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The dandies are a fashionable movement that enjoyed immense popularity all over the world, including in Russia. Such rebellious youth dressed brightly, adhering to a certain style, close to the romanticism of Christian Dior. Hairstyles in the style of styligas are a separate topic for conversation, as they almost always give the image a touch of retro, but without unpleasant associations with the past. Typically, such styling involves the use of a variety of accessories and unusual solutions in creating a holistic image.

Hairstyles for medium and short hair

Most of these styles fit on medium hair, helping to recreate a romantic image in the style of Brigitte Bordeaux or Marilyn Monroe. Since the style of each girl is remarkable and unique, there are a whole sea of ​​varieties of such rebellious ways. What kind of hairstyles will be optimal and interesting to look at short and medium length curls?

  1. Short hair looks great hairstyles with a little nap on the top and curled outward tips.
  2. The girl can create an effective hairstyle for medium and short locks with a slight fleece on the back of the neck and with a bow or rim as a decorative element.
  3. Hairstyle with babetta is a classic of style, which is suitable for happy owners of ringlets of medium length.
  4. Another great option - loose hair, curled in large waves and imitating the style of the 30-40's.
All these stackings are good in their own way, and each is suitable for a certain type of face.

For example, the hairstyle, in which the curls coarse and fit mostly on one side, suits the owners of oval and round faces.

To the girl who complexes because of her too extended face, styling with out-turned tips will do. It is created very simply:

  1. First you need to scratch curls at the roots and let them dry a little.
  2. Next, using a hair dryer and a round comb, you need to dry curls, while twisting the tips outwards.
  3. The tips can only be slightly twisted, but the styling looks much more spectacular, with the hair curling outwards by 4-5 centimeters.

The dandies loved their hairstyles for their brilliance and originality, and also because they accurately quoted the images popular in the West. For example, a fan of such a culture simply can not pass by babbet and styling with its use. Such a high hairstyle will suit girls with the right features that adore being in the spotlight.


  1. The first thing to do is to carefully dry and straighten the curls.
  2. Next, you need to wind on a special roller strand behind the strand, so as a result, all the hair was collected on a babte.
  3. The hairdress should be carefully varnished, so that the curls do not break out and do not create an effect of negligence.
  4. You can also leave a pair of strands loosely hanging, carefully curling their curling iron.
  5. If you also decorate your hairstyle with unusual accessories, then the styling will turn out to be more beautiful, we can say, festive.

Hair styles in style for long hair

There are also a lot of stitches in this style for the hair, and each of them is interesting in its own way. Here is the list of only the most popular options:

  • volumetric tail, which is created after pre-curling hair;
  • laying on one side with tightly curled locks;
  • hairstyle with a large fleece on the crown and with a bulky oblique at the end;
  • babette can also be used to create an original hairstyle for long hair.

To work with thick curls of decent length is always difficult, so the first question that arises in the girl: how to make a stylish hairstyle so that it does not look excessively careless? Here to help the ladies come the numerous varnishes and mousses.

For example, when creating stacking on one side:

  1. You must first carefully curl each strand.
  2. Next, curls should be thrown on one side, for example, on the right, fixing naughty strands with the help of invisible.
  3. Now it only remains to fill the entire hairdo with varnish, simultaneously giving the curly strands the desired shape.
    They should lie neatly, creating a retro style effect, and excessive negligence is unforgivable here.

The next variant of the hairstyle, which is created quite easily, despite the external complexity, is laying with the tail:

  1. Beforehand, locks should be planted on large curlers so that the locks result in large curls.
  2. When the hair is curled, they must be carefully combed at the roots, tightly grasping the elastic band.
  3. The resulting tail must be carefully varnished. As a result, the girl will get a three-dimensional root hair, which looks original and is created in 5 minutes.

Options for evening styling

For girls and women of any age, evening styling is a great way to be in the spotlight. The main distinguishing feature of these hairstyles lies in their incredible solemnity and brilliance, therefore only those women who are completely confident in themselves can choose such laying options.

So, how to lay curls in style stilig that the received result perfectly combined with an evening dress?

  • The most interesting variant is a hairstyle, called "high flight", in which one large lock is fixed in the form of a kind of wave.
  • Also, a girl can prefer curled on the tips of curls fastened to the crown with tape.
  • Evening styling with babette and loose, carefully curled tips is an excellent option for stylish and bold faces.
  • On short curls, the styling with curled outlets and straight parting will look great.

If a lady wants to be in the center of attention, her hair style called "high flight" will suit her. It is created quite simply:

The first thing to do is straighten all the curls without exception.

  1. Next, you need to select one strand near the forehead or from one side and bend it so that a spectacular wave looks like a twisted spiral.
  2. This wave must be carefully poured with lacquer, secured on all sides by invisibility, so that it continues to stand for the whole evening.
  3. The rest of the curls must either be gathered in a tight tail, or attached with the help of a babette.
    The main difficulty in creating such a hairstyle lies in the fact that the girl needs to achieve the ideal smoothness of the curls.

The next popular version of evening styling is wavy curls decorated with ribbon. To create a hairstyle it is necessary: ​​

To curl the hair to make it wavy, but not excessively curly.

  1. At the roots, all the strands should be combed, then carefully aligned and varnished.
  2. The curls will remain free and will effectively frame the girl's face.
  3. As a decorative element, you can use a tape, which should be tied around the head, secured with invisible ones, so that it does not slip. This hairstyle completely corresponds to the aesthetics of the style, and at the same time looks feminine and original.

Hairstyle "high flying" - video

Who does not fit hairstyles in this style?

A huge variety of style styling hairstyles contributes to the fact that the fashion for such styling spreads everywhere. However, here there are exceptions as to who gets these hairstyles and who does not. So, style style styling should not be chosen in the following cases:

  • if the girl hesitates to be in the spotlight and does not like when all eyes are turned on her;
  • if the curls of a girl are extremely naughty and do not lend themselves to styling;
  • if the lady is the owner of very short hair( for example, a haircut of a pixie or a short bean);
  • in case a lady has a square or triangular face, she should avoid folding with babbled or tail hair;
  • style hairstyles are not suitable for women who adhere to a strict, business style.

Many experts do not recommend to apply to such styling, if the woman's locks are badly damaged and need care. The fact is that such hairstyles in this mean the use of a variety of fleeces, the use of varnish and curling, and all this can only harm the curls.

When choosing a hairstyle, you should always focus on the features of your own face:

  • For example, if a woman is the owner of a broad forehead, she should not ignore a straight, thick bang.
    In this case, the hairstyle with babetta, at which the bangs will keep their positions, will be relevant.
  • If the lady is the owner of an elongated oval or rectangular face, she will not be able to use the styling with her hair. Such a hairstyle will open your face too much, showing all the lady's shortcomings. Here you should choose the options for stylish hairstyles with wavy, loose curls or with laying on one side. In this case, the girl will feel comfortable, and her image can fully fit into the concept of style.

Also, do not prefer this style, if the girl is afraid of being in the spotlight. The image of the style is always bright, attracts a lot of attention and implies the use of a variety of accessories. Therefore, it is suitable only for bright people with an original vision of the world.

Many contemporaries perceive the retro style as something hopelessly outdated, but it is not. Dandies and their hairstyles will be relevant at all times, because their vivid image conquers from the first minute and instantly captures public attention.

Hairstyle "Babette" - video


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