With what to wear fashionable blue pants

  • How to choose the right shade
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  • Choose the office bow
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  • Blue pants with prints
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Blue pants look interesting and presentable. There are a lot of options with which to wear blue trousers of different styles. They will help diversify and revitalize the everyday image, replacing the standard and already orderly bothersome black pants.

How to choose the right shade

When choosing trousers, every detail matters: the style, the quality of the fabric and, of course, the shade. The blue color is multifaceted, so it may be difficult for some to choose their own tone.
Here are a few recommendations that will help you make the right choice and buy pants, highlighting the features of the exterior:
  • Blondes with fair skin will suit absolutely all shades of blue. This is your color. But the coolest colors will look the most profitable: azure blue, royal blue, cobalt, the color of blue dust.
  • Redheads are also suitable for many shades, but special attention should be paid to dark blue.
  • Brunettes should prefer a more succulent and saturated tones. A bright ultramarine will emphasize the beauty of tanned skin.
  • If you buy office pants, choose products from dark blue material. For informal conditions, lighter and more vivid colors will suit.
  • Dark shades are also worth choosing if you want to visually make your legs and hips more slender. In addition to color, straight cut and high waist will help to correct the figure.

Color scheme of the outfit under the blue pants

There is a mass of flowers that will be perfectly combined with blue pants.

  1. The first place is to put a universal white, which just perfectly complement your pants, add an image of romance and purity. The blue bottom and white top are a good combination for both the office dress code and everyday.
  2. Absolutely with all the shades of blue perfectly match beige and gray. These colors can be present in both clothing and accessories. Blue looks good with pastel tones: powdery, the color of pink marshmallow, dairy. If you work in the office, then adopt these color combinations.
  3. Note the combination of blue trousers and black or dark gray top. Ensemble in this color scheme is perfect not only for everyday life, but also for an evening out. If you combine three colors in one ensemble - blue, black and white, you will look no less stylish and interesting.
  4. Classic version - a combination of blue with different shades of yellow, from pale to sunny. Truly a luxurious combination - blue and gold. But it is more suitable for the evening image, especially if the golden color is present not only in accessories, but also in clothing. No less spectacular, especially on brunettes, blue pants will look with an orange top. But in this case you need to act carefully: the top should be bright enough, and the skin - tanned.
  5. Looks expensive and exquisite blue bottom with a red top. The combination is pretty bold, and not everyone can decide on it. If you are afraid of putting on a red top, pick accessories in this color, for example, shoes, handbag or scarf.
  6. Feel free to include clothes and ornaments in purple in the ensemble with blue trousers.

We select an office bow

At work it is better to wear classic dark blue trousers with arrows. They can be either straight or slightly narrowed. In summer, you can pick up pants to the ankle. They are recommended to combine with business blouses and shirts with long sleeves or sleeves-lanterns.

  • White, black, beige, brown, gray, pale yellow, pale blue - these tones will not conflict with the office dress code and will help create a stylish image. The top does not have to be monophonic. Such simple prints as a cage, a strip, peas, are also welcome.
  • For a democratic office style, more saturated tones are appropriate. Combine the blue bottom can be with lemon, red, lime, orange or pistachio top. But do not forget that in business style there should not be too many flashy details. Bright can be something one: pants, blouse or, for example, a neck scarf.
  • Great solution for a business woman - a blue trouser suit. If you choose the right shade, this outfit will perfectly fit into the office dress code, while it will look fresh and interesting. In the kit will be appropriate shirt with a short sleeve or a simple fitted white or cream top.

Suitable shoes for the office image - laconic boats or ankle boots. Shoes are also recommended to choose in low-key tones. Universal colors - black and beige.

If there are gray and brown shades in the ensemble, then it is possible to choose shoes in this color. One hundred percent hit - shoes in tone pants.

For daily routine

  • If you can show off slender legs, safely wear blue skinnets. In summer, do not be afraid to use a large amount of bright color in one image. To these pants you can choose a flying blouse of yellow, mustard, raspberry or peach color.
  • To fashionable wide trousers it is necessary to choose a less bulky top, for example, a fitted shirt or jersey. In addition to monochrome colors, do not forget about the favorite geometric, floral prints.
  • For tall girls you can buy short pants. As the top, a light or colored blouse with tights in pants will fit.

    For a date or an evening out, choose shoes or sandals with heels. In the daytime ensemble, pants 7/8 fit more comfortable flat shoes, for example, moccasins or oxfords.

  • For cold weather, it is recommended to choose pants of darker and deeper shades. In winter, there is not enough warmth and comfort? Wear a volumetric sweater of milky, sandy, gray or pale pink shade. With winter pants knitwear looks great: tunics and turtlenecks. A good option - a cardigan to the middle of the thigh, which will suit girls of any make.

Blue trousers with

prints. Blue trousers do not have to be monophonic. In 2017, a variety of prints and decor elements are in fashion. If you are not ready for bright experiments, you can pick up women's pants in polka dots, a vertical strip or a cage. Bold natures choose pants with bright floral print, embroidery or appliqués.

  • To such fashionable trousers, choose a monophonic top, the shade of which corresponds to the color scheme of trousers. Also you will not lose if you pick up the top in some universal color, for example, white, beige or black.
  • Fresh and relevant looks a combination of two different prints in one ensemble. But you need to combine them carefully, so that everything looks harmonious.
  • Original looks set of pants and blouses in a flower of a similar design, but different in size. You can combine geometric prints with plant and animalistic. One such example is a combination of checkered trousers and a stylish blouse with a floral pattern.

Examples of fashionable ensembles

  1. Blue pipes, white shirt, black business jacket - a win-win option for the office. Here are appropriate black leather boats, a leather bag and a women's watch with a metal strap.
  2. Classic suit from a jacket and trousers of blue color, pink chiffon blouse without sleeves, beige lacquered shoes with heels and a three-dimensional bag in tone. This image is suitable for a more democratic office dress code.
  3. Shortened bright blue pants, chiffon yellow blouse with transparent sleeves, pale pink sandals with high heels - a bright and dynamic summer image.
    You can add no less bright accessories, such as a yellow handbag on the chain.
  4. If you are close to the nautical theme, take on the armament such combination: wide linen trousers of dark blue color, a T-shirt in a white-blue strip, red moccasins, a wicker bag. In the ensemble, you can add suitable accessories, such as an anchor earring.
  5. Blue skinny, orange fitted shirt in a cage, mustard cardigan, brown shoes resembling men's, on a massive sole - a comfortable everyday image for cool weather. Complete it with a knitted scarf, a capacious handbag and a leather belt in the shoe tone.
  6. Cornflower-blue crocheted trousers, white laconic shirt, tucked into trousers, - this is a simple everyday image, which will add the expression of red boats and clutch in tone. In this ensemble, white beads are appropriate.

Blue trousers are quite a friendly wardrobe item, which is combined with many things and accessories. Considering these recommendations in drawing up your image, you will be irresistible in different life situations.

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