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Pregnancy is an important event in the life of every woman. And nowadays it is not uncommon when they marry leaving, waiting for the appearance of a child. Many of the brides are embarrassed by this fact: pregnant women are trying to postpone the wedding, believing that they will become an object of gossip or will look unattractive.

Neither one nor the other argument has a right to exist, because the times when the unmarried girl's pregnancy was considered a shame have sunk into oblivion, and in the wedding salons today you can find many incredibly beautiful dresses for pregnant brides.

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The styles of wedding dresses for pregnant women take into account the anatomical features of the body of a woman bearing a baby, so they are not only beautiful, but also comfortable. A pregnant bride, dressed in such a dress, will feel very comfortable and can not be afraid for the health of her baby.

All wedding dresses for expectant mothers must meet the following conditions:

  1. They should not put pressure on the belly and chest of the bride at any time of pregnancy.
  2. They can be sewn only from natural fabrics, characterized by hygroscopicity, softness and elasticity. All these requirements correspond to natural silk and satin, as well as a lace fabric woven of natural silk or cotton threads.
  3. The quality of the seams should be very high: it is unacceptable that they rub the skin, delivering discomfort.

So, which wedding dresses of the 2015 season can make a pregnant bride irresistibly beautiful?

Fashion trends in the world of wedding dresses for pregnant women 2015

In general, fashionable wedding dresses for pregnant women are designed in full accordance with the trends of wedding fashion in 2015, although this category of wedding dresses is a special direction with several basic styles.

  • Wedding dresses in the Greek style are extremely relevant and are in great demand not only among brides in an "interesting" position. The straight silhouette of the outfit, made of light flowing fabric, makes the image of any bride unusually subtle and feminine.
  • Wedding dresses for the future mummies in the Empire style( in many ways echoing the Greek style) in the collections of 2015 are represented by long outfits "on the floor", models of medium and even short length.
  • Wedding dresses for pregnant brides A-shaped silhouette . In the models of such dresses there is absolutely no accent on the waist, due to which the image of the bride gets light and airy, contrary to her position of the future mother.

The A-shaped silhouette dresses in the 2015 season are represented by two variations: extremely simple tunic models and more effective toilets, richly decorated with hand embroidery, exquisite bows and a lot of decorative elements. The latter option is most suitable for brides of a dense physique.

  • Luxurious wedding dresses are good for brides with small gestation periods. Almost unnoticed tummy quite allows the young mother to dress up in such a dress.
  • Short wedding dresses for pregnant women, contrary to popular belief, are quite capable of beautifying the bride of a fragile constitution, which has beautiful, pointed legs.

We have listed the most popular styles used by fashion designers who create clothes for pregnant brides. It remains only to emphasize that, choosing a fabric for such a toilet, fashion designers prefer mattresses with matte, lusterless, texture.

In full accordance with the fashionable trends of 2015 dresses for pregnant women:

  1. Can be completed with capes-bolero.
  2. Decorate with luxurious plumes.
  3. Modeled with sleeves of different lengths.
  4. Provide comfortable straps and flowing shoulders.

Which wedding dress for pregnant women to choose? What is worth considering?

When choosing an outfit for a pregnant bride, first of all you should think about her comfort, so the wedding dress should be:

  • Elastic, devoid of tight corset. Elasticity of matter will provide the bride with freedom and ease of movement.
  • Maximum lightweight, made of airy fabrics. The total weight of the outfit should not exceed two kilograms. Otherwise, by the end of the evening, the bride can feel too tired.
  • Elegant, emphasizing the beauty of rounded shoulders and a full chest. In this respect, nothing compares to dresses in the Greek style.
  • For longer periods of pregnancy, it is better to give up excessively luxuriant skirts, sleeves and large decorative elements: bows, buttons, artificial flowers and luxurious embroidery. Being grouped around the waist and hips, such decor elements can make the bride's figure too heavy.
Giving slenderness to the figure of a pregnant bride will help dresses with low lacing or with vertical lace inserts.
  • If the bride chooses a long dress, then you need to sew it a few days before the wedding ceremony, otherwise the rapidly growing tummy( if the wedding falls on the second trimester of pregnancy) can raise the hem of the hemmed dress.
  • Of no small importance is the color of the attire. A wedding dress for a bride expecting a child should be devoid of brilliance. The most suitable colors are:
  1. matte shades of light pink,
  2. light green,
  3. soft blue
  4. beige.

View video options for white and color wedding dresses for pregnant women:

White color, as is known, visually expands the figure, so it is better for the bride to give up the snow-white outfit by choosing a dress of champagne, ivory or cream color.

Lush wedding dresses for pregnant women

Lovely wedding dresses for pregnant women are widely represented in the collections of 2015.

  • A gorgeous dress on a corset can be worn by a bride who is at an early pregnancy. Of course, that from the tight lace corset in this case will have to give up. A wedding dress with a detachable waist and a lush multi-layer skirt will be a success, which will come to the aid of the bride, who does not want to focus on the rounded tummy. Thus, you can disguise a 4-5-month pregnancy.
  • At a later pregnancy, the bride should choose a lush wedding dress with an overstated waistline. A strongly decollete model with a deep V-neck will focus on the décolletage area, beautifully highlighting the rounded breast of the future mommy.
  • The wedding dress of the A-shaped silhouette, cut-off along the waist line, with a beautiful fluffy skirt can also be considered a successful version of the outfit for the bride, who does not want to advertise her delicate position.

Oh, this is a lace wedding dress!

Wedding dresses for pregnant women, sewn from elegant lace fabric, are so beautiful that they do not need to use additional decor elements. In rare cases, wishing to achieve an amazing effect, they are decorated with beads and rhinestones.

The bride waiting for the toddler, wearing a lace wedding dress, seems especially feminine, touching and tender. Despite this, some brides aspire to visually hide the pregnancy of from others. You can do this by correctly choosing the style of the lace dress. To this end, the following models will cope:

  • A-silhouette lace dresses will hide the rounded tummy at the expense of an overstated waist line and a substantially expanding lush skirt.
    Light transparent draperies, additional layers of thin lace fabric on the skirt with easy disguise even a strongly protruding tummy.
  • Lacy dresses in antique Empire style, having a deep cut, will emphasize a beautifully rounded chest and create a clean, streaming down line that tactfully and gently covers the tummy.
  • Lacy dress-bustier, equipped with a corset, is quite suitable for brides in the early stages of pregnancy. You just do not overdo it with tightening the corset.
  • Lush lace dresses of short and medium length will suit brides who have precise slender legs. In this case, the accent will inevitably move to them and divert attention from the grown tummy.

Models of lace dresses for pregnant brides can have narrow and wide straps, as well as various sleeves.

Sleeves on these dresses can be of different lengths, undesirable only romantic "flashlights", capable of giving the figure of the bride an additional volume.

Lacy dressing dress is quite appropriate on the bride, who is not shy of her pregnancy and does not hide her. In this case, the tummy can be emphasized by dressing the dress under the breast with a belt from a wide satin ribbon.

Lace wedding dresses for pregnant women do not need any ruffles, nor in ruffles, nor in bows, especially in the area of ​​the waxed waist: the extra volume of the figure of the pregnant bride does not need anything, and the lace is decorative enough in itself.

When choosing the color of a lacy toilet for a pregnant bride, one should give preference to soft pastel colors.

To buy a lace dress for the bride expecting the baby, it should be shortly before the marriage ceremony, because the inexorably growing tummy may simply not fit in the dress, bought a few weeks earlier.

Short wedding dresses for pregnant women

Even more urgent in the collections of bridal gowns for pregnant brides in 2015 acquire short dresses, and couturiers offer variants of models designed for a variety of pregnancy periods.

Short dresses for pregnant women are distinguished by a special cut and the presence of special elastic inserts in the abdominal area and in the decollete zone. What short wedding dress will suit a bride with a rather long life :

  1. First of all, this is a trapezoidal outfit that expands already at the very top of the dress.
  2. A shortened dress in antique Empire style with a waist line starting right under the chest. A special charm for such outfits is attached to the elements passing under the bodice: thin straps, wide belts from satin ribbon, skilfully embroidered braid.
  3. A dress with an over-emphasized waistline.

All of the above styles are different in that the expansion of the hem begins above the tummy, so it becomes less noticeable. It is worth paying attention to the comfort of these models, which do not tighten the belly of expectant mothers. In all these models, it is permissible to use lush multi-layered skirts made of lightweight fabric that make the figure of the pregnant bride more elegant.

  • A bride with a small gestation period can choose a short dress whose hem has an interception at the bottom. Such models were relevant in the 1920s.
  • Straight short dress made of lace fabric, decorated with a beautiful bow of wide satin ribbon, will give the image of the future mother incredible touching, because her delicate position in such a dress for anybody will not remain a secret.
  • A short dress with open shoulders is also quite appropriate on a pregnant bride. The only contraindication for such an option may be a too straggly chest, which can slip out of the bodice.

The main advantage of a short wedding dress for pregnant women is the light weight of the attire, which is of great importance for the future mummy.

Wedding dresses in Greek style for pregnant women

Beautiful wedding dresses for pregnant women in the Greek style enjoy unchanged popularity for many seasons. And 2015 was no exception. The simplicity of cut, the extraordinary femininity of models that emphasize the beauty of the bride expecting the appearance of a child, as well as the comfortable state experienced by the bride dressed in such a dress is the reason for this popularity.

Greek style presupposes the presence:

  1. of a deep V-shaped bodice and a light flowing skirt consisting of several layers of airy fabric, beautifully draped in the form of vertical folds. This cut favorably emphasizes the rounded chest and shoulders of the pregnant bride, focusing on the top of the dress.
  2. Mandatory "pick-up" as an indispensable element of cut.
  3. Wide, whimsically draped straps, emphasizing the feminine line of shoulders.
  4. An overstretched waist line that disguises a rounded tummy and a split( or draped with light folds) hem of maximum length.

For the manufacture of dresses in the Greek style only light fabrics are used: taffeta, veil, silk, chiffon and guipure, as they have the ability to easily drape, forming soft folds.

Empire-style wedding dresses for pregnant women

The Empire style appeared in the early nineteenth century thanks to the Empress Josephine( Napoleon Bonaparte's wife).In fact, it is a simplified modification of the Greek antique style, so the wedding dress in Empire style is virtually indistinguishable from the dress in the Greek style.

What are the stylistic differences of these styles? Dresses in Empire style:

  1. Differ a smaller number of draperies.
  2. Have a simpler and fairly closed design of the bodice.
  3. Unlike Greek dresses, can have both medium and short length.

Otherwise, dresses in the Empire style are maintained in the classical Greek style. Choosing a dress in Empire style for a pregnant bride, you should provide some reserve in the bodice area, because by the time of the wedding, the breast of a young mother can significantly change in size.

Wedding dresses for pregnant women for 6 months with a photo

The bride who marries at the end of the second trimester of pregnancy will no longer be able to hide a significantly enlarged tummy from the attitudes of those present at the wedding, therefore, when choosing a wedding dress, first of all, she should think about her own comfort andcomfort of your baby.

Fashions of wedding dresses on this term of pregnancy:

  • Dresses with an overstated waistline.
  • Dresses in Greek style and Empire style.
  • Short dresses of trapezoidal silhouettes( they can be recommended to brides of very small height).
  • A very comfortable version of the wedding dress is a dress-gown. Thanks to the peculiarities of the cut, the figure of the bride, underlined by an elegant bow, tied on the side, will seem much more slender.
  • Lace dresses are direct silhouette.

Wedding dress for pregnant women for 8 months with a photo

Pregnant girls in wedding dresses can be irresistible and at the latest stages of pregnancy. Everything that we talked about convenience and comfort, during this period becomes even more important.

The outfit for the bride, who will become a mom in a few weeks, must meet the following requirements:

  • It should be not only attractive, but also extremely convenient.
  • It should not have any synthetics that can cause an allergic reaction. Wedding bridal toilet on the last days of pregnancy should be sewn only from natural fabrics.
  • The color scheme can include any pastel shades. From pure white color, weighting the figure, in some cases it is better to refuse.

The styles of dresses listed in the previous section of the article are quite appropriate even in the eighth month of pregnancy. Exceptions are only dresses of a direct silhouette, which can put pressure on a strongly grown tummy.

Should I take a wedding dress for pregnant women?

This question is asked by families whose budget is very limited: the cost of a wedding dress is a significant part of the funds allocated for the celebration.

Pros of wedding dress rental:

  1. You save a considerable amount by refusing to buy a dress that will last you only one day.
  2. Taking a dress for rent, you can afford a toilet that you would never be able to buy for cash, because its total cost exceeds your modest income.
  3. You will get rid of the headache about what to do with the dress after the wedding.

As a counter-argument to the decision to take a dress for rent, you can bring a superstitious belief that a pregnant woman can damage the energy of the former owner of the wedding dress. Another disadvantage of the rental is the fear of spoiling an expensive dress, but it is known that any woman agrees to a pregnant woman.

Think carefully about all the arguments before deciding whether to purchase or rent a wedding dress. The most important thing is that the outfit should suit the bride, because she will be the queen of the holiday.

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