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Many admirers of this trend in the modern subculture, like an amateur photo shoot, probably faced the most common problem in this area - the deficit of standing ideas. I want to immediately refute this position. The world of photography has never been stingy on all kinds of ideas, most likely, you simply did not know about them. If such styles in photo shoots as "fashion", "classics", "retro", "dark" are always on hearing, and, accordingly, most often incarnate, then do not think that they are all limited. In this article we will talk about a style that has not yet fully penetrated into our culture. The name is grunge for him.

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With the help of grunge you can dilute your hobby photo in new directions. Experiment is always exciting, especially in a photo shoot. Next, we will touch on the basic principles of shooting, taking into account the fundamental criteria of this direction.

Style is the brainchild of a relatively young subculture that arose in the late 80's and early 90's of the past century. The place of birth of the style is North America, which, by the way, regularly delivers all new directions in subcultures. The main influence on the grunge was played by popular rock music. But he himself is very different from the rock style. Grunge is more neutral, free from boundaries. It honors the right to choose: everyone can dress the way he likes, as he likes, and do not follow fashion.

This style is manifested mainly in clothing, appearance and way of thinking, which is the main criterion of direction. In many ways, the grunge resonates with the trash-style. Still it can be called a symbiosis of hippies, rock and punk directions. It also implies the rejection of standards, any trends in order to maintain their own unique "I".But, unlike trash-style, grunge is not so categorical and unshakably stern. Photosessions in this direction, though, are distinguished by a special atmosphere, the rules for plotting their plot do not require the participants to take a clear view of the principles of style. To understand the background of style, it is enough to understand its main characteristics.

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Image of

In a few words, grunge in a photo session can be described as an unordinary and confused style. He is not afraid of bold, and sometimes awkward combinations. Photoshoot in this direction is an experiment where everything is appropriate at once. The only frame of the flight of fantasy lies in the color limitations and the construction of the image. Grunge in its pure form allows the use of only dark shades in clothes, in entourage, in the atmosphere, plus - a few contrasting light accents. But not everyone fancies a particularly gloomy atmosphere, so nothing will happen if this item is broken.

As for the image for the photo shoot, it initially requires the model to have long straight hair, which not everyone can boast of. Therefore, we omit this point. In addition, the style is changing and the latest trends prove it. Now on a wave of popularity are all sorts of asymmetrical short haircuts. Win the same in a photo shoot and you can at the expense of other criteria: clothing, composition, scenery, setting and entourage.

To realize the image, it is enough to dress unconventionally, with a touch of negligence.

Filming is most often carried out on city streets, in which this direction fits perfectly, but you can hold a grunge photo session in the studio or in the woods. In the first case, portrait portraits are good, in the forest you can make atmospheric photographs, a bit dark.

For example, torn jeans, t-shirts, pantyhose, long knitted scarves on top of worn out shirts or minted jackets, checkered shirts, voluminous shoes. In general, it is desirable that the clothes were a size bigger, hung on you, like on a mannequin, was torn, minty, but not dirty and looked like from second-hand. By the way, you can also buy it there.

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Style is very suitable for thin, fragile and tall girls.

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Makeup and hairstyle

Negligence must be present in the hairstyle and makeup for the photo shoot. Perfect hairstyle - tangled loose hair, or carelessly collected. The ideal make-up is an emphasis on the eyes with the use of dark shades, spoilers and so on.

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In addition to image building, posing plays an important role in the photo session. Given that this current "spits" on the standards, postures within its framework should deal with the same.

The basic criteria for posing: swagger, untidiness, stoop, non-standard approach and no hint that you intend to present your figure favorably. On the contrary, grunge should not be sexual, but it can be so. Through your posture you need to show your protest, and then everything else.

For example, if you stand, become intentionally ugly, "throw your limbs", put your hands behind your head, spread your legs widely. If you sit, place your legs, bend them under you, slouch. If you lie - do not aim to bend beautifully, do not pose, lie as if you were at home or even imagine that you are dead.

And one more important thing - the emotions in the photo session. In this direction they are not at all. Neither negative nor positive - nothing. Your face should remain absolutely impartial, like those walking on the catwalk models.

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