Tips for the interior: the mirror opposite the front door - you can or not

Mirror in the corridor has long been commonplace. This is rational, because before you leave the house you must properly tie a scarf or make sure that everything is fine with the hairdo. Do they hang a mirror in front of the front door? Of course yes. And often it is located on the opposite wall from the front door. Despite its practicality, such a solution has many superstitions, which we will consider in this article.

  • From the energy point of view
    • Russian signs
    • Feng Shui
    • From the point of view of design
    • From the point of view of practicality
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    From the point of view of energy

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    Russian signs

    In ancient times mirrors were of great importance inall kinds of rituals. They were attributed various mystical properties and influence not only on the life of all living things, but also on the connection with the afterlife. In many pagan beliefs, the mirror was the main attribute of many rituals. It is still believed that it is the vehicle between our world and the world of the dead.

    In Russia there were many signs associated with the mirror. Until now, many of them are popular, although they often have a contradictory nature. For example, a sign: a mirror opposite the front door. This option had its pros and cons in the eyes of superstitious people. And many, obeying superstitions, had a mirror canvas in the way the beliefs of that time dictated.

    So, let's consider what the mirror meant in front of the front door on Russian signs:

    • one of the signs says that the mirror hanging in front of the entrance door has the property to reflect bad thoughts, and is the host's defense against evil eye and spoilage. It seems to act as a barrier against the bad thoughts of people who come in by chance;
    • in the old days mirrors were almost a luxury item because of its value, so more often hung in rich and wealthy houses. Hence the belief that the mirror hanging in front of the entrance attracts wealth and abundance in the dwelling;
    • also, since the time of the ancient Orthodox Russia and still people believe that children under 12 months of age and children who have not passed the baptism ceremony are forbidden to be reflected in the mirror hanging in front of the entrance to the house;
    • entering into the unlit dwelling, a person can see in the mirror opposite the deceased relative, who not so long ago lived here;
    • where the mirror sheet is located opposite the door, often there are quarrels and quarrels from scratch;
    • is also a mirror that hangs in front of the entrance, brings a breakdown and fatigue to the tenants at home.
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    Feng Shui

    Feng Shui is a special Chinese teaching, the main idea of ​​which is that for the acquisition of harmony and proper circulation of vital energy, it is necessary to consciously organize any space. There are clear rules on how to place furniture, interior items, and even entrance doors and windows to achieve certain goals: attracting wealth, love, getting rid of unnecessary people or circumstances. Mirrors in feng shui play a special role, and the ways of their placement are given great attention.

    The entrance door according to the ancient teaching distributes the favorable energy entering the dwelling, and the negative one, accumulated by the people living in it. Mirror has the property to reflect energy flows, both good and bad, and also double them, accumulating information in themselves.

    Therefore, when asked why the mirror can not be hung in front of the entrance door, the Chinese teaching answers with rather concrete examples:

    • positive energy will be reflected back and not enter the house;
    • staircase and the walls of the entrance, usually having not the most neat appearance in the average house, will be reflected in the mirror and leave a negative imprint on the energy of the home;
    • any disassembly, unpleasant circumstances that are best left outside the house, will be "imprinted" in the mirror.

    Accordingly, feng shui very clearly solves the dilemma, whether it is possible to put a mirror opposite the front door.

    Therefore, if the mirror is not possible to outweigh, it is necessary to hang it or partially block it with drapery, decorative stickers, put in front of it a pot with a plant or a vase of flowers. Now you know several ways how to neutralize the bad consequences of such a location. Thus, as if you prevent the mirror's property from reflecting the energy flowing from outside.

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    In terms of design

    In the interior mirrors visually expand the space, visually making the room more light and large.

    If your corridor is too narrow or quite large in length, then the answer to the problem is whether it is possible to install a mirror in front of the entrance door, rather "yes".So you visually break a long wall in half and add space to the air.

    From an aesthetic point of view, the most important factor in the location of the mirror is that it will reflect - that is, the background. If you have a well-maintained and renovated entrance, there is nothing wrong with placing the mirror directly in front of the doorway.

    If on the contrary, the walls of the entrance are dirty and shabby, then you, for sure, will be unpleasant to see such a reflection. Therefore, whether to have a mirror in front of the entrance from the design point of view, - the matter is purely personal, and depends on the individual preferences of the owner.

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    From the point of view of practicality

    From the point of view of practicality, the arrangement of the mirror in the hallway is quite logical. Usually the wall in the hallway is free, nothing hinders the review. Moreover, it is in the corridor that we dress, and we want to at last look at our reflection. True, if the mirror is in a rather narrow corridor, then there are several arguments against such an arrangement. Firstly, it can be damaged by hitting the surface with a handbag, an umbrella or even a stroller. Secondly, by introducing some large items, for example furniture, you can simply touch the mirror and leave at least a chip. And in the dark the mirror can be mistaken for the front door.

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    How to correctly arrange the

    So how is it more correct to arrange a mirror in the hallway? The optimal choice will be the placement on the side of the door. Mirror opposite the front door of Feng Shui reflects back all the good energy that enters the apartment from the outside. And, if placed on the side, it will not interfere with the energy circulation. Also, in this way, you can protect the mirror image from chips, and neutralize all negative signs. Another option may be the idea of ​​hanging a mirror directly on the surface of the door. This significantly saves space, diversifies the design of your hallway. In addition, the mirrors installed directly on the door leaf are made of specialized acrylic glass, which completely eliminates the possibility of chipping, and this mirror is extremely convenient in the care.

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