Oatmeal for weight loss

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  • What determines the use of oatmeal?
  • Categories of oatmeal
  • Are there any contraindications to "Hercules"?
  • Are mono products useful?
  • How to cook a good oatmeal?
  • Gentle diet on oatmeal
  • Ways to prepare oatmeal
  • Oatmeal in diets for hips and abdomen
  • Can you really lose weight with oatmeal?

Oatmeal for weight loss is an absolutely indispensable product that is equally effective for people who want to lose weight, and those who need to gain a few missing kilograms.

Is there any contradiction here? Due to which the same product allows you to achieve such contradictory results?

The reason is not only in the amount of oatmeal eaten, but also in the way it is cooked, and also when it is included in its menu. Due to the high calorie content of oat flakes, it is best to use them early in the morning.

What determines the use of oatmeal?

Benefits and harm of oat flakes are due to the peculiarities of their chemical composition. They contain:

  • Rich multivitamin complex( vitamins B and E are the most valuable).One of the most important vitamins is folic acid( vitamin B9), which prevents serious defects in the development of the fetus, so oatmeal is indispensable in pregnancy.
  • A complex of important macroelements( oatmeal is a source of magnesium, calcium, chlorine, sulfur, potassium, silicon and phosphorus).
  • There are microelements represented by iodine, manganese and fluorine.
The most important vegetable fiber of oatmeal is beta-glucan, which swells, turns into a viscous substance and neutralizes cholesterol. Therefore, oatmeal is useful not only for weight loss, but also in the fight against cholesterol.
  • A significant amount of coarse plant fiber and soft dietary fiber, which contributes to the removal of toxic substances that poison the human body.
  • Complex of valuable amino acids.

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The caloric content of oatmeal flakes is, on average, within 360 calories( the nutritionality of different flakes has minor deviations).

Oat flakes categories

The food industry produces oat flakes of three categories:

  1. " Hercules "( requiring a 20-minute cooking).
  2. Petal ( cooked for 10 minutes).
  3. " Extra ".

This category of flakes is divided into three varieties:

  • The "extra-singular" variety, made from whole grains, is cooked for at least 15 minutes.
  • The "extra-deuce" variety is made from cut oats and requires ten-minute cooking.
  • "Extra-triple" - flakes, intended for nutrition of babies and people with problems of the digestive system. Made from steamed small grains, they do not need any heat treatment at all. To make porridge they pour steep boiling water or very hot milk and give a little infusion.
The most useful for health is a porridge made from flakes "Hercules".

In such a cereal, the greatest number of soft and coarse dietary fiber. Thanks to their presence, a person can be satisfied with a very small portion, and the feeling of satiety will not leave him for 3-4 hours.

Fast food flakes , which have passed many stages in the manufacturing process, are extremely quickly absorbed by the human body. Their glycemic index( the ability to increase blood sugar levels) is also significantly higher than for flakes that require cooking( 60 to 42).That's why whole-grain flakes, obtained by flattening the steamed grains of oats, will bring much more benefits.

Are there any contraindications to "Hercules"?

Contraindications still have:

  1. Oat flakes can not be eaten by patients, suffering from celiac disease - intolerance to protein from cereal crops. In common parlance this disease is referred to as as an allergy to cereals.
  2. Excessive consumption of oatmeal can lead to a high concentration of phytic acid, which flushes calcium from the bones of the human skeleton.
  3. Oatmeal is not a product suitable for weight loss , because it is too high in calories: it contains a lot of sugar, dry cream and other additives that increase their nutritional value.

Are mono products useful?

As an example, we give the diet of one of the most popular diets.

  • Valid for 2 weeks.
  • Expected result: 3-7 kg body weight loss.
  • Five meals a day: three main meals and two snacks.
For breakfast, lunch and dinner, you should eat a serving( 200 g) of oatmeal cooked on the water. No sugar, oil and salt is allowed.

As a snack, you can eat a small apple and drink 200 ml of kefir.

Is this diet useful?

Nutritionists unanimously dissuade girls from resorting to such methods of losing weight, because instead of the expected benefits, it is possible, on the contrary, to cause irreparable harm to one's own organism.
  • Let's see how weight loss occurs in case of following this diet:
  1. The effect of weight reduction during the first three days is due to the increased dropping of the intercellular fluid and cleaning the intestine.
  2. A catastrophic calorie shortage, making it difficult to normal metabolism, turns into general weakness, dizziness, nausea and severe headache.
  3. The lack of calories the body begins to make up by spending not only fat, but also muscle tissue.
  4. The result of a two-week agonizing diet is a really thin, but completely unattractive body with flabby, sagging skin on the hips and arms.
  5. Another unpleasant consequence of such a rigid diet can be a persistent aversion to oatmeal, apples and yogurt, as well as a complete eating disorder, fraught with breakdowns and return to the previous weight category.

How to cook a healthy oatmeal?

To benefit, oatmeal for weight loss should be:

  • Low-calorie.
  • Delicious.
  • Used only in the morning for breakfast. Remember: to lose weight, it is enough to eat it only once a day.

How to cook the "right" oatmeal:

You will need a classic( coarse grind) "Hercules"( a glass with a slide) and 500 ml of water.

  1. The flakes are covered in boiling water.
  2. The first few minutes brewed on a strong flame, stirring.
  3. After reducing the heat, cover the pan with a lid and cook until ready.

To improve the taste of cereals cooked without a single gram of sugar and salt, should be taken care of for delicious and healthy additives of ( weight of one portion of finished porridge - 150 g):

  • Adding 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese and ½ baked apple will enrich your breakfast with a fullanimal protein and vitamins.
  • Give a porridge a pleasant aroma, sweet taste and a small amount of healthy fats help pinch of cinnamon, a tablespoon of raisins and nuts( 2 tsp).You can add an apple.
  • Fresh berries( 200 g) with yogurt( 100 ml) will bring in protein, some vitamins and oxidants.
  • Low-fat curd( 50 g) with a banana( enough halves) and a drop of cinnamon will turn oatmeal into a delicious dessert.
  • Prepare an unusual low-calorie cereal will help adding to it pinch of dry ginger and fresh parsley and dill( on a tablespoon of chopped leaves).
  • Flax seeds, powdered or wholly added to oatmeal, not only improve its taste, but also enhance the healing properties due to the additional portion of the dietary fiber contained in them.

Manifesting his own imagination, it is possible to vary the recipes of additives indefinitely to improve the taste of the usual oatmeal.

Gentle diet on oatmeal

This course of health food should be observed for at least two weeks.

The developers of the diet promise a guaranteed discharge of seven to ten extra pounds during the time they follow the recommended diet.
  1. Take food 5-6 times a day( breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2-3 snacks).
  2. For breakfast, lunch and dinner you need to eat oatmeal with fruit or with dried fruits( any).It is prepared from the following components: oatmeal( 250 g), pieces of fresh fruit or any dried fruit( 100 g), nuts( 50 g), 3 teaspoons of honey. This amount of food is divided into three portions and is eaten during the main meals.
  3. As a snack, you can eat 100 g of fruit.

How to prepare oatmeal porridge

Oatmeal for weight loss can be prepared in many ways. We already talked about traditional cooking on fire.

  • Oatmeal can be cooked without boiling , by steaming . In the morning, pre-cooked oatmeal will save time, eliminating the preparation of breakfast.
For those who like to start the day with a hot breakfast, it is best to cook porridge in a thermos. To do this, several tablespoons of cereal should be filled with water( of course, with steep boiling water), in a ratio of 1: 1.

Those who prefer cold oatmeal can stew it in a regular deep bowl, covering with a lid and warming the pillow. In order not to choke on tasteless cereal, you can steal it with honey and nuts.

  • If desired, oatmeal porridge can be prepared in the multivariate .
  1. After taking the necessary amount of oatmeal, it is placed in the bowl of the household appliance and filled with cold water( following the manufacturer's instructions).
  2. After selecting the "Kasha" mode, press the button and wait 20 minutes.
  3. To make the cooked porridge more tasty, you can eat it with kefir, with dried apricots or with raisins.
  • Preparation of porridge in the microwave also presents no complication.

You can cook it on water or milk, observing a ratio of 1: 4( one part of the flakes takes four parts of water).

  1. After placing the flaked water in a special container, they are covered with a special lid with holes and sent to the microwave.
  2. Preparation time - ten minutes, the power should be maximum.
  3. You can add honey to the ready dish.
  • There is one more original way of preparation: lazy oatmeal in the bank .

This is a fairly nutritious and tasty dish is best from the morning, as it is prepared from flakes containing a fair amount of vegetable fibers( the optimal option will be tender flakes of the "extra No. 2" sort).And, as you know, it is these flakes that for a long time suppress the feeling of hunger. How to cook such a dish?

To begin with, we give a generalized recipe.

Lazy oatmeal in milk( 1/3 cup) and ordinary yoghurt( 1/4 cup) will be prepared. To reduce calorie, you can cook it on yogurt( replacing yogurt).
  1. Prepare a glass jar( with a capacity of no more than 500 ml) with a screw cap, fill it with a quarter cup of gentle flakes, the same amount of puree of fresh fruits or berries and a teaspoon of natural honey.
  2. Pour in yogurt and skim milk.
  3. After tightening the lid tightly, the jar is vigorously shaken several times, ensuring uniform mixing of all the ingredients.
  4. The space left free after shaking cans is filled with pieces of fruit or fresh berries.
  5. It remains to tightly fit the lid and send the can to the refrigerator.
The shelf life of lazy oatmeal is 3-4 days. The softer and sweeter the fruit and berry filler - the more tender and delicious the porridge.
  • Lazy oatmeal can be cooked with nuts, chocolate crumbs, dried fruits and coconut milk. To improve the taste, you can use vanillin, cinnamon, cocoa powder and instant coffee.
  • Lazy oatmeal can be prepared in ordinary plastic containers, which are convenient in that they can be carried everywhere( including work).

Lazy oatmeal can be prepared for future use and freeze .In this case, the bank should be filled only by ¾ of its volume( otherwise it may break due to the increase in the volume of the solidifying liquid).

The shelf life of the frozen dish is about a month. Before using the jar, you just need to remove it from the freezer and move it to the refrigerator compartment for the whole night. By the morning a nutritious and healthy dish will be ready.

How is lazy oatmeal?

Usually this dish is eaten cold, but if you want, you can also warm it up by unscrewing the lid and placing the jar in the microwave. To get warm porridge, one minute is enough. Fans of a hot breakfast can wait a little longer.

Oatmeal in diets for hips and abdomen

  • Diet for weight loss of the feet should be aimed at limiting sweet, replacing animal protein with vegetable and completely abandoning the "empty" calories. Nutritious, but unsweetened oatmeal porridge as much as possible answers all these requirements.
  • Diet for weight loss hips advised to awaken the body and start the work of the digestive system to drink on an empty stomach 200 ml of water with lemon juice and always very tightly eat breakfasts containing complex carbohydrates. It may seem strange, but the diet of a healthy breakfast can include a small sandwich with butter, milk porridge and even a square of black chocolate, rich in antioxidants.
A heavily-breakfasted person will never eat extra for lunch and will not get the excess calories that are used to be deposited on the stomach in the form of repulsive fatty folds.
  • The role of breakfast is as great as dieting for belly slimming. Its main purpose is to start the body and increase the level of sugar in the blood, thanks to which the human body receives the necessary energy. It is oatmeal, which is a source of complex carbohydrates and dietary fiber, is able to perform this task.
All effective diet for weight loss recommend eating at least 5-6 times a day, without overloading your stomach with more food.

The amount of servings should gradually decrease by the evening. The smallest should be a portion, taken for dinner.

  • Oatmeal is equally effective for slimming men. It should only be taken into account that they are unlikely to feel satiety from a portion of empty oatmeal cooked on the water. Adding honey, dried fruits and nuts will help to correct this deficiency.

Is it really possible to lose weight with oatmeal?

Yes, this surprisingly useful porridge really helps to normalize body weight. We are told about this by rave reviews of those who have lost weight.

  • Numerous comments posted on forums and websites dedicated to healthy eating generally endorse diets suggesting the use of oatmeal as a product that triggers the mechanism of weight normalization and forms the habit of proper eating behavior.
The results of weight loss on oatmeal in all, of course, different: from 2-3 to 7-10 kilograms. It depends on the severity of the diet, and on the individual characteristics of the body.
  • Many reviews also contain information on the mass of the positive side effects of oatmeal use: for example, on improving skin color and disappearing acne. Therefore, we can reasonably state the validity of the statement about the extreme usefulness of this product.

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