother's closet. Topical retro models can be found in fashion collections. They can be seen on the catwalks of all eminent designers.
  2. White color. The fashionable spring-summer season of 2017 is characterized by a restrained color scheme. The favorite of the season was white. Mods who consider it too boring can dilute images in bright, saturated tones: red, blue, orange, etc.
  3. Victorian era. Designers decided to recall the old times and presented on the catwalks clothes similar to the one worn by Queen Victoria herself. Fashionable collections were full of multilayer ruffles, expensive fabrics, lush sleeves and floral patterns.
  4. Spanish motifs. Spain and its culture inspired couturiers to create bright, unique images. Fashionable skirts, dresses, blouses and trousers were decorated with lush flowers and catchy ornament.
  5. Drapery and wrinkles. The spring-summer period is a time of romance and love. That is why the designers presented in their collections a large number of models of flowing fabrics.
  6. Grid. The main hit of the spring-summer season 2017 will be a shirt-front from a thin grid. All the other accessories on the background of it have come to the back burner.
  7. Dress-shirts. Fashion designers try to sew not only beautiful, but also comfortable clothes. That is why in 2017 they created models of clothes, reminiscent of pajamas and homemade robes. Now it is not necessary to wear a long dress and high heels at the party. In order to stand out from the crowd, choose your dress-shirts.
  8. Cell. In the new season, almost all world couturiers included models in their collections in a cage. In order for it not to look too boring, they decided to play with the color scheme. Now the cell can be not only black, white and red, but also orange, green, blue, etc.
  9. Denim. This spring and summer, convenient and practical denim became the material # 1.Designers offer to dress in it "from head to foot."
  10. Style "Punk Rock".Leather clothing and leather items can be seen in all designer collections. It ranks second in popularity after denim.


The review of fashion trends of spring-summer is impossible without consideration of actual colors and shades. In 2017, fashion designers urge women of fashion to choose reserved shades. The most actual colors will be:

  • light beige;
  • pastel;
  • mint;
  • cherry;
  • pink;
  • turquoise;
  • dark brown

Bright, catchy colors will not be very popular, but it's unlikely that women of fashion will miss the rich blue and turquoise colors. Stylish and fashionable will also look clothes, made in burgundy tones.

Fashionable spring-summer trousers

Fashion trends for the spring and summer of this year will allow fashionistas to demonstrate all the virtues of their figure. For this, designers offer them to wear shortened or leather trousers.

If you prefer a more restrained model, pay attention to the trousers with high waist and cuffs. By the way, this is a great option for work.

In summer, any girl will be comfortable and comfortable in clothes made from natural fabrics. She was present in the spring-summer collection in large numbers. As for fashionable colors, at the height of popularity will be trousers of orange, lavender, emerald and bright pink. In addition, the designers presented the following models on the catwalks:

  • trousers with stripes;
  • trousers-flared from the thigh;
  • trousers made of transparent fabrics;
  • overalls

Fashionable jeans of the season spring-summer 2017

Jeans in the new season will be as much decorated with flowers, embroidery, various prints.

In 2017, you can choose any color of jeans: green, pink, red, yellow, blue - in any case, the image will look just amazing. Current models - "rvanki", with shortened trousers, a classic cut.

Fashionable tops

Fashion trends in clothing this summer dictated their terms for women's tops.

Much attention was paid to their length. The vogue tops returned to fashion, which are more like clothes than clothes.

You can wear such a top not only on the beach, but also for a walk around the city. Of course, if it's an evening walk. If you go shopping in such a top, you will be misunderstood. Supplement this top can be long T-shirts, alcoholics, spacious shirts, elongated waistcoats, linen jackets. Presents a restrained color scheme. In the collections of designers there are gray, beige and white tops.

In addition to the bando, the fashion will be corsets, elongated models, sleeveless sleeveless vests with a "boat" cut, with even armholes and wide straps. It is worth paying attention to the model with the original drapery, plisse, protectors and inserts from the fabric of the opposite texture.

Actual dresses of the spring-summer season 2017g.

Spring-summer wardrobe should be bright and positive. Named designers fully supported this idea when creating fashionable dresses in 2017.A special place in their collections is occupied by dresses of A-silhouette and straight cut. Multi-layered sarafans from air and natural fabrics returned to fashion again.

Models are distinguished by a rich color scheme, but the undoubted favorite is the white color. Do not be afraid that it is full. Stylists have long dispelled this myth. Very beautiful look dresses of red, black and lemon color. The basis of the collection Calvin Klein became dresses of black patent leather and simple geometric shapes.

Lovers of bright colors will surely like sarafans of scarlet color, which also took their rightful place in designer collections. No less popular are also wine, coral and strawberry shades.

Another interesting solution for the new season is dresses with a patchwork pattern. They look just great! Long dresses migrated to the everyday wardrobe, and now they can be worn not only for parties, but also for a walk around the city.

Bright decoration of fashionable dresses in 2017 were intricate geometric patterns and floral prints. The line of the waist stylists recommend to emphasize with a rough leather strap or a belt of contrasting color. In combination with light, airy dresses, these accessories will look especially beautiful.

Fashion will include dresses-bando, models with flared skirt. The first option is suitable for summer vacation, and the second can be put to work instead of the usual dress-case. However, if the bando is combined with a fitted jacket, it can also be worn to work.

Among the favorites of the spring-summer season are also tunics and dresses with a smell. Pleasure was the pleating. Plisset will give volume in those places where it is necessary. Among fashionable patterns, vegetable, flower motifs, "cartoon" leaves will be very popular.

Casual fashion

For shopping trips and city walks, stylists advise choosing dresses from natural fabrics, denim or crocheted sundresses.

Knitted clothing this season can be combined with sports shoes and accessories. At a premium, there will be a straight silhouette and an average length of dresses. In the designer collections, drapery is also used, with the help of which one can emphasize one part of the body.

For every day, you can safely wear a dress with a floral pattern or a simple geometric print. At work, you can choose the option with an emphasis on the waist and complement it with a belt or corset.

Fashion bags this year

In the new season, the bag should be selected so that it almost merged with the clothes and did not stand out against its background. What models will be relevant this season:

  1. Small handbags. Many designers gave preference to mini-bags, which contain only the most necessary. Of course, they will not work for work, but for a romantic evening or a walk around the city - quite.
  2. Classic models. They are perfect for work, because, despite the time of holidays, for some time we still have to go to work.
  3. Bags-pouches. This is one of the main trends of the new fashion season. They can be decorated with fringe or small chains.
  4. Postcards. This option can be selected for each day. They are very convenient and advantageously complement any image.
  5. Backpacks. This is a great solution for girls who prefer a sporty style. However, designers have created such models that can be worn with classic images.
  6. Bag bag. In 2017, models from perforated leather, leather of reptiles and rubber will be relevant.
  7. Non-traditional bags. The handbags in the form of a perfume bottle, a camera, a mobile phone, etc. will look stylish and bold. Non-traditional bag Bag bags

Trend shoes for spring-summer

This spring and summer, the following models will be fashionable:

  • shoes on an even platform;
  • gladiator sandals;
  • models with miniature bows;
  • shoes with T-shaped fastener;
  • shoes with a transparent heel;
  • models on a wedge and a wide heel;
  • slips - moccasins on the platform.

Men's theme of the spring-summer season

For men, designers proposed to combine bold ideas and traditional motifs at the same time. Very stylish look will look like an image that includes classic pants and a bright tie. A catchy accessory can also be worn with jeans.

Jeans must be straight and narrowed. They fit well with sweaters, T-shirts and shirts. In high esteem there will be a layering.

Fashion season spring-summer 2017goda will please us with interesting novelties. They are hard to call novelties in the full sense of the word, because a large number of models designers "returned" from the past, adding new accents. Screaming colors and pretentious models have come to the fore, in the fashion will be classic and comfortable clothes and shoes.

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