What a child should be able to do in 1 year

That's the first year of your baby's life. He was full of surprises, worries and worries. Before your very eyes, your baby grew and developed, learned the most basic skills. From a helpless newborn baby, he turned into a completely independent little man. Now your child can very much. And although each kid is individual and develops according to his special program, there are certain criteria based on medical and pedagogical practice, which the one-year-old child must meet.

  • Physical development
  • Mental development
  • Mental development
  • Self-service skills

Physical development

In the first year of life, the child is very actively growing and developing. For 12 months, his weight increases at least 3-3.5 times, significantly increasing his physical activity. By the first birthday of the baby's movements become more confident, quick and coordinated.

So, one-year-old child should be able to:

  • sit confidently in a child's chair;

  • crawl well and quickly;
  • to overcome on all fours several steps of the stairs, independently, up or down;
  • using stands, confidently climb on low objects, furniture;
  • to stand on legs without assistance;
  • stand on legs confidently;
  • be able to back off;
  • move from crawling to walking.

Many children by this time have already made their first independent steps, and some even began to walk confidently without support, to run and even to walk on the stairs with your support. However, if this does not happen, do not rush the child and force him to walk a lot, holding on to your hand. From such excessive training the baby can develop a curvature of the shins.

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During this period, the child becomes very inquisitive. He loves to travel around the house by any available means - on foot or on all fours, to open the doors of all the cabinets and nightstands available to him, pulling out any objects found in them.

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Mental development of

The process of the child's mental development is also active. By one-year-old age the kid has a certain stock of words, which he understands and with pleasure utters.

At this age the child must:

  • know what his name is;
  • know the names of family members;
  • to know the names of the surrounding objects, including toys, furniture and clothing;
  • know and show the body parts and faces without errors;
  • understand the meaning of the word "impossible";
  • respond to simple requests( for example, give a certain toy, take a spoon or throw the ball);
  • be able to say goodbye( wiggle);
  • be able to collect a simple pyramid;
  • try to draw.

Many children start talking about this age. Normally a one-year-old child can pronounce at least ten lightened and imitating words. For example: "mom", "dad", "baba", "give", "on", "la-la", "bi-bi", "av-av".But if the baby is not in a hurry to please you with his speech, do not worry, many children start talking to a year and a half or two.

It is interesting that by the end of the first year of life the child has a sense of rhythm and ability to perceive simple melodies. Use this opportunity for his mental and aesthetic development, giving the child the opportunity to listen to good children's songs.

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Mental development of

Perhaps you will be surprised at how much your child has developed mentally in one year. Believe me, a one-year-old kid understands much, not only about himself, but about you, and about the world around him.

He well distinguishes familiar and unfamiliar faces of people and their voices, accordingly reacting to them - joyfully or wary. By this age the child is able to very sensitively catch any intonation of speech of adults, their mood.

The emotional sphere of the baby is considerably complicated. He is able to cry, sympathizing with an offended and crying child, and himself is able to burst into tears from resentment, and not only from physical discomfort, as it was before.

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A year-old child can express his emotions and feelings( both positive and negative), he has his unloved and favorite pursuits. A one-year-old kid can get angry and show his displeasure with all his kind if he is forcibly forced to do what he does not want.

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Self-service skills

The child begins to show a certain independence on his first birthday. He tries to take a cup in his hands, drink from it, and then put it on the table, independently eat with a spoon. The child closely observes the surrounding people and tries to imitate their actions. He possesses the basics of elementary hygienic skills, such as:

  • face washing;
  • washing hands;
  • using a handkerchief;
  • hair combing.

By this age the child should know that the socks are worn on the legs, the gloves are on the hands, and the hat on the head. He actively helps an adult during dressing: he puts his foot in the shoes, thrusts his hand into the sleeve. An important skill of self-service of the baby, which must be developed already at this age, is the desire for cleanliness. Turn into a fun game of folding toys or pencils, cleaning torn sheets of paper or other debris after entertainment or classes. A one-year-old child will gladly pick up a small object from the surface with the tips of his fingers - thumb and forefinger. In addition, one-year-olds like to put together and spread out various objects, especially from boxes that are closed with lids.

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A special skill deserves such a skill of the kid as the ability to ask for a pot. Its development requires patience from the parents, but believe me, your child is ready to give up comfort pampers and accustom to the pot.

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Remember that a one-year-old kid, like a sponge, absorbs everything that he sees around him, and how he will grow and how he will develop will depend on you.

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