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Fashionable evening dresses of 2017 arethe embodiment of elegance and elegance in all possible manifestations. Designers, refusing from screaming colors, suggest attracting attention with expensive fabrics, quality cut and tailoring, unusual silhouettes and carefully selected accessories for the whole ensemble.

Creating their models, they drew inspiration in a wide variety of ideas and styles. All the possible and impossible ornaments and prints, colors and shades, textures of fabrics and styles received their attention. Your main task - do not get lost in choosing and among the broadest range to find the thing that is best for you.

Colors of

The very first thing that excites those who wish to follow fashion trends in evening dresses is the colors and shades that are relevant in the coming year. It is not in the trend of unnatural bright and cold colors: a puppet pink, acid green, screaming scarlet, neon yellow.

In fashion, natural colors created by nature itself, as well as the entire pastel palette. Among the most popular shades are the following:

  • Blue-green. The color itself is so unusual and self-sufficient that a complex fantasy cut and abundant decor will be superfluous. The maximum that you can afford - a few rhinestones, sparkles or sequins, concentrated in one place. In fashion, any tone from bright turquoise to almost transparent aquamarine. Pay special attention to the color reminiscent of the open sea from a bird's eye view - this is a very interesting, at the same time deep, bright and saturated shade.
  • Sunny yellow and the color of the egg yolk. Very warm and elegant color. The best choice will be a direct dress in a classic style with a small oval or V-neck. Pick up a gold necklace or bracelet to the dress, and you will get a great ensemble. The main thing is to remember that you are not a Christmas tree, and do not overdo it with decorations.
  • Orange. Any shades, except unnatural neon-orange, are actual: amber, terracotta, orange, grapefruit, peach, mango and so on. When choosing a dress of orange color, make sure that it matches the appearance type. With bright colors you need to be careful, otherwise the people around will see the outfit separately, and not you in this dress.
  • Royal blue. A truly pure tone that has been relevant for several years, but, nevertheless, not bored. Even in the evening dress of the simplest cut you will look luxurious, picking up the appropriate fabric( iridescent silk, satin, satin) and adding an outfit with gold or silver ornaments.
Deep dark red and burgundy. In the fashion saturated shades: wine, cherry, marsala. These dresses are more suitable for ladies of elegant age, giving their appearance an amazing nobility and sophistication. He also can recommend eggplant and inky-violet.
On young girls( especially on blondes), these tones look awkward and quite old. They fit decoration and details of these shades on a light dress.
  • Gray. Feel free to choose any tone - from pearl gray to marengo. It is interesting to look at the color of thunderclouds, the stormy sea. Do not refuse from iridescent silvery fabrics, rhinestones and metallized sputtering. In this case, the gloss will not be superfluous. Efficacy in the evening dress will give high cuts, open shoulders or deep decollete.

Retro style

The retro style is suitable not only for theme parties and masquerades. In 2017 he is at the peak of relevance. And in the evening dresses you can find traces of the influence of any of the decades of the XX century.

  1. If you like the 20-ies and art deco, your image is guaranteed not to go unnoticed. In the designer collections there are evening dresses of straight cut with a low waist and draperies, richly decorated with embroidery, feathers, appliqués, sequins, fringes, rhinestones and so on. In this case, the decor does not happen much. The most popular colors are silver-gray, golden-beige and any shades of metallic.
  2. 30-ies - this is a real Hollywood chic. Pick up a maxi-dress with a tight-fitting corsage and a skirt that widens from the knees. Perfectly complement his fur stole or feather boa.
  3. 50-e - an eternal classic, strongly associated with the name of Coco Chanel. Solemnity invariably given to an actual dress-case will be given by an expensive fabric, an asymmetrical hem and a deep narrow neckline. Waistline underline with a thin golden or silvery girdle. Those women, who in the middle of the century were not supporters of emancipation, wore dresses tightly fitting their breasts, with a lot of magnificent skirts that were long before the knee. This fashionable novelty can be recommended for a solemn event to very young girls. The dress will give their appearance freshness, modesty and even some kind of naivety and puppetry.
  4. In the 60's and 70's in life and on the runways pop art reigned. You will be in a trend, choosing an evening dress with a catchy geometric pattern or strip.
  5. Then he changed the styles of disco and ethno. The bravest and self-assured ladies will be approached with golden and silvery mini dresses in slinky. Another trend, inspired by the 80's, is an overdose dress with one shoulder down and lush sleeves. It seems to be great for its owner in a couple of sizes. Such models ideally underline female fragility and elegance.

Fashion "princess"

Any woman or girl in her childhood dreamed of becoming a princess. Designers give you this opportunity for one evening. Fashionable novelty is unmistakably recognized by everyone who has seen at least one Walt Disney cartoon in his life.

Now you can realize a childhood dream by wearing an evening dress with a tight bodice or corset and lush multilayered skirts made of gas or taffeta. In order for the outfit to keep in shape, take care of the starched lower skirts, crinoline or even fake.

Its wearer gown will give almost unearthly lightness, elegant refinement and grace. Perhaps, the embodied dream at first will seem inconvenient, but beauty demands victims.

Modern translucent iridescent fabrics, skirts of several contrasting colors, black and white tones, folds and drapery, as well as large floral prints and floral ornaments make it modern.

Of course, this model requires a really special occasion. For romantic and dreamy natures, this evening dress will be an ideal option when attending a prom.

Dress in Empire style

One more actual style - dresses in the Greek style from light streaming fabrics with the overestimated waist and beautifully falling down draperies.

All models look very simple, feminine and elegant. The most popular length is in the floor, the color is white and gentle pastel colors.

Modernity, such alongside will add an asymmetrical hem and a lace-trimmed neckline.

Dresses in the style of "Lingery"

The next of the fashion trends in evening dresses - frankness. Sometimes it is impossible to understand whether you are wearing a dress or a negligee.

Sew them from guipure, lace, translucent chiffon. Especially spectacularly look black, muffled-scarlet, bluish-gray and cream-vanilla dresses.

This style is characterized by a deep cut, thin straps, high cuts, lace or embroidery trim, as well as sections of unusual shapes located in the most unexpected places.

For the most daring designers offer a classic evening dress-maxi with open shoulders, completely made of transparent fabric. If you are not so confident in yourself, there are models with separate inserts.

Dress-bando and dress-bustier

You will not lose by choosing a strapless dress. It allows you to show a beautiful back, neck, shoulders and décolleté area. The difference is that the bando has a tight bodice, resembling a corset, while in a bustier the upper part is most often held only by the density of the fabric or gum.

Wear them recommend with a variety of cloaks.

The crochet in 2017godu differs limiting laconicity, the colors are chosen achromatic, the finish is practically absent. Interesting details are a cutout in the shape of a heart and a train.

Dresses with an open shoulder

For those who do not dare to show too much, fashionable novelties that leave one shoulder open are suitable. Asymmetry is generally played on the podiums in all possible ways.

The style adds an image of mystery and fascination. The lady who made such a choice is guaranteed not to go unnoticed by the opposite sex.

Achromatic dresses

Black and white are always relevant. The coming year is no exception. Evening dresses of this color are in demand because of its versatility. They look good regardless of the occasion, age and figure. On the basis of one dress, skillfully selecting shoes, accessories and jewelry, you can create a lot of absolutely different images.

Kroy is extremely strict and concise. The dress wins due to the texture of the fabric. In front it is extremely closed, up to the collar-stand, from the back - on the contrary.

Fashion for complete

As for dresses of large sizes, fashion trends did not ignore them. Those days when for ladies with excess weight any solemn action turned to a nightmare, and the phrase "fashion for full" was an oxymoron, long gone. Now for you the most difficult is the choice. Among the broadest assortment, you need to choose a model that best emphasizes the merits of the figure and divert attention from the shortcomings.

Fashionable dresses for full in 2017 have the following special features:

  • Lace as a decoration or basic material. This fabric itself attracts attention, not allowing it to emphasize the shortcomings of the figure. A straight or slightly fitted dress-case up to the knee and with sleeves at least to the elbow will excellently hide a few extra pounds and disguise the fullness of the hands. Those who have problematic is the hip zone, you can wear maxi dresses that visually make the figure slimmer. At full ladies more often the smart breast, underline it with a V-shaped cut. On the beautiful neck, attention is accentuated by a strap across the neck or one open shoulder. A small tummy will hide A-silhouette, trapezoidal cut or overstated waist and drapery in Empire style.
  • Baska. Such a detail, especially if it is beveled, will suit those who need to divert attention from excessively full hips. An inverted triangle in the waistline makes them appear slimmer. Even more pronounced visual effect will help create a wide belt of contrasting color.
  • High waist. The style seems to have been specially created for the full ladies. Draperies and folds freely fall right from the chest, allowing you to hide all problem areas. It turns out a very light and elegant silhouette. Those who want to focus on the legs, fit the length to the knee or on the palm below. The excess fullness of the legs disguises the dress on the floor. Festive and refined image will add a thin belt under the chest of a bright contrasting color.
  • Multilayer. For ladies of elegant fullness, long evening dresses will fit, where several layers of light, translucent fabric of similar shades are combined, one on top of the other. Regardless of how designers play this part, the overall effect remains unchanged, adding an airiness image. The silhouette is visually drawn, the figure seems more elegant. In the new year, dresses of laconic cut with light cloaks are especially relevant.

As far as color solutions are concerned, there have been no radical changes for several years already. Designers offer full dresses to ladies of deep, noble, saturated tones. Black color is always relevant as the main color or in the form of inserts. Other options - ink-violet, coffee, chocolate, muffled scarlet, burgundy, emerald green, dark blue.

Pastel colors and white color, which seem to draw attention to problem areas, designers use for dresses in Empire style. The undesirable effect is completely leveled by the features of cut and skillful decoration.

Actual shade of ivory, pale blue, lilac, pearl gray, soft-lemon, mint, pistachio, cream, mauve.

When choosing a trendy evening dress, do not evaluate the thing separately from yourself, look at how you look in this dress. Even the actual thing, chosen without taking into account the features of the figure and the type of appearance, will seem ridiculous and ridiculous.

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