With what you can wear gaiters

Any modern girl wants to look stylish and attractive. But in their desire to be fashionable, many often involuntarily overdo the stick. It is not enough to fill your wardrobe with fashionable things, it is also important to understand how to properly combine them and what it is profitable to wear. This issue is especially concerned with accessories, in particular gaiters.

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Who is fit for

The leggings cover part of the leg that starts from the foot and up to the knee.

Gaiters very much resemble knee socks and are considered a fashion accessory for slender legs. They appeared about a hundred years ago and until today remain at the height of popularity. Thanks to them you can protect your feet from the cold. Therefore, you can wear dresses and skirts and do not harm your health.

Now we need to figure out who and what gaiters will suit.

If you have thin legs, then safely choose leggings with coarse, bulk viscous. Wear them better slightly gathered near the knee. Athletic feet or medium-full gaiters fit thin and at the same time it is better not to collect them.

Owners of full calves should abandon gaiters altogether. Stylists recommend in this case to give preference to pantyhose of dark, muffled tones. Do not forget that they should be in tune with your shoes. But if you really want to wear gaiters, then try. In this case, leggings should be in the same color range as pantyhose.

This piece of clothing is considered the best option for those who have slender but not perfectly straight legs. If this defect you have, then you can hide it with a small pattern on the gaiters.

If the legs are uneven, then it is better not to get striped leggings. For example, a horizontal strip will make your legs full and short, and a vertical strip will further emphasize your lack.

Now, as far as length is concerned. Such a thing as leggings can have a classical length, be long or short. And on what option you choose, the proportionality of your legs will depend. To properly choose the length, it is worth to go to your mirror and take a good look at your feet. If the part of the leg that goes from the foot to the middle of the knee is longer than from the middle of the knee to the groin, then classic or short leggings will suit you.

If everything is the opposite, then you need long gaiters. Girls who have proportional legs can wear gaiters of any length.

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How to wear

Initially, leggings appeared in our lives thanks to military equipment. And then they won great popularity thanks to aerobics.

At the moment, wearing gaiters for training remains fashionable. They have become not only an ornament, but also a protection against sprains and dislocations. Therefore, you can also wear warm stockings with sneakers and sneakers. True, this option is not always suitable for everyday style, but for a trip to the gym or for jogging, this option will do just fine.

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Gaiters fit many styles of dresses. Beneficial combination with mini dresses. In this case, the shorter the length, the higher the leggings should be selected. Fashion dress in this case does not matter, you can wear leggings with both winter and summer dresses. You can wear, for example, such an ensemble: a tunic dress made of light material, a warm waistcoat and leggings. Although the combination of dress and gaiters - rather autumn.

Leggings are most often worn in winter and best combined with knitted things. It can be knitted dresses, sweaters, tunics. The most important is the right combination. Gaiters should match the color or accessories, for example, to the purse.

Leggings will perfectly suit some outer clothing, in particular, under the clothes in the youth and romantic style.

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You can wear warm knitted leggings with pantyhose and leggings. This option is especially suitable for those women of fashion who do not have too perfect legs.

Gaiters help to visually hide flaws. For this purpose, choose leggings with a pattern or pattern, this will distract attention from imperfection of the legs. But be careful with the patterns, they can produce a different effect.

They wear gaiters even in summer. They are specially made of silk, stretch fabric, so that in a hot period of time you were not comfortable with them. Stylists recommend wearing summer gaiters with outfits for the season. These can be light dresses, shorts and skirts.

As for shoes for gaiters, it can be ankle boots, boots, sneakers and shoes.

For boots, these stockings can be worn both on top of them and running. If you chose the second option, then they should be pulled out a little from the bootleg.

Shoes must be closed. Gaiters with shoes can be worn by closing the heel or from the ankle and to the knee. The main feature of gaiters is that they can radically change your image. If they are worn with shoes, they instantly turn into high knitted boots.

The color gamut in gaiters is also important. Do not get hung up on the classics. Look around, and so full of things in black, gray tones. Those girls who are not afraid to attract attention should think about brighter, rich shades. So you can focus on your charming legs and make the image more vivid and attractive. In the New Year period, red and green leggings are very popular. Many girls choose leggings of wine color. No less popular stockings are blue shades. And if on your legs there is still a picture and some pattern in the form of snowflakes, bunnies and deer, this will make your image even more New Year and in no way will harm him.

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