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Even the youngest girls want to look beautiful and charming. The school is the place where you can show your individuality and demonstrate an original hairstyle. However, many mothers do not have time in the morning to create spectacular hairstyles for their daughter. In this case, even on school pavement there is a fashion. Fortunately, now the hairstyles for girls in school have become more rapid, but at the same time remained interesting.

Requirements for hair

The school is a strict educational institution. Almost everywhere there is a dress code, so girls are forced to wear the same type of clothes, uniform dresses and shoes. You can stand out only with the help of hair. Many mothers begin to grow their daughters hair from the age of three, in order to collect them in spectacular styling.

But it's worth remembering that first of all they go to school for knowledge. Therefore, to demonstrate their bright appearance and dressing too much is not accepted. In many schools, strict requirements are imposed on the clothes and appearance of students. Therefore, even the most beautiful hairstyle should look neat and give the whole image modesty and severity.

The curls of the girl must be collected. Teachers do not like disheveled strands, which climb into the notebook and interfere with learning. Finally, the hair should be clean and well-groomed. Dirty hair, sloppiness, untidiness in school are unacceptable.

Can I use jewelry? If there is no such prohibition, it is better to dwell on modest and simple decorations. Fit soft rims, hair clips, elastic bands of neutral tones, ribbons. Sometimes parents do not feel the measures and build complex hairstyles to school. It looks stupid and ridiculous, and the child will feel uncomfortable.

Elastic bands, hairpins and other jewelry should be combined with the shape. They should not stand out very much, brightly shine and sparkle. This is unacceptable in the school.

Girls 7-11 years of age are not recommended to use mousses, lacquers and gels. Children's hair often hurts. It is permissible to apply stowage funds only to high school students, and then in small quantities.

Hairstyles for short hair

If the schoolgirl strands to the shoulders or shorter, do not get upset. If there is no time to constantly style your hair, it's enough to make a haircut that does not require frequent care. The hair falls beautifully and does not require serious effort. Do not create curls, weave braids or build tufts. It's enough just to wash your head and dry it with a hair dryer and a round brush.

A frequent error of parents - a short bang in the daughter. This does not mean that the bangs can not be cut off. It should be neat and tidy, as it can get in your eyes and interfere with learning. It is better to make it sparse and direct.

For girls 7-10 years old the following hairstyles for short hair are suitable:

  • classic bean;
  • quads bean;
  • square with bangs;
  • extended bean.

Do this haircut better in the cabin. Masters take into account all the features of the face, hair, the structure of the girl and choose the most successful option. At the same time, the creation of a hairdress in an adult and a child is different. Children have milder facial features, usually there are no serious flaws, which would not hurt to remove. If there are difficulties, it is better to contact the beauty salon. Stylists will choose a good hairstyle that will look great in school.

Hairstyles for schoolgirls on medium and long hair

Long hair provides a wide scope for imagination. Strands can be braided, slightly combed, collected in tails, bundles. However, much depends on the condition of the girl's hair. If they are weak, easily get confused and do not keep in shape, it's better to abandon complex and ingenious weaving. Creation of a hairdress in this case will end with whims and tears. And the parents do not have enough patience.

Young girls 7-10 years old make a hairstyle to school easy. But many parents do not have enough time in the mornings, so ordinary scythes or tails are hastily built. To avoid such monotony, it is recommended to have several options for packing. Immediately they may not work out, but then your hands will get used to it.


  • You can create a beautiful styling using a beam. Unusual buns on the back of the head, on the side, freshen the image, but at the same time look strictly and restrained. Recently, the fashion includes "bagels", which turn into hair. They create the effect of a three-dimensional beam. Instead of a bagel you can use a tape. It's enough just to comb your hair well and wrap it around the tape gently. Then the resulting beam is fixed with the help of the same tape.
  • It is interesting to look unusual weave, especially on long and thick hair. Spikelets around the head, waterfall and French braids give the image a festivity. Strengthen the effectiveness of hairstyles can be using tapes, pins or rims.
  • Even an ordinary tail can look stylish. It is enough to make a small haircut or add a weaving. A simple option to diversify the hairstyle is to wrap the elastic band with a string of hair or a pigtail. And you can braid out of the tail of the braid and bandage with a beautiful rubber band.
  • The braids woven on the head in a zigzag or spiral look very good in school. They allow you to sit in class, and run at changes. At the same time, the hair looks neat and the individual hairs do not break out. The most suitable option for the school.

The most popular hairstyles of

Below are the most beautiful and suitable for school styling. Some of them seem complicated, but the skill comes with experience. The creation of a hairstyle will take only 5 minutes, which is so important for the ever busy moms.

Lacy tail

A worthy alternative to the usual tail.
Make it simple:

  1. It's good to comb all the hair and put it in a tall strong and tight tail.
  2. Select small thin strands and start making pigtails. It is necessary to take separate hairs from the tail, as for the spikelet.
  3. Weaving around the tail. When it is finished, the entire tail should be wrapped in a scythe.
  4. If the strands are long, you can wrap the braid around the tail several times. The hair can be lightly sprinkled with varnish, then the braid will not unravel.

Eights or baskets

This option is great for girls 7 years. The image is very nice.


  1. Divide the entire head of hair into two parts by direct parting.
  2. Assemble both parts into tails and secure.
  3. Weave from each received tail a tight braid.
  4. Carefully pass one into the other and twist in the form of a figure-eight.
  5. Secure braids at the base. You can mask the rubber bands with satin ribbons.


Perfect option for those who do not get to weave braids. In this case, you can diversify a slightly podnadoevshy tail. It is done this way:

  1. Carefully comb the strands of the comb.
  2. Carefully peel off a small area of ​​hair on the top of the head and fasten it with a thin rubber band. You can wrap a rubber band with a thin strand of hair.
  3. Separate another section at the level of the ears. Collect the curls from the first tail, as well as some free hair.
  4. Both tails are fastened with an elastic band and wrapped in a thin strand again.
  5. Get a "flashlight".To make it more visible, it is recommended to slightly dislocate it.
  6. The number of lanterns depends on the length of the head of hear. In the end, all the locks are gathered in a separate tail and fixed with an elastic band.

French braid

Another name for the stacking is "dragon".Hairstyle is very like little girls. The strands are taken away, and the braid looks spectacular.


  1. To comb the curls back. Select a small area near the forehead.
  2. Divide it into three sections.
  3. Do the usual pigtail, in turn weaving strings in it on the left and right. You need to take thin hair tufts, this will make your hair look better.
  4. Finish the braid with an ordinary braid.


Especially nice looks laying, if you add it with a ribbon or hairpin. It is done like this:

  1. At the top of the head to build a tail. In this case, the second turn should not be done completely. It is necessary to stretch the strands through the elastic band and leave the tip there.
  2. The resulting loop is divided into two parts.
  3. Take the tip of the tail, which is not inserted under the rubber band, and close the middle of the bow.
  4. Screw the whole structure with invisible objects and carefully form a bow.
  5. Decorate with extra hairpins at will.

Greek spit

Elegant styling that looks restrained and stylish.

  1. Select three strands on the vertex and begin to weave the spikelets.
  2. You can wrap the weave several times around your head.
  3. The tip can be hidden under the circles.


They were known to our grandmothers. In other words, they are called shells. For school, the bastards are very suitable, because they look modest, but at the same time mischievous. The hairstyle turns out direct and beautiful.

It is not difficult to make a shingle: it's enough to take the hair in tails, and then make a shell out of each. To do this, the strands are twisted into a bundle and laid at the base of the rubber band.

Hairstyles for teenage girls

Girls 11-15 years old have their own beliefs and understand that they are more suited. To braid children's braids at this age seems stupid to them. Stylists advise to pay attention to voluminous disheveled bundles. They are very suitable for grown-up girls. At the same time, the teenager will be able to create such a laying himself in only 5 minutes.

Careless bundle

For school days, this type of beam is suitable:

  1. Secure the loose curls with an elastic band.
  2. Make hair out of hair.
  3. Secure it with studs. Do not try to get the perfect hairstyle. She will be slightly disheveled. This is its advantage.

Spit and bundle in one stack

This option is suitable for disobedient ringlets, which are constantly knocked out of the hairstyle.


  1. Strands should be washed and dried. Screw damp hair on soft curlers or bobbin. Leave them so at night.
  2. Separate from one side of the temple part of the hair and weave spikes. In parallel, it is necessary to weave new hair into the braid.
  3. Same spikelet from another temple.
  4. At the back of the head, assemble a bundle of curls and fasten it with studs.

Tips and videos

  • It is necessary to teach the school girl to comb and stitch her hair herself beforehand. To do this, it should be provided with a comfortable comb with rare teeth.
  • It is better to immediately stock up with elastic bands and hairpins in the color of uniforms. Then at the right time you do not have to run around the house, looking for the necessary.
Many small girls have very bad hair. How to deal with this? Use foams and shampoos for children's hair. They are sold at the pharmacy. The use of such tools will tame the hair and make it soft.
  • Curls in the lessons will interfere, so curls are better to take in bundles. And the dissolved waves should be left before the festive events.
  • Regularly replenish the stock of hairstyles, trying new ones.

There are many simple ways for schoolgirls. Many look modest and beautiful. They are good for school everyday, because any girl wants to feel attractive. Related Videos:

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