What are the styles of evening dresses

Evening fashion is richly decorated with a variety of beautiful recognizable and new styles for dresses. Choose your own version in such an abundance is very difficult. The style really is a lot, and even more variations of their embodiment in those or other fabrics and decoration materials. But such a meal of choice will be exactly from the most unpleasant!

  • Ball Gown
  • Mermaid
  • Baby Dollar
  • Cocktail Dress
  • For Pregnant
  • With Cut-On Back
  • With One Sleeve
  • Asymmetrical
  • Dress-Case
  • Dress-figurine
  • In Ethnic Style
  • Long And Short with Flex
  • In StyleEmpire

Ball Gown

A ball dress for that and ballroom, that its original purpose was for celebrations aimed at holding classical ballroom dances. This style is recognized as traditional. Its distinctive features: a narrow bodice, an average waist fit( sometimes the waist is overpriced or slightly underestimated) and a lush skirt, often multilayered and richly decorated.

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Traditionally, in classical styles of a ball dress, the cutout is oval, and the back is open to the middle of the shoulder blades.

This style is suitable for absolutely all types of figures.

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But the little mermaid can afford only tall girls with perfect proportions. The style differs in a tight silhouette. The line from the chest to the knee is denoted, and below is an extension forming the visual tail of the mermaid.

Classic is a mermaid with an oval neckline and sleeveless or a three-quarter sleeve, but these days also popular front-closed models with a long sleeve and with various cutouts on the back

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This is an option for a short evening dress. Its distinctive feature is not only the minimum length, but also the overstated waist, and also the splendor of the skirt. But there is one thing, either there are sleeves in the style, and the silhouette will be tight, or there are no sleeves at all, plus a magnificent skirt.

This dress is suitable only for young girls.

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Cocktail dress

The phrase "Cocktail dress" has already become a household word. It is associated with a special kind of activities, for which you need elegance and chic in one glass.

There are many options for cocktail dresses, but the classic style has a shortened silhouette, it has no sleeves and a collar, and there is also a visual division into the bodice and skirt.

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For pregnant women

To pick up an evening dress for pregnant women, it is necessary to decide initially what we ourselves want - to hide the tummy or to emphasize it.

The first thing to consider when choosing a dress is the freedom of movement in it. A pregnant woman in no case should not squeeze the dress anywhere or be cramped.

There are a lot of short dresses for pregnant women in the style of tunic or mini, which emphasize the stomach.

In later pregnancy, some women will find it more comfortable to hide their bulging tummy. This can be done with the help of dresses with an overstated waist and in loose cut. You can also give preference to dresses with tightly gathered skirts.

There are options for evening dresses for pregnant women with soft fitted corsets. It is better to choose such variants on a short term.

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With a cut on the back

There are a lot of options for dresses with an open back. There is not only a variety in the variations of styles, but also in the forms of this very cut-out. Very popular( mostly among young girls) evening dresses in the floor and also quite short options that are decorated either with a cut or insertion of lace in the cutout.

Evening dresses with a cut are an outfit for the brave. Only the upper part of the back can be opened, as well as there are frank versions of dresses that cover only the hips. These dresses are suitable only for ceremonial and evening events and graduation. And if the dress is not long and with a shallow neckline, then it can be used in everyday life.

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The most demanded V-shaped and U-shaped and square cutouts. They can be of very different depths. If the neckline reaches the middle, then such a romantic dress can be worn for a walk or a date.

Asymmetric cutouts in evening dresses deserve special attention. They can be partially open and geometrically executed in different ways.

Also some designers achieve the effect of an open back with the help of interlocked straps. This dress is a great option, so that the image was not too provocative, but also did not lose sexuality.

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One-sleeve dress belongs to the category of asymmetric clothes. Among a large number of asymmetrical dresses, these styles can be divided into several subspecies.

  • evening dress is classic - more often it is a long board in the floor, fitting or loose cut.
  • cocktail dress - in this version varies as the length of the dress itself, from the mini to the middle of the knee, and the width and length of the sleeve itself.
  • asymmetrical suit with one sleeve - this option consists of a dress and a cape with one sleeve. The version of tailoring and cutting can be very diverse.
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The most actual versions of evening asymmetrical dresses:

  • asymmetry in sleeves - a sleeve or one, or falls on the shoulder, or replaced by drapery( other decorative trim);
  • asymmetry of the top - the top can be the most unpredictable, from soft wavy lines to strict and oblique cutouts;
  • skirt asymmetry - the skirt can be in one piece long in another short: skew skirts, uneven flounces, ruffles, ragged hem, several layers of fabric and so on;
  • asymmetric cutouts - cutouts on the back, sides, along the dress.
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Often, asymmetrical dresses do not require special extra decorations, they are in themselves saturated with the unusual shape and cut.

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Every woman should have at least one evening dress-case. This dress is always in fashion. The peculiarity of their style is that their length should reach at least to the knee or to the middle of the roe. The dress-case is suitable for office as well as evening dress. Simple cut, a simple color scheme, but any woman in this dress will feel comfortable and unsurpassed.

Despite the strict definition of the style, different variations of this dress allow for various cutouts on the back or bodice, various models of sleeves.

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These models differ in the most tight-fitting silhouette. The style of the dress as if turns a figure into a precise statuette. This dress is suitable only for tall and perfectly built girls. Popular models in the floor without straps and with a short train.

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In the ethnic style of

There are a lot of variations of dresses of this direction that can be worn for a celebration. The main thing is to choose the cut and accessories.

This style implies simplicity and minimalism in the brightness and intricacies of fabrics and cuts. In the ethical style, the most popular dresses are: bustier dresses, open-shouldered clothes, tunic dresses, light and fitting dresses in Japanese, Chinese, African, Indian, Mexican and other styles.

The traditional colors of the style are all shades of brown, beige, red, sand, blue and green. And the patterns are borrowed from the countries of the East, African countries, the countries of the Server, Central and South America.

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Long and short with a train

Short dresses with a train are very actual and perfectly combined with various massive ornaments, high-heeled shoes and volumetric clutches.

Now there are a lot of variations of dresses with a replaceable train that allow alternately to show off in two outfits.

A very common trend among the new designs of designers is dress-suits, which are supplemented with trains.

We can not forget about the classics. So, a beautiful plume in the floor is customary to complement the styles of the little mermaid and a figurine.

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In Empire style

The main feature of dresses in Empire style is the most overstated waist. Most often this section of the dress is indicated by a wide ribbon, insert or belt. It is from under this insert fabric dresses flowing down wide folds.

Over time, evening dresses in Empire style acquired extraordinary beauty due to all sorts of decor( rhinestones, ribbons, sequins, laces, combining styles of cuts and stuff).

Dress in the floor in this style will make any image and the figure of its owner a bit puppet and graceful.

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