Baking powder - composition, how to cook at home and what to replace

Most housewives, spoiling their household with fresh pastries, know that in leavened pastry, add a baking powder, then the baking becomes lush. You can buy it at any store, but sometimes it does not always come handy when you need it. Therefore, many mistresses are asking themselves: is it possible to make baking powder with their own hands? Can! It is designed to impart a floury product and a fluffy structure.

  • Types of disintegrating substances
  • Composition of classic
  • powder Difference from
  • How to prepare
  • How to replace
  • How to use

How to use

Kinds of disintegrating substances

  1. Self-loosening - in the process of chemical reaction, substances release loosening gases independently, which contributes to the formation of voids.
  2. Disintegrating products, that is, those that loosen themselves or when mixed with other products, as well as under mechanical influence, in the form of whipping with a mixer or whisk.
  3. Disintegrating gases. These are gases that increase in size and create voids inside the product, when temperature changes affect them. They are divided into: biological( disintegration of the dough occurs as a result of fermentation) and chemical( on its basis produce baking powder, the so-called baking powder).

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Composition of classic powder

The conscientious manufacturer on the packaging always indicates what the baking powder consists of. In the composition of the classic powder there are certain proportions of acid and salt, it is these substances that make baking lavish.

On the packaging of any disintegrant, a component such as a filler can be found. It is necessary in order to prevent the interaction of salts and acids before they enter the dough.

Upon entering the dough, the action of the filler ceases, and the ingredients themselves react, releasing carbon dioxide, which makes the dough looser and lush.

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Difference from baking powder

Baking powder is an artificial baking powder for dough. In the confectionery business, these words are synonyms for the same powder intended to improve the quality of baking.

Their composition and operation are identical.

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How to cook

If you do not know how to make baking powder at home, then thanks to step-by-step instructions this will not be very difficult. It will be required:

  • 12 parts of any flour( any: wheat, rye or coarse grinding), it is needed for convenient batching of the baking powder;
  • 5 parts of soda;
  • 3 fractions of citric acid.

To prepare and store the baking powder, use absolutely dry dishes, because a small drop of water will react.

Take the vessel, where we will mix all the ingredients. It should be with a tight-fitting lid, so that moisture does not get there when stored.

Put all the components in the vessel, close and shake it carefully, so that all the ingredients mix with each other.

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Than it is possible to replace

The disintegrator many housewives are replaced with food soda if there are ingredients with acid reaction in the test. It can be juices, sour-milk products, citric acid.

When there are no such products in the test, it is replaced with soda, which is quenched with vinegar or citric acid. This is necessary because soda itself does not perform the function of a disintegrant, and carbon dioxide is formed only in reaction with acids.

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How to use in baking

Baking powder, the recipe of which is described above, is used in cakes, pies, buns, cupcakes and other delicacies. On average, 1 to 6 kilograms of flour consumes 4 to 6 teaspoons of baking powder. If the prescription indicates the amount of powder in grams, then 1 gram of tea has 10 grams of baking powder.

It is worth remembering the two main rules and then baking will be very tasty and lush:

  • for fatty dough always requires more baking powder;
  • for fresh water is used at times less baking powder.
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