C what's the right way to wear boots?

Every year, designers come up with new offshoots in clothing styles and dictate to us what it is worth to wear. But many things remain fashionable after and several decades after their appearance on the catwalks. The glory of the shoes, which are always in demand, has the classic boots known all over the world.

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Who will use

Treads are called boots that have a height to the knee or higher. This is a very specific style of shoes. Do not buy them if you are short or not quite slim. And also those who have full hips and rather large buttocks. Once you put them on, you will visually make yourself shorter. And your legs will not look in the best light. Hence the conclusion: the boots go high to the girls.

By selecting them, you should feel comfortable in any position. Boots should not squeeze your feet, if you decide to sit down. As for the bootleg, it should fit well at the foot.

Treads come in different types. Namely:

  • narrow,
  • wide,
  • low,
  • average,
  • high.
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With what combination of

It is best to choose the heels on the middle heel.

Material choose suede or matte leather. Lacquered shoes and clothes are not in fashion at the moment.

It's worth being discreet and in choosing colors.

Treads of bright colors must be properly combined with accessories.

Buying black boots, remember that you can not wear them with pantyhose pantyhose or light pants. So you visually add yourself a volume in the buttocks and take a couple of centimeters in height.

There is a classification of a jackboot:

  • jacking stockings,
  • classic,
  • with wide boot,
  • on studs and flat soles,
  • on low heels,
  • with decorative inserts.
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The most popular are the first two types: classic and boots-stockings. For classic boots, it is typical to have a wide upper part and a low rectangular heel. You can wear high boots with tight trousers, leggings, jeggins and skinny jeans.

It is advisable that the boot in such shoes is bulky, so that you can tuck the trousers inside. Supplement the ensemble with a bright thin knitted blouse, shortened leather jacket or a short jacket in the tone of the boots.

And high heels on a wide heel will be perfectly combined with wide coats and hats.

But at the moment the most popular are the boots-stockings.

They tighten the leg along the entire length of the boot and can be made of suede, leather or stretch. They can be just above the knee, and they can reach the middle of the thigh. Suitable for almost any clothing.

They wear short dresses, mini skirts, elongated sweaters, denim jeans, shorts. You can pick up a cardigan, an extended jacket or a jacket.

Slowly suede moves the skin to second place and becomes the leader. It fits almost any style of clothing. Black suede boots are ideal for every day.

Low boots with a bulky boot look great with a puffy skirt or with tight trousers. Treads of medium length should be worn with dark pantyhose. With them, skirts and dresses made from dense fabric perfectly match.

Under the lush skirt is suitable for boots with flat soles.

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Any boots look nice and harmonious with any fur products, be it a fur coat, fur vest or a sheepskin coat. Leather jackets and jackets are combined with boots without a heel.

As for the color range, for example, gray boots can be worn with almost any clothing. In order not to make the image boring, you can wear clothes of bright colors. But if you need a more restrained image, then the top can be chosen to tone lighter, but the additional accessories, in the form of a handbag, tone darker.

Brown and beige boots are worn with jeans, sweaters. But, most importantly, there must be one more thing that would match with your boots.

Red boots are associated with the cowboy style. Accordingly, you can safely wear red boots with jeans and a shirt in a cage. On top you can put on a sleeveless jacket. So you make the image feminine and slightly cocky.

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Inadmissible combination of

Despite the prejudice of people towards jackboots, they are a fairly versatile garment, and with most of the things in your wardrobe you can wear them, while carefully selecting the ensemble. To choose it was easier, you need to exclude inappropriate options. To do this, you must follow a few simple rules:

  • never wear boots with pantyhose colors, this combination is only acceptable on the catwalk, in everyday life in this outfit you will look not very decent( this rule does not apply if you have very thin legsand high growth);
  • do not wear them with decollete clothes. It is already a search for vulgarity;
  • if you wear boots, try to avoid massive and variegated accessories, the boots themselves are very bright and self-sufficient garment, with an abundance of accessories your image will be heavy;
  • is not worth putting on the boots with everything in a row. Despite the fact that it is a universal footwear, it looks awful with clothes with ruffles, guipure, lace;
  • jackboots do not need to be worn with too short pieces of clothing. The length should be such that you can safely move and are not afraid that show the whole world your intimate places;
  • full hips ─ this is another taboo, which should be adhered to. Girls with such legs are better off avoiding buying a boots. Since there is always a few centimeters of space between them and the clothes. And with full legs, you will only aggravate the image and emphasize all its shortcomings.

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