How to wear a stole correctly? Councils of fashion experts

  • Secrets of choosing an accessory
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  • How to combine an accessory with a coat?
  • Secrets of creating stylish images with a jacket
  • How to combine a tippet with a dress?
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  • Palatine in the role of headgear

Palantin with confidence can be called a unique accessory in the women's wardrobe. By this term we mean a cape, which is a huge scarf of a rectangular shape. With its help you can decorate any composition and look just stunning. This item protects the cool evenings from the cold and allows you to create stunning evening images. Some girls even use stoles instead of dresses. So, how to wear a tippet?

Secrets of choosing an accessory

To correctly choose an accessory for a coat, you should take into account certain recommendations:

  • It's very important for to keep track of your posture. The fact is that the tippet looks ugly on the stooped back.
  • Ideal option is a coat decorated with a collar-stand, which is now very popular.
  • Look no less attractive coat with a classic collar.

If you can afford bold experiments, wear a stole in combination with a coat that has a complex collar. However, in this case it is very important to tie a tie with a stole.

  • If the collar of the coat has a fur rim, the scarf can be perfectly worn on the head. In this case, it is extremely important to choose the right color range of the accessory so that it emphasizes all your dignity.
  • The texture of the material is of great importance. Products made of fur or animal skin are recommended to be worn on the shoulders. Other types can be used differently, for example, tying on the head, etc.
  • To look attractive and harmonious, you should choose a beautiful shade of stole. Thanks to this, it will be possible to decorate the coat and refresh its color range. To change your appearance more often, it is worth buying several accessories. In most cases, the color gamut is selected in accordance with a particular coat.

It is best to give preference to the stole, which is in harmony with the color scheme of your skin. An excellent option in 2017 will also be a bright green or marsh hue. Blondes are advised to avoid beige and brown colors. Brunettes are ideally suited to bright colors.

Versatile options for using

There are several options for wearing stoles that will suit all women of fashion:

  1. Around the neck. The only difference from a scarf in this case is a large volume. Therefore, the stole is perfectly combined with fitted jackets and tight-fitting sweaters.
  2. Wearing in the form of a snitch. Scarf-yokes are very popular.
    In order to make such an accessory from the stole, it is enough to tie the ends of the accessory and put it on the neck.
  3. Wear in the form of shawls. In this case, the scarf can easily be thrown on a jacket, blazer, coat. Thanks to this you will be able to get a stunning multi-layer image and keep warm in cool weather.
  4. Carelessly drape. Today, very little care is very important. Therefore, it's worth throwing a handkerchief on your shoulders, absolutely not worrying about the final result.
  5. Refill for the belt. This accessory is perfectly tucked into the belt and fastened with a belt. In this case, there are quite a lot of interesting options - enough to experiment to choose the most optimal solution. You can fill it all in the waistband or do it solely from behind or in front.

How to combine an accessory with a coat?

Scarf stole is an easy way to bring variety to your image. With the help of this product, each girl can look stylish and harmonious. So, how to tie this accessory? There are several options for using scarves:

  1. Scarf thrown over the shoulders. In this case, the last part of the scarf is passed under the coat. Due to this, it is fixed and does not slip off the shoulders. The edges in this case move in time with your steps.
  2. Palatine, fixed with a brooch. In this case, the handkerchief should also be thrown over the shoulders, but its length is not leveled. One end of the product is made slightly shorter, after which carelessly toss the longer part onto the shoulder and secure it with a bulky brooch. Also for this purpose, a decorative pin is perfect.
  3. Scarf, which is wrapped several times around the neck. This option is ideal for young girls. In this case, the product is wrapped around the neck several times, which makes it possible to obtain a jabot effect. The result is a surprisingly fashionable yet cozy composition.

A strict coat with a closed collar is perfectly combined with a fur garment. Also a great option will be a knitted scarf, decorated with brushes and fringe.

Even more elegant composition will look in the event that the edge of the stole is fixed with a beautiful brooch. To bring a zest to a boring monophonic image, it is worth picking a bright stole. Such an accessory is also perfectly combined with jeans and a sweater. In addition, it can be worn under a mink coat.

Secrets of creating stylish images with a jacket

This version of outerwear is considered much more democratic than a coat. In this case, stylists recommend choosing a stole as a scarf. There are several ways to beautifully tie this accessory with a jacket or a warm jacket:

  • The palantine should be worn just like a scarf. To do this, it is enough to wrap it around your neck once. In this case, the falling ends should not be fixed.
  • Volume in the neck area. In this case, the scarf needs to be tightened around the neck rather tightly so as to get a kind of roller. After that, wrap a couple of times and leave asymmetric ends that will nicely fall down.

How to combine a tippet with a dress?

Quite often this accessory is worn with a dress. This combination is ideal for a cool evening. It is also often worn indoors. In this case, too, there are several options for wearing a stole:

  • Shawl on the shoulders. In this case, the stole is simply enough to be thrown over the shoulders in the style of a cozy blanket. In this case, the handkerchief is fixed by hands and helps to keep warm. Of course, for a long time to walk with a stole thrown this way is extremely inconvenient. Tippet on the neck. For this, the scarf is enough to wrap around the neck just about once. The arrangement of the ends may be different. One of them can be thrown on the back or both left behind. You can also create an interesting composition on the chest. Variation can be quite a lot, the choice depends on the length of the stole and your preferences.

Evening images

Not every girl knows how to combine stoles with beautiful evening dresses. In fact, this universal accessory fits perfectly into the festive atmosphere. Moreover, from it you can build a stunning bolero. If the color scheme and texture palatin will match the dress, everyone will decide that this is a single outfit.

It's also possible to fold the scarf twice and make a loop from it, which is recommended to be placed on the shoulders and in the decollete area. Equally well-balanced are asymmetrical outfits that cover one hand and expose another shoulder.

To decorate a one-color dress, you can choose a stitch of contrasting color. It can be decorated with various details: beads, embroidery, rhinestones. This will create a truly luxurious image.

With its , even an ordinary office dress can be made an amazing evening outfit. To do this, it is enough to choose a bright cloak, a beautiful handbag and elegant shoes.

Girls who want to hide excess weight, it is worth choosing a dark dress to the knee or slightly lower. And on top it is recommended to put on a palette of saturated color. At the same time, its edges should imitate an elongated waistcoat that reaches the bottom of the dress. The entire structure is recommended to be fastened with a belt at the waist. Thanks to this technique, you can make the figure much slimmer.

Beach composition

Palantine can be used as a stylish addition to the beach image. For this purpose it is necessary to choose an accessory from thin flax, silk or knitwear. The tissue must be wrapped around the waist, make a classic or more complex knot.

It is also possible to straighten the stole, then tie around the waist and connect the two corners. They need to be stretched between the legs, and then tied with a cloth at the waist. This option is perfectly combined with a swimsuit and is perfect for hot weather.

Palatine in the role of headgear

Every girl who wants to look fashionable and attractive, should be able to tie a stole on her head. Such a cape can ideally be combined with a fur coat or a coat. For this purpose, an item made of fine material is ideal. An excellent choice will be an accessory made of silk or chiffon. There are several options for tie stitching:

  • it's easiest to tie an accessory like an ordinary scarf, making a knot on the back of the neck or under the chin;
  • to girls with long hair it is better to fold a scarf several times and tie it as a bandage.
Extravagant women can be built from a stole design that resembles a turban or turban.

Girls who do not like hats, can make a hood, it will preserve the beauty of the hairdress and protect it from the cold.

Palantine is an amazingly stylish and fashionable accessory, which is distinguished by a variety of use cases. To create a stylish and attractive image, it is very important to choose the right thing and master the art of tying it.

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